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With Guardian/Gridkeeper and Light Language Activator
Yukia Azorah Sandara 

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Soul Inititation Recall Activation Series:

Activation of the  Paragenetic Soul Memory Circuitry

Part of incarnate experience and projections of the Over Soul or Magna Soul is the paragenetic memory circuit of the soul. We’re all familiar with the physical genetic code, but there is also a paragenetic code, or soul memory circuit; that  holds the information of the entire Divine Spark journey since its inception.

There are different memory cells within the full memory circuitry; interplanetary, inter -Galactic, intra -Galactic, Solar systems ,Universal Earth Bound collective system and these sessions activate the memory of those into remembrance either for timeline resolution – collapse, healing , erasing or to bring forth to the surface as conscious gifts to be re – embrace , integrated and embody.

 This is a 4 week progressive Soul Initiation , taking place through the design of the Soul cartography of each of the participants in this activation  Series.

It  is a symbiotic dance between a group of explorers,  with the conduit /catalyst activating the paragenetic memory circuitries of the Soul  through Light language and normal transmissions upgrades , facilitating the ignition of those Soul parts into the participant’s consciousness . This  assist’s him/her to elevate it’s awareness and frequency into Remembrance of its Own Divinity.

The  group members in this sacred container contribute and add value with their own skillsets/ gifts /  offerings into the Circle of Light during each activation cycle round.

This promotes a remarkable transformative shift within the  Participant being activated and sometimes even radical ; to repair , cleanse /clear/transmute  stagnant Soul memory circuits held within the Planet, Inter Galactical Platforms , in the Solar Systems and the Multiverse , including the Inner Earth and in the Consciousness of Mother Earth.

It also assists to align , harmonize the Resonant fields segmented or in Disonance into a Coherent Unified Field  with Balanced Equilibrium within the Heart.

Finally it assists to elevate awareness , raise frequency and activate Soul Remembrance.

Through this Circle of light Group dynamic activation Series, The Soul and the Human meet up and  organically return home to the Ascended Self /the Essence, to the  original  Blueprint  transiting progressively to unite with it’s Divine spark.

Join us on this unforgettable journey Home and Co create your script.

Infinite Love,

Yukia Azorah Sandara

This is what was experienced in this paragenetic Activation Journey

“When the Soul is ready the activator appears. My soul was ready for next big step to dive deeper and higher in her evolutionary state. It was just an inner call, I was going through the most challenging time of my life. Beloved Sister Yukia Sandara offered me assistance and I felt this is the right path. So we started  with the Paragenetic Memory circuitry sessions.

We started this journey with clearing, cleansing and removing what was still has to be erased, transformed, Working on ego aspects, entity interaction, architypes, sub frequencies.

It’s very interesting even after so many years of inner work I still had this trapped memories deep inside of my DNA. The dormant one.

From many reincarnation’s  in different galaxies. I felt something was still hiding but I didn’t know where. Through the co created sonic activations, coding and Light Language, I finally found it and was capable to bringing them forth for collapse, healing and as gifts to activate.

It’s was so important for me that we worked together, we Co – created a symbiotic Collective Field of exchange of Light Language and Sound between us, so I truly felt my Soul speaking.

This part was the most challenging specifically with the Coding. Seeing what is true and false light programs, constructs, and learn how to recognize and use discernment. During this process I always had the possibly to choose which way I wanted to go. I decided to follow the light.

Second part of the journey was for me…living the Dream Life on the Earth, the Real Essence. Reaching the place where my heart was wide opened feeling so much inside; crying not because of sadness but overall craving to share love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, softness, peace, passion of the beauty with All there Is.

There is so much hidden. I was just in this place with myself drinking the nectar of sweetness sharing it with flowers, praying to the Sun. Dancing with the wind sharing what  is coming with the Sanctuary of Souls, and every time feeling the water of life flowing through my veins.

Just didn’t want to leave this place. I wished to stay there forever. It was my home. It was my first home. My day and night dreaming Home.

Magic Happened after I experienced next step. Coming Home to the Ascended Self. This is the place where I want to stay forever. I am still practicing and harmonizing complete balance.

After this life as I know doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s advanced and everyday it’s a new prayer that I write…. Traveling, discovering, what I asked for New galaxies, remembering forgotten knowledge,  traveling into inner suns, hearing the stories of the hearts of all the 144 Suns…each day is new adventure. Feeling like I become a true explorer of hidden and forgotten treasures. Walking through the time and space from the future to past. With so much gratefulness in my heart and love in my soul, I would like to express deep appreciation to Yukia Sandara for giving me the opportunity and taking me on this amazing journey back Home. “

Home to Ascended Self… ”

Endless Love

Dora Valder

Option: Soul Initiation Recall Series


What people are saying about Yukia

The Soul Cartography was like icing on a cake. Everything leading up to this experience was the cake ( LOL ) giving me the tools to expand multi dimensional with ease grace joy.

The utter delight in joining in with Soul Family to explore the depths of who we are, what we bring thru as individuals as part of the Unified Field was such a high.

When each of us surrounded the one in the inner of circle  bringing forth our piece of the information , codes, light Language, gifts for the person, …was such a personal Gift to Be, bare witness to, to be a part of to assist in the flowering , opening, expansion for each as individuals..

Thus Lightening our Unified Field.  I am continuing this work, joy with another assisting them in drawing their codes , then assisting their awakening, expansion.

So Grateful to Yukia standing in her Divinity to assist us in doing same.

