With daughter and conductor of the Lyran High Council Family of Angels
Mahalia Michael

Enjoy this Soul Shine Meditation

Soul Shine | Music as Medicine for Mastery & Miracles with Mahalia Michael


Dive Deep into ‘Music as Medicine for Mastery & Miracles’ with Mermaid Mahalia and The Bliss Family Allumina Radiance Transmissions for HEAVENLY HEALING, ASCENSION & ENERGIZATION.

Enjoy this Special Offer


The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class PLUS Soul Song Sessions 


Mermaid Dreams CD PLUS The Medical Musician (book)

Offer 1: The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class PLUS Soul Song Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1 Name: The Power of 333 ~ Brain Bliss Master Class

Digital Format : Yes.

Length of Program: 12 One Hour Brain Bliss Videos Plus 12, 30 minute Body Bliss Videos set to a weekly, 90 days experience

The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class is our signature program designed specifically to boost your Brain Power and awaken your Brain Treasures while guiding you through Trauma, PTSD Recovery.  We are committed to YOU being healthy and strong in both brain and body. To that end this course is dual in nature. With the start of The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class you also begin a 90 day BodyBliss Danceathon!  BodyBliss is designed and choreographed to unite your beautiful brain hemispheres into higher coherence and health as well as comprehensive, cohesive communication.

Each of our 12, 333 Brain Bliss Gateways have two brain optimization topics and two transmission audios that combine both our Brain Bliss education and our Brain Bliss Allumina Radiance Transmissions.  The energization from each recorded Radiance Transmission activates the Gifts and Treasures within You .. that of the Divine Diamond Frequencies designed for DNA optimization, advancement and acceleration.  333 offers ongoing online support for your Ascension out of ANY historical trauma that may be holding you back from your birthright of pleasure, peace, health, freedom and well-being.  Here we connect you to The Bliss Family, that of the Great Central Sun, Lyran High Council of Angels and our Whale and Dolphin Multi-Dimensional Consciousness to optimize ENERGY FLOW in your brain and nervous system, advancing you on your path of Awakening to JOY and Living Your Dreams.

12 Gateway Topics for The Power of 333 ~ Brain Bliss Master Class Include:

  1. Whales, Dolphins and Antology
  2. Brainwaves & Pleasure
  3. Dopamine, Cymatics & Transmissions
  4. Shadow Frequency & Diamonds
  5. Amygdala & the 9 Brains
  6. Renew & Review
  7. Photons & Butterflies
  8. Cingulate Gyrus & Glial Cells
  9. Bundle of HIS & Zero Point
  10. 432 & The Vagus Nerve
  11. Control Center, Kundalini & Pheromones
  12. Superpowers & Mastery

Miraculous Eye Restoration during The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class

“Mahalia ~ One thing I really must let you know is that within the very FIRST WEEK of doing the 333, I had a spontaneous healing of a very serious vision degeneration!! 

My left eye for over two years had a dark area in the outside periphery of my vision which had been getting progressively worse. I’d seen an optometrist/ophthalmologist/eye surgeon who gave me no hope. I was very concerned about losing my vision in that eye.

Sometime within the first week of starting your 333, I noticed the dark area was gone!
It’s been over a month now & my left eye is just fine!

What a miracle!! What a blessing!! I can’t thank you enough!!

This is truly catapulting my whole life into amazing new dimensions.

This is such powerful transformative work you are doing!!

I am beyond grateful for you and to receive these outrageous BLESSINGS of Brain Bliss and The Power of 333 program.” ~ G.E.

Item 2 Name: Soul Song Sessions

Digital Format :  Yes.

Length of Program:  4, One Hour Audio Transmissions

In ‘Soul Song Sessions’ you will gain Mastery in harnessing your voice as a Super Power of SOUNDING.

In so doing, you will active Miracles in your brain, your body and your life.

