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Sophie Bidard

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Soul Shine | New Earth Values Activation & Illumination with Sophie Bidard


Activate or strengthen within you the New Earth Values of Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, Sovereignty & Service ~ illuminated with a flow of pure, bright, vibrant Rainbow Light in which you receive a treasure of Power Claiming Keys: Mantras of the Heart that have the power to change lives!

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Mastery Empowerment Course




2 wORKSHOPS + ORB OF GRACE INFUSION (Package Value: $351)

You want Self-Love, don’t you? We all do! And you may have put so much effort, energy & attention into it… You’ve proceeded to so much healing & clearing and yet… You keep struggling with ‘something within’ that emanates a whole different vibration, throwing you once again into loops & downwards spirals of shame, self-blame, guilt & fear… deep hurt & sorrow. You’re left in frustration & despair, wondering: Will I ever truly Love myself? Even with all of my wounded parts, scars & shadows?

For that purpose, you need to eradicate your hurdles to Self-Love! Sophie offers a radical approach that will finally set you Free to fully embrace the sweetness… the Grace of Self-Love ~ and naturally source Pure Love for others, and for the world!

Sophie will be guiding you to release the 2 major impediments to Self-Love:

1. Your feeling, beliefs and energetic imprints of Self-Loathing ~ any presence of self-loathing, no matter how slight & faint, simply invalidates your attempts at Self-Love, to which it is lethal! And there may be many traces of self-loathing, consciously or unconsciously present within you, lingering in your past, your early life, your past lives, and your ancestral inheritance.

2. Your Toxic Self-Love Language ~ the toxic ways in which you express love to yourself: frustration, unreasonable demands & expectations, anxiousness, judgment, punishment, self-blame, shame, guilt, and so many other damaging ways….
These commonly are NOT attended to in depth unless deliberately exposed for transformation, and are likely sabotaging the healing work you’ve engaged in so far!

All change comes from within… All Love comes from within…. Sophie will help you restore your inherent Self-Love!

(downloadable audio ~ value: $137)

In the safe, sacred space of your personal Crystalline Chamber of Light, we’ll:
~ Call forth the highest, purest light of the Great Central Sun for healing, dissolution & revelation.
~ Bring the Orb of Truth for recollection of the treasures of wisdom held at the roots of the karmic entanglements.
~ Invoke the presence & power of Archangel Michael to support & execute your intentions, in service to the Divine, for the Restoration of Divine Order ~ the Divine Order of Pure Love & Grace!
~ Clear the karmic entanglements of self-loathing, with the guidance & support of the Lipika, Scribes of Karma.

You’ll release the karmic entanglements that keep you in loops & patterns of self-loathing: thorough & systematic clearing in your Aura & Timelines (Past, Maternal & Paternal).
In each of those 4 clearing:
~ unique, precious Pearls of Wisdom are collected, empowering your evolution to operate at a new, higher level of your Self: self-loving & grace-full!
~ fracture points are healed as the karmic lessons are retrieved.
~ karmic knots are untied & the residual emotions, beliefs, patterns & energies are completely cleared: returned to Nothingness!
~ entanglements of your wounds of self-loathing, that had so far prevented true & complete healing & liberation, are cleared.
~ awareness of the presence of the Divine within is restored, and natural Self-Love is reclaimed as the Love of the Divine within.
~ past sources of wounding of self-loathing (your past & that of your ancestors) are uprooted so that you really can be free to invite, receive, hold & emanate the Divine Presence in your liberated Self!
~ perceptions from old wound-based distortions & projections are freed.
~ your Blueprint of Divine Perception is restored & actualized.

All of this sets you free to step out of the paradigm of self-loathing ~ and be an agent of Divine Service, moedling Self-Love & Grace!

You’ll naturally inspire others with their own Healing & Liberation: embracing & expressing their natural Self-Love, just as you did!

(downloadable audio ~ value: $157)


~ Grace-Full Self-Love Language Detox Workshop – 1h50min audio
In the safe, sacred space of the Crystalline Chamber of Light, you’ll be guided & supported to detoxify, purify and infuse with Grace your Love Language, interactions, communications & overall relationships with each of the Core Aspects of your Inner Self:
> Higher Self
> Shadow Self
> Inner Child
> Inner Feminine
> Inner Masculine

Calling on the Love, Power & Support of Archangel Michael with a powerful invocation for the restoration of Divine Order (the Grace-Full Order!), you’ll integrate your 5 Core Aspects back into your Heart for a Grand-Finale: an Infusion of Grace into your Self-Love Language, and finally into your Love Language with the World & all Beings!

This workshop offers radical liberation & transformation through a tremendously deep, thorough & systematic approach to clearing & activation, combined with massive support from the Higher Realms!

You’ll gain greater intimacy, harmony, and deeper connection with your Core Aspects: your Higher Self, your Shadow Self, your Inner Child, your Inner Feminine, your Inner Masculine. They, too, are longing to be held in Grace-Full Love & Connection, and be freed from the toxicity that has been affecting your relationship & interactions with them… It is time!

Let Grace be your Self-Love Language!

And inspire others, showing them there is a better way & they, too, can choose out of the toxicity of their unconscious, inherited, conditioned self-love language.

~ Preparation & Support PDF:

You’ll receive a PDF to guide & support you in your preparation, optimizing your workshop experience; you’ll gain a deeper transformation in the smoothest possible way.
Included are 3 Power Claiming Keys, specially crafted linguistic keys to powerfully set your intentions for Self-Love & have your Higher Self guide & support you towards them.

(5 audio set ~ Value $57)

With this set of 5 audio tracks, you’ll receive the Orb of Grace & an infusion of Grace in your Heart, in your own time, and as often as you like : you can never overdose on Grace!

Each audio is a specialized variation with its own unique healing sound background.

By entraining your Heart to Grace, you’ll consistently train your Heart to invite, welcome, receive, hold & emanate Grace. In moments or phases when life gets intense, and tapping into Grace becomes a challenge, you’ll have the perfect resource to guide & support you to do so.

This is your emergency ‘go-to-Grace’ solution ~ always available to you so that you can remain in alignment with your choosing Grace, no matter what the intensity in your life &/or in the world!

About Sophie Bidard

Sophie is a Master Light Weaver, flowing the purest crystalline light from the Great Central Sun for revelation, liberation, and True Self embodiment. A Trailblazer, she opens the path into unchartered territories of consciousness, weaving in light for higher awareness and evolution. Sophie is a Master at upgrading one’s multidimensional perception, by clearing the karmic entanglements and resulting stress web.

Her passion for finding and expressing the Divine within combines with her commitment to breakthroughs, radical transformation and wisdom recollection. On deep exploratory adventures into the personal and collective shadow, she unweaves patterns and whole paradigms of illusion, distortion, obstruction, restriction, disbalance… bridging into new paradigms at high vibrational levels.

She guides you in the reclaiming of your masterful nature, with lightness and flow, turning burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ gathering pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing the Truth of who you are, to yourself, and to the world!

Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, Sophie is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and she hosts the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.