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Soul Shine | How to release trauma, trust your inner guidance, and feel free to be seen (and laugh your way through it) with Cinimon Clark


I give all kinds of readings. I can teach you how to meditate by leading you through a guided meditation, give you past life information, introduce you to your spirit guides and find where the blocks are that you would like to remove. I can show you how to balance your chakras, how to stay on your spiritual path in an easy way, and how to use spiritual maintenance to know what steps to take in your life. Don’t panic, I’m not going to start levitating or anything, but I’m really good at this whole psychic thing.

Working through a person’s trauma is different for everyone, so every session is different as well. But I concentrate on the individual and proceed as I see necessary, and through communicating with my and the person’s spirit guides. I only heal to the degree that their spirit guides will allow. Sometimes it is immediate, other times it takes more than one session. And to continue their spiritual journey, I encourage people to meditate often & to start keeping a journal to help themselves learn to trust their inner voice

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Winter Solstice 90 Minute Special


Special Offer: Winter Solstice 90 Minute Special


2 Payment Option Available

My readings are a transformative journey.

Guided by your spirit team, each reading is a unique exploration into your own spirituality.

Every reading is different and personalized to you and what your guides would like you to know right now. We might delve into past lives or your personal growth.

Your departed animals might want to come through to bring you comfort and make you smile. You may hear empowering messages from lost loved ones and be given closure and a deeper understanding of why you move through your world the way you do.

I am honored to unwrap the mystical gifts our spirit teams offer. I feel my true job is to empower and inspire you and to help you give yourself permission to be your authentic self and to know you are powerful and worthy of all good things in this life

About Cinimon Clark

Cinimon was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, and from an early age, experienced other people’s emotions, what they were feeling, and was keenly attuned to intuitive guides and spirit communication.

She seeks to offer peace, self-love, and wellbeing. She offers greater self-confidence, inclusivity, and a gentle acceptance of both who you are in the moment and of being connected to something greater than us. Cinimon encourages people to recognize their power and remember that they don’t have to do it all on their own. We’re all making our way through life and working to figure things out.

She believes we are all part of something bigger. Frequencies and vibrations are vital to our lives, Humans can only perceive a limited spectrum of both light waves and soundwaves. Beyond that, who knows what exists? Accessing those expanded spectrums is where the magic happens.

Special Offer: Winter Solstice 90 Minute Special


2 Payment Option Available