Discover how to use your voice to release stuck emotions, express feelings, communicate beyond your learned capacity, balance your brain and body, and receive ‘Purification Attunements’ for any vibrational density from unresolved trauma that may be carried in your VOICE, BRAIN and BODY from this lifetime and or prior.

Soul Song Sessions offers you a 30 minute introduction video and four, 1 hour audio recordings with 24/7 recorded support from the loving frequencies of Mermaid Mahalia, The Bliss Family and the Allumina Essence.

By awakening your Soul Song you will:

  • Trust your inner and outer voice and vocal expression
  • Release symptoms of suffering such as stress, anxiety, addictions, pain, illness, fear, alienation, loneliness, poverty, invisibility, etc.
  • Open Your Golden Treasure Trove for Endless Abundance
  • Express yourself with SELF HEALING, JOY and Transformative ENERGY
  • Manifest Gifts from the Universe as you Master your VOCAL FREEDOM
  • Bond with the Whale and Dolphin Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Dialect

Soul Song Session 1 ~ Foundation

  • Why is our voice a Super Power?
  • How judgment of our voice depletes our energy and how to overcome it
  • How our Voice heals us and inspires others
  • How our Voice/Sound is connected with our Soul
  • Whale Sounds in Delta/Beta and their special function for Soul Song Expansion
  • Dolphin Sounds in Alpha/Theta/Gamma and their special function for Soul Song Expansion
  • What are Octaves and how do they serve our Soul Song?
  • What are Overtones and how do they serve our Soul Song?
  • BONUS ~ Heart Haaaaaaaa to release tension and open to your Soul Song

Soul Song Session 2 ~ Siren of the Soul

  • What is Soul?
  • What is a Siren?
  • What are Adamantine Particles and how do we use them when we sing?
  • What is DMT and how do we use it with our Soul Song?
  • How does sexual energy combine with our Soul Song?
  • What are the 3 Diamond Centres of the body and how are they co-factors for resonating our Soul Song?
  • How do we direct our Soul Song with intention to manifest our dreams?
  • BONUS ~ Golden Infinity 8 Integration and Illumination of the 3 Diamond Centres

Soul Song Session 3 ~ Inner Resonance

  • The Salutogenic breath and how conscious breathing helps us to have inner resonance when we sing
  • Sacred ‘resonating’ chambers of the skull, sinus, chest and our healing reverb through the vagus nerve
  • Inner ear as an acoustic conduit of the Universal tone with our Soul Song
  • Reverent Listening for receptivity of Universal guidance for ‘life’ language/Soul Song
  • Mouth of God portal (Medulla Oblongata) and it’s connection to the Zeal Point Chakra
  • Triangle of Transmission from Inner Resonance to Soul Song expression
  • BONUS: Tail bone/sacrum and Atlas, Axis, Sphenoid Bone Attunements

Soul Song Session 4 ~ Soulful Sunshine

  • How to align and self regulate for Soul Song expression
  • Endorphins for Soul Song JOY and BLISS
  • Sounding on behalf of your body tension to create flow
  • Sounding on behalf of your Spirit and Soul Connection (Life/Light/Soul Language)
  • Blazing the Fire of Sunshine in your Heart
  • Flowing the channel of purifying water in your spine
  • Singing Your Soul Song

Thank you from the depths of our Heart for joining us in this Soul Song Sessions Experience.

May your Soul Song Sing out for the World to resonate with as Peace, LOVE and Inspiration of the Golden Sun within.

Item 3 Name: BONUS GIFT #1 ~ Mermaid Dreams ‘Return to Innocence’ Digital CD

Digital Format : YES

Length of Program: 3 Tracks, Total Length: 51:39 minutes

Swim deep into a mystical world with Mermaid Dreams and come home to your inner heaven.

Enjoy a luxurious sound bath in the magical waves of Kauai and soothing subliminal six octave solfeggio scale.

Bask in the Great Central Sun with the oceanic vocals of Mermaid Mahalia and the illuminating White Whale and Dolphin Light Sound Lyran Orchestra.