Irene West, Tisbury, MA

In the Soul Memory Circuitry with Yukia, one is joined into a container held in loving grace. One joins Yukia, as part of an uplifting group, as Yukia provides each one with a drawn digital key code to their own essence and purpose. Each is an image of brilliancy, with a spontaneously transferred seed syllable song & guiding translation of the image to the core self as goldprint, as self as part of a larger whole.

This Transference brings the depth of Inner Standing of the full blossoming of one into their own Inner Authority. The deepening of one’s own light language sung, in mudras, drawn, danced, in core purpose also opens in sovereign beingness. True HUe Shine for each arrives, deepens in their own Inner Standing.

The group rises as each, in respect and true beneficent Galactic Family support, feels the call to join in the container. The grace transfers into each living in New earth values, creates one’s own inner core sphere of direct knowing and expressions from the Soul Cartography given into their lives.

Soul Cartography within each Circle of Light Activation for each participant’s turn creates fresh new Beingness and Creations manifested in each lit up in True Self. The deepening of living here as part of the Unified Field of creation naturally is sparked by the grace of Joining In a Gathering with Yukia Azorah Sandara.

Gathering in one’s own presented and inner known light map amps one’s field in exultant living while assisting the whole of this Cosmos in their lived gifts.

Sunshine Houlihan, Quantum Practitioner Daithi

The Soul Cartography was one of the programs that allowed me to decode the light language. This was so important for me as a light worker because I was able to awaken this information in me and rescue the knowledge long ago forgotten.

With the group exercise of Light Circle Activation I had direct insights about the emotions, information and the type of energies that were received through the Soul Cartography of each participant in the group.

I am very grateful for what this experience brought me and for all the information shared that contributed so much for my own Being and Evolution process.

Tiago Agatao, Portugal

About Yukia Azorah Sandara


Yukia is like you, just a reflection of You, and has dedicated the past years to experiencing and expressing passionately her Inter Galactic Star seed trajectory by travelling the World as a mother, a grandmother, a child, a woman, a student, a friend, a lover, a catalyst, a initiator, a healer, a Guardian/Gridkeeper, a transformation Light Language Activator/Decoder, a seer, a Sound alchemist,  an observer and a witness, a Higher Consciousness change agent, a speaker, a facilitator of events and a Inter – Galactic Mentor/Life coach.

Yukia woke up at the age of 6 as a Star seed and then partially shut down until her early 20’s; whilst astral travelling through dimensions continually; experiencing being different and odd until a later time when she accepted her full Mission.

She comes from a corporate Change /Transformation Coaching background before her full activation as a Walk in Soul in 2002.  Since then she has been called from within to dedicate her Life mission in Service to the Planet and Humanity sharing her love, wisdom and gifts.

For many years Yukia was called to experiment and retrieve and recall all higher versions/aspects/facets of her original Holographic Self for full embodiment within the DNA/RNA as well as conduct her Inner work. She has activated her inner knowledge and wisdom from ancient mystery schools of spiritual teachings, Galactic Higher Learning Centers within this Galaxy and others, Gaia’s Consciousness and her Body of consciousness Inner Guidance.

With this she has developed New Earth empowerment Mentoring Holographic Tools; New Human Template Light tuning regeneration frequencies, Sound and Light encoded tools to assist the Light body integration and anchoring on Earth at different Levels and frequency bandwidths.

Within her portfolio this translates itself into a varied amount of Source Energy signatures / Grids, scrolls, tablets, Keys reflected in her Art Technology brought to anchor within and in the Planet’s DNA /RNA.

These are all tools to activate Remembrance and Embodiment of the Full Presence of the Soul Divine spark grounded in the physical Reality that we Are; our body and within Mother Earth.

Her service Call is to catalyse, initiate and alchemize a Quantum leap of Consciousness/a shift/recalibration, rewiring and a reset of frequencies in Remembrance in an accelerated way within Humanity.

“She heralds the dawning of Unity Consciousness…” Carlotta Mastrojanni

Yukia facilitates Light Language Activated and Decoded Circles of Light retreats online and face to face, to ignite the Remembrance of the Language of the Heart. She speaks more than 100 Inter Planetary Languages and sits in a few different Councils in the Galaxy; mainly the GCL and the Council of 9 in Arcturus.

She empowers and imparts in her sharing’s the Importance of the shadow inner work and healing, the retrieval of Star Seed gifts/skillsets and Inter planetary Life together with specific qualities that each one brings to Earth from different Planets including the Inner Earth Path as well.

This activates the Collection, Integration and embodiment of all Inter Galactic aspects within the Human template recalibrated now on Earth ready for new assignments.

Yukia also facilitates the Inter–Galactic long-term Mentoring programs, on a one to one basis for Star seeds or for groups on Zoom and shares them in many countries.

Over the past 15 years her Inter Planetary Higher Consciousness work took priority and she has travelled to many sacred sites in many countries of the Globe, such as; Tanzania, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Russia, Turkey, India, Peru, France, Hawaii, Thailand, Switzerland, France, US, UK, Bali, Iceland and Indonesia, Malta, Portugal, Ibiza, Argentina, Portugal – following her  heart and embodying the energy of Love.

Yukia feels deeply that in this Era of Love, completion is within reach for every single human being who is willing to step into the ‘I Am’ sovereign authentic loving and peaceful Authority and return Home to a Divine Status fully embodied in the Human Form.

Option: Soul Initiation Recall Series