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Leni Morrison

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Soul Shine | My Multidimensional Life with Leni Morrison


From a very young age, spirits, angels, orbs, illumined beings, E.T’s, Native Americans and ancestors would visit me from other realms. Some of which were benevolent and some were extremely malevolent E.T’s. My story up until my late twenties was mostly abuse, loss, grief, addiction and separation. Thankfully I turned it all around over time – let’s just say my earth angels intervened! and endless support from my family of love and light in the upper echelons of the heavenly dimensions has continued to stay with me since nearly ending it all and giving up entirely – but now, thank God, I am on the other side and helping countless women who have, too been abused, lost, confused, addicted and bewildered.

I lived among shamans, healers and sages in South America as a channel and medium in my mid twenties and learned more about my lineage, magic and DNA during the years 2004-2006. On my first meeting with the healer, my heart was cleared of all my previous life’s insults and depression during a psychic surgery on stage in front of 100’s of mediums while in prayer. I got quite a shock when I opened my eyes and my white dress was drenched in blood and there was a strong smell of anaesthetic and I had a complete life review during the surgery!But ever since that heart opening experience my life has never been the same, things have calmed and cleared, but of course, there have been many, many initiations that followed.

Mary Magdalen and my star family altered my DNA into crystalline light in a huge activation on my body in 2017, I watched a light show happening in my solar plexus and heart chakra while being ‘told’ what was happening to me by my team in light. This experience of light then led me to The Glastonbury Tor a few days later to once again be connected with Mary Magdalen – this time while at her sacred fountain and beautiful little chapel. I write about this experience in my book Discovering Your Mastery – Unlocking the Hidden Codes Within.

Until very recently I have started to take my healing work and star seed teachings to the next level and have been guided to start working with a group of internationally based vibrational healers – and this was foreseen by the channel Lee Carroll, Kryon himself! It was while at a conference with Kryon in Sedona, that I ended up by chance or by design…having a private meeting with him after my Kundalini activated on seeing the image of Gurudeva – an American Hindu religious leader who brought Hinduism to the West. Kryon was teaching us about compassion and love and then put up Gurudeva’s image on a huge screen, which triggered a spontaneous Kundalini activation in me (I have up to this point had 4 kundalini awakenings – and interestingly they are always witnessed by an audience or within a group of very high vibrational beings, these have all been since returning from my work in South America) and each Kundalini awakening has been very specific to certain chakras in my body -i.e the first one started at my base and sacral, and each kundalini awakening has continued all the way up to my crown ,in 4 life altering phases, so to speak !
So, it was during the interval and the conference crowd left for coffee when I ‘floated’ up onto the stage holding the outer rows of the chairs to so as not to float up too high in the creative life centre and I asked Kryon in my amazement ‘what is happening to me? why am I floating and speaking in tongues?’ – he told me my light body was fully activated and that when I am around other people’s similar light – I can literally fly – he said not to worry that he had seen this happen before – and in order for me to be on the stage with him he had to give me a chair just to anchor my floating body! – he then told me to expect to be working like him in the future but differently – using a new modality/way of healing and that there would be a huge connection to India and a powerful master of light would help me- I then was very recently contacted by my first guru-love – Paramahansa Yogananda – he appeared to me in January of this year while I was teaching star seed course I had just written for my online community, anyway at the end of the few hours of teaching – I was hosting a meditation called ‘meet your star families’ and just in the last half hour – he popped in and gave me a new cosmic breath to work with as I train my community in this new healing Light work – he also placed two very large eyes on my palms.He stayed for a good while with us all – it was truly transcendent to be in his consciousness. I am pretty sure this was the Indian connection Kryon prepared me for back in 2018, Paramahansa Yogananda came in so powerfully once I had decided to teach the cosmic light activations globally and train people – worldwide. My dream is to work with Cosmic Christ Consciousness in massive groups and gatherings worldwide to assist in speeding up our ascension and help Gaia on her planetary ascension. So now is the time to go out into the world, to give blessings, healings, solace, help and sacred information so I realise my dreams of anchoring heaven on earth.

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3 Individual 2.5 hour classes

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Multidimensional vibrational healer & ancient Starseed, Leni Morrison, (empowerment soul coach, reiki master & author of Discovering Your Mastery) discusses our innate cosmic DNA, third eye expansion mystery school practices, the magic of nature, mystical powers of manifestation, the new sun earth, mastery skills available for the build up to the solar flash, deep self-evaluation, angels & starseed races, how to create divine templates & diamond pathways for Gaia’s inhabitants abundance & freedom Codes & so much more!

Each session ends with meditations using tones & soul language containing vibrational frequencies & diamond encoded affirmations to shift your state of wellness & expansion to the highest possible level for the preparation of your light body coming into the miracle year that is 2023!

3 Individual 2.5 hour classes

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2 Payment Option Available

What People Have To Say

Thank you for the powerful and informative classes about star seeds. I learnt so much and discovered a lot about myself. You have a wonderful way of explaining everything and thank you for opening up and allowing us to receive this information. You are an amazing spirit and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 weeks. It was magical!if anyone out there wants to connect with their star family – leni is the cosmic link!

LA, S.Africa

About Leni Morrison

Leni is a fully certified Awakened Academy Spiritual Life- Presence Coach, Source light Activator, Musician & New Sun Earth Ascension Guide with a sharp Irish wit and charm, a talent for joy!

Her spiritual journey accelerated after experiencing potent Kundalini awakenings, while living and working among shamans, sages and extraordinary channels in South America, Mexico, Arizona, Glastonbury & Sintra. It was through these – what she likes to coin – ’emerald code’ activations that  she encountered many magical experiences, beings and profound channels.

Leni sees clients of all ages from all over the world for all measure of spiritual, cosmic & human issues, including challenges, spiritual guidance, healing activations, source-code awakenings,  remote viewing, ancestral healing,  presence coaching, house and spirit  and land clearing and generally any form of magic!

She also leads weekly guided meditations with her ‘Ascension Group’ and ‘Spiritual Healing Group’ on MeetUp (via zoom):https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-RIwSGzeI/

She also runs star-seed courses, Diamond DNA classes, Ascension based webinars regarding her spiritual offering in the form of her book, Discovering Your Mastery – Unlocking the Hidden Codes Within  and live-healing group work.