  1. Oceans of Light 13:33
  2. Oceans of Love 7:33
  3. Return to Innocence – Solfeggio Toning 30:29

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order


“Aloha! Listening to Mermaid Dreams always feels really good… subtle yet powerful shifts all in the right direction. The blessing in Oceans of Love is an extraordinary transmission with some of the sounds in some moments feeling like an eternal relief, like an ever-replenishing cup of cosmic water that you didn’t realize you needed yet were absolutely parched for.” ~Nadine Artemis, Founder of Living Libations

“I am Delightfully Amazed!!! 3 months ago I injured my lower back. Last night before going to bed I toned with your CD for the first time. When I woke up this morning the pain in my back had impressively decreased…”I just finished my 2nd Toning with the CD. As soon as I started walking I could tell more of a difference than before. I have been in pain every waking moment for 3 months. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL!!! I AM EXCITED ABOUT EXPERIENCING A COMPLETE REBIRTH, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually!!!” Again, Thank You for sending your wonderful gifts!!! Abundant Blissful Blessings Always!!!”  ~Linda Dugan, Entrepreneur

Item 4 Name:  BONUS GIFT #2 ~  NEW BOOK by Mahalia Mermaid Michael

The Medical Musician  Retune the Symphony of Your Biology with The Keys of Creation 

Digital Format : Yes

Length of Program: 585 Pages

The Medical Musician is a treasure trove of wisdom and divine download direct from the Brain Bliss Technology combining the mystical frequencies of the Lyran High Council of Angels, Great Central Sun Diamond & Whale and Dolphins Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

In their devotion to humanities Upliftment, The Bliss Family lovingly guide us to ‘conduct’ our Keys of Creation through the Ocean of Devotion and Musical Mothership for direct and effective trauma release which leads to pleasure filled sovereignty.   Understanding the sacred technology within our instrument we apply human vocal ‘Sigilization’ that simultaneously re-awakens life affirming cellular DNA intelligence that of which results in recovery and full circle ‘harmony’ with the Divine Universal Music.

Retuning the Symphony of Your Biology with The Keys of Creation is an intrinsic cosmic trip and interface within the natural world coherence that illuminates our musical bio world for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration. Here we access our ever replenishing communion with the ‘Mother Water’ as an overflowing Well Spring of GOD Source where we access endless abundance and infinite opportunity to fulfill our dreams.  The Medical Musician is a deep dive in to a profound kinship with ‘Symphonic Resonance’ thus securing our vibrational future, that of thriving in a melodious pleasure filled paradise.


“One of the most powerful, and little known, ways to release the emotional energy of trauma from brain and body is through the effective application of sound. “The Medical Musician” is the most informative, effective and unique approach to healing brain and body trauma that I have seen. A powerful resource for a great need.” 

~Sharon Carne Sound Wellness Institute Director of Training and Program Development 

“There are many sages who have said that frequency and vibration are the medicine of the future. Mahalia is sharing that future with us, here and now.  Her vocal cords are tuned to the 432 celestial frequencies that help us heal, 

and her heart… the same.” 

~Marcus Dupuis  Author of “I Breathe Therefore I AM

“The Medical Musician” makes me want to dust off my voice and sing myself back into coherence!! It’s a treasure trove of wisdom that will entice you to explore the unplumbed depths of sound as an instrument for profound healing.”  

~ Gary Gottselig, Syner-G* Breathwork Founder, Author and Poet

“For over 20 years I’ve witnessed Mahalia’s unwavering dedication to understanding & healing brain injuries, PTSD, and other physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual challenges. Her book, “The Medical Musician”, really captures the essence of what is happening in our brain and how we can begin to heal from these traumas. What makes Mahalia so effective is her personal experience in healing herself of brain injuries combined with a deep sense of compassion & desire to heal others.”  

~Brock Tully, Inspirational Speaker, Author of ‘Reflections’ books, cycled ‘around’ North America 3 times (50,000km) for a kinder world 


Human Master Peace, The Medical Musician, Mermaid Dreams, & Return to Root Resonance CD

Offer 2: Brain Bliss Bundle


2 Payment Option Available

Our Brain Bliss Bundle of FUN is here for YOU to THRIVE in the TREASURES of Your Genome Genius, Your Super Sonic Sound and Your Super Powers!!

  • Dive in and Swim Deep in your Human Master Peace to Transcend 3D To 3 Billion Megabytes of Bliss.
  • Splash around in The Medical Musician to Retune the Symphony of Your Biology with the Keys of Creation.
  • Luxuriate in Mermaid Dreams Music to Return to Your Innocence in the Tropical Waters of Pure Pleasure filled Paradise.

Human Master Peace 8 Portals with 16 Digital Audio Brain Bliss Technology ALLUMINA RADIANCE Transmissions to support YOU to Transcend 3D To 3 Billion Megabytes of Bliss!

This is the moment everything changes.

777 Triple Mastery Number:

  • Time to Reveal the Highest and BEST version of Yourself
  • Going in the Right Direction to Achieve Your Success
  • The Perfect Trinity for Self-Mastery

Shark Bliss Animal:

  • Authority in Your Natural Environment
  • Power to Stand up for What You Want
  • Fearless in Connection, Authority and Guardianship

As we advance in consciousness, we stand on the brink of HUman Holiness and Freedom.
We are at the gateway of sheer Heaven on this Earth plane and beyond.
We are holding the KEYS to the door of a Peace we have felt deep inside, yet could not access, until now.

Human Master Peace and The Brain Bliss Revolution is an experience of futuristic ‘intelligence’ disseminated
as a language of Light Sound combined with advanced neural science teaching and adjustments.
This is the science behind creating Mahalia’s ever-evolving reality from:

  • Poverty to Prosperity
  • Powerlessness to Super-Powers
  • Numbness to Bliss
  • Dumbed-down Victim to Leading Edge Inventor
  • Landlocked Human to MerBliss Woman
  • PLUS Much More …

The birth of and my sharing of Human Master Peace and The Bliss Revolution is so that YOU will better understand the epic technology of YOU and implement YOUR SUPER POWERS TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE FROM YOUR TREASURES AND YOUR FREEDOM.

Who and What is here for your evolution into Freedom?

  • the Great Central Sun Scalar Waves which are the highest codes of light from our known Universe,
  • the Galactic Lyran High Council of Angels
  • the White Whale and Dolphin Family Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

All of whom revealed themselves to me years ago and which, through the expression of LIGHT and SOUND from my own vocals and biology helped me to transcend limitation and suffering. The contents of this program and of all the Brain Bliss offerings, is as waves of PURE POTENTIAL that can and will elicit your own transformation.

Human Master Peace features 8 quantum field ACCELERATION PORTALS designed for the awakening of the omnipotent HUman brain and body DESIGNED of Ecstasy. The ultimate in Self Regulation, Regeneration and Well-Being.

  • Reignite biological and psychological celebration patterns
  • Restore your rhythmic codes of galactic magic
  • Rejuvenate your inner musical mandala for peace and prosperity
  • Rebirth heart, mind, body and soul as a majestic, tantric temple of symphonic resonance and coherence

Here are your 8 Human Master Peace Portals for Boosting Your Evolution to Self-Mastery.

  1. Mirror Neurons: Imitative resonance co-factors for limitless creation
  2. Hippocampal Neurogenesis: New nerve growth for expanded spatial navigation and boost in short and long term memory for prevention of symptoms leading to the label of Brain Fog/Alzheimers/Dementia
  3. Sentic Forms: Biological sound elements that communicate emotion and colourful geometry for DNA liberation
  4. Substantia Nigra: Blackened mid-brain grey matter secreting neuropeptides that express as motor control for prevention of symptoms leading to the label of Parkinson’s
  5. The Immortal Cell: The mutations of cells required for immortality can occur naturally or be intentionally induced for prevention of hystamine clusters currently labeled as symptoms of auto-immune disease/rare genetic disorders/incurable illness
  6.  The Zeal point Chakra for Divine Harmonic alignment and Kundalini Energization
  7. Stem Cells as Super Circuits for the birth of new cells that present as joy, humour, and ecstasy
  8. Laminin Molecule as a protein glue for structural integrity and reorganization of the cell to express Greatness

“Brain Bliss is the perfect blend of Science, Spirituality and Intuition.”

-Surbhi Raja

Thank you from our Heart Sparkles to Yours,

Mermaid Mahalia and The Bliss Family

Here are Your Bonus GIFTS to Go Along with Human Master Peace!!

The Medical Musician Scroll is Here for You to:

  • Learn how your HUman vocals re-awaken life affirming symphonic intelligence that of which results in Illuminating your Super Powers, Recovery from Unresolved Trauma including PTSD and full circle harmonization with the Divine Universal Music within and all around you.
  • Embody the Bliss of your HUman Instrument as a Channel of Source Music and a Conductor of Cymatics, just like the Whales and Dolphins Sing in the Ocean.
  • Discover the Brilliance of your Brain and Biology connected to the Great Central Sun Diamond Radiance and Disco Funk DNA Potential.
  • Rise in Coherence with your higher intelligence and connection with GOD Source including Light Frequency Transmissions from our Lyran Star Beings who are HERE NOW to assist HUmanity to SING in SINGularity through the Neptune Nectar Musical Mothership Portal of Ascension.

Mermaid Dreams Return to Innocence Digital CD is here to:

  • Welcome you home to rejuevenate your Inner Heaven.
  • Bath you in luxurious, warm tropical sound from the magical waves of Kauai and soothing subliminal six octave audible and six inaudible solfeggio scale.
  • Bask in the Great Central Sun with the Oceanic vocals of Mermaid Mahalia and the illuminating White Whale and Dolphin Light Sound Lyran Orchestra.

Mermaid Dreams is used for Body Mind Wellness, Home, Office, Space Purifying and Amplification of Mermaid Sparkle Magic!

  1. Oceans of Light 13:33
  2. Oceans of Love 7:33
  3. Return to Innocence – Solfeggio Toning 30:29

Total Length: 51:39

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

  • UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
  • SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
  • LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

Oceans of Ecstasy!

Mermaid Mahalia and The Bliss Family

Have you ever sensed something holding you back from living your true potential and not been able to put your finger on it?

Have you ever shocked your root system by, for instance, falling on your tailbone, and afterward the experience

seemed to compromise your energy and enthusiasm for life?  Or worse, have had sexual trauma of any kind?

Would you be willing to liberate yourself from ANY buried root/sacral trauma and unforeseen densities,

programs and patterns that may be preventing you from fulfilling your destiny and having lasting peace?

Are you ready to go OUT ON A LIMB and be the SUPER POWER, SUPER CONDUCTOR that you BE?

Are you ready to resonate your Golden Vibes, Express your Gifts and Dance in a life fully lived?

With our Allumina Radiance multi-dimensional light sounds here to support and guide you,

CO-CREATE with myself and The Bliss Family miraculous transformation to BLISS, true lasting happiness and


It’s time beyond time, time as ART in Creation .. It is Your HEART IN IT’S ART

.. CLAIMING the power of your voice and expanding into the RADIANCE of your Root Resonance!

*Awaken to Your Super Glory and Grace, our Super Hu-man Hu-woman potency :)

“Go with such delight to the waking certainty of Bliss.” -Gerald Heard

Return to Root Resonance ~ Out On a Limb: 

Triple Mastery Number 666 ~ THE FULLEST EXPRESSION OF LIGHT:

  • Awakening
  • Success
  • Positivity
  • Waking Up to Our Higher Spiritual Truth and Path
  • Faith in the Power of Loving, Positive Thoughts and Actions
  • The Universe ALWAYS has your back and is responding to your HEAVENLY Dreams through the Uluru Prophecy’s Magic Box of Golden LIGHT

Bliss Animal Totem ~ Deer:

  • Innocence
  • Unconditional LOVE
  • Fearlessness
  • Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace, peacefulness, gentleness, kindness, humility and fearlessness
  • Being in touch with and embracing our innocent inner child CHRISTBLISS LIGHT united with the rainbow bridge of Prime Matter
  • Unconditional Divine Mother/Father LOVE and Tenderness tempered with Profound Strength, Justice and Truth
  • We will GO OUT ON A LIMB to bring NEW awareness and NEW tuning to your Root System.
  • Our intention is for you to resonate your golden vibes, express your gifts and dance in your destiny like never before.
  • For your Abundant Prosperity, Freedom to Manifest ALL GOOD and access to your Super Powers.

Brain Bliss Technology Allumina Radiance Transmission Topics:

Gateway 1. Holy Sacrum Chamber

Gateway 2. Temple of the Tail Bone

Gateway 3. Sacred Psoas System

Gateway 4. Universal Kundalini Current

Gateway 5. Alta Major Morphogenesis

Gateway 6. Lyran Telepathy Current

Gateway 7. Adrenal Vagus Axis

Gateway 8. Endogenous Opioids

Gateway 9. Accessing Prime Matter

Gateway 10. Self-Governing Supreme Authority

Gateway 11. Sentropic Entropic Thermodynamics

Gateway 12. Phosphorescence

Gateway 13. Profound Awareness ~ Intrinsic Unity of Mind

Be in a comfy position and drink a full 8 ounce glass of water before any Brain Bliss Allumina Radiance Transmission whether it is ‘Live’ or recorded.

“Dear Lovely Mahalia and the Loving Bliss Family,

Thank you again with all my heart. Tonight’s Gateway 7 was stellar. I felt such miraculous, magical melody bubbling throughout my body as my Vagus was humming new life! Thank you to Metatron, Angels, Dolphins, Whales myself, and you, Mahalia for conducting the orchestra tonight!  I am so grateful for being a part of the Brain Bliss family.”

Big love and bright blessings,


Celebrating the Bliss that you BE … Out on a Limb.

About Mahalia Michael

Mermaid Mahalia is a daughter and conductor of the Lyran High Council Family of Angels who interface with her from 1000 light years away. She was ordained by the altruistic LOVE and advanced healing technology of Whale & Dolphin Multidimensional Consciousness and initiated to Galactic Frequencies by The Great Central Sun Diamond. Mahalia transmits their unified potency as a Solar Light Language for the application of ‘sound healing remedy’ in cases of severe trauma recovery.  Her psycho-acoustic Light Sound dialect is a conductive, transformative cosmic energy She refers to as ‘Allumina’ which transmits as a radiant ‘Essence’ through the Musical Mothership to the Liquid Diamond Heart of our Music based DNA potential.

Her audible and inaudible transmissions produce cymatic octaves and overtones that bathe old incoherent patterns held deep in the multiverse of the body temple. Once dense vibrations such as unresolved trauma’s and their emotions are reflected back to the purest light, the bodies innate intelligence will find pathways to restore health, well-being and harmonic resonance.

Mahalia is the Scientist, Teacher, Maestro and emissary of the Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services rooted in advanced neuroscience that accelerates and optimizes the human instrument to our birthright of bliss. Author of The Medical Musician, a psychedelic guide to translating interspecies communication, her combination of Stellar Xray vision and Sonic Shamanism have given countless clients miraculous, life changing results. Having recovered her 3D body from multiple concussions and PTSD, Mahalia leads from personal experience of our Superhuman power to regenerate via the Divine Music within and all around us.

Offer1: The Power of 333 Brain Bliss Master Class PLUS Soul Song Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Offer 2: Brain Bliss Bundle


2 Payment Option Available