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With Trailblazer & Master Light Weaver
Sophie Bidard

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Embrace & Pioneer a New Emotional Paradigm

An old, outdated emotional mode of operation needs to be unrooted which has been resulting in the emotional body remaining muddy, murky and polluted with toxicity emanating from emotions belonging to the past; these amplify and distort present-time emotions and play havoc with the guidance system those are meant to provide…

As more and more Divine Light is poured into the Earth and Humanity, igniting and upgrading our Light Bodies, more and more discrepancy arises: the emotional body is lagging behind in its evolution and ascension, and the in-coming higher vibrational energies mismatch with the lower state of our emotionality!

It’s high-time to fully claim Emotional Mastery, and raise our emotional bodies to the level and quality that meet and harmonize with our light bodies!

It’s high-time to bring forward and model a New Emotional Paradigm that aligns with, supports and catalyzes the Ascension in progress.

Enjoy this Special Offer

Lighten Up Your Emotions Package

Workshop Series and Bonus

Total Value: $601

Upgrade Your Emotional Paradigm 4 Workshop Series

July 30th 2022 ~ August 6th 2022 ~ August 13th 2022 ~ August 20th 2022 ~ August 27th 2022

9:00 AM PT | 10:00 AM MT | 11:00 AM CT | 12:00 PM ET | 4:00 PM GMT

Lighten Up Your Emotions Package + Bonus

  • Upgrade Your Emotional Paradigm Workshop Series + Bonus

2 Payment Option Available

Do you feel stuck with lower vibrational emotions, no matter what your intentions are to rise above, no matter what your efforts are to maintain high spirits and hold on to positive attitudes… yet still finding yourself swimming in a swamp?

Are you experiencing

  • Eruptions of anger, regurgitated or contained?
  • Waves of sorrow, intense hurt, flaring woundedness?
  • Attacks of fear, worry, anxiety, maybe even panic and terror?
  • Depths of guilt, shame and despair in which you’re afraid of drowning?

Are you finding yourself at the mercy of those emotions, whose intensity and magnitude are leaving you helpless and hopeless, as if possessed by energies that command and move you?

Your disempowered emotional state is the consequence of a combination of 2 factors that both need to be attended to:

  1. The accumulation within your emotional body of substances (sediments, calcifications, leftovers…) that belong to the past: yours, in this lifetime, in your past lives, and those of your ancestors in both maternal and paternal lines ~ you are literally carrying outdated, obsolete burdens: heavy, bulky, messy, toxic.
    Even your emotions from last week or just yesterday are no longer relevant to the present moment! Not to mention the build-up from decades, lifetimes and generations before…
  2. The dysfunctional mode of operation of your emotional body, that performs according to the very paradigm that Humanity is now pulling itself and growing out of: control, denial, suppression, drama, abandonment, disconnection…

Even if operating with more advanced, mature and responsible emotional ways, you are being put to the test and possibly failing yourself due to the intensity, persistence and omnipresence of the pressure that is put upon all of us at the moment!

With LIGHTEN UP YOUR EMOTIONS! ~ Embrace & Pioneer a New Emotional Paradigm, you’ll be masterfully guided and supported to feel safe and empowered in taking care of and leveling up both

  • your emotional body itself, clearing the burdens and muddiness into ever more lightness and purity;
  • your emotional paradigm, dismantling the old, to claim and install the new.

With the detoxification of your emotional body, liberated from burdens, toxicity and distortions rooted in the past, your emotions finally take and play their true role: to offer a guidance system gearing you in the present, towards your highest good and the realization of your Soul’s Plan on Earth. Emotional Mastery allows your intuition to gain clarity and specificity, synchronicities happen, and you navigate and operate in smooth and magical ways!

Once free from the old, outdated paradigm of control, suppression and drama, your Emotional Body finally operates within a higher paradigm, and keeps evolving and ascending, through the journey of your Soul in this lifetime: gaining ever more purity and subtlety, the ‘waters’ of your emotional body attain a highest quality of Holy Water that blesses and heals you, and the world through your Illuminated Being!

ITEM #1: Upgrade Your Emotional Paradigm – 4 workshop series

July 30th 2022 ~ August 6th 2022 ~ August 13th 2022 ~ August 20th 2022 ~ August 27th 2022

(Value: $355)

Through this workshop series, unroot one-by-one the 4 foundations of the old emotional paradigm originating in your past timeline and ancestral lines; install the high-purpose, high-vibration foundations of your new emotional paradigm.

Workshop Series Intention Call: creating our safe, sacred space of the Crystalline Chamber of Light; sharing precise instructions to prepare for the workshop series; setting intentions with Power Claiming Keys.
Live Group Call + downloadable replay + PDF

Workshop #1: upgrade your emotional paradigm, from denial and suppression ~  into Awareness.
Be held, guided and supported to clear your old ways of denying your emotionality, suppressing your emotions, burying them within, thus damaging your emotional, mental and physical health ~ Be empowered to adopt, practice and embrace Emotional Awareness, which is the prerequisite to a healthy, natural emotional regulation and release.
Live Group Call + downloadable replay + PDF (Power Claiming Key)

Workshop #2: upgrade your emotional paradigm, from resistance and control ~ into Acceptance.
Be held, guided and supported to clear your old ways of resisting, avoiding, controlling: it is exhausting, depleting  your energy, and can only be maintained for so long, until the overload gets out of control ~ Be empowered to adopt, practice and embrace Emotional Acceptance which brings ease and flow in your physical, mental and emotional body and allows you to approach your emotions to access their insights and guidance.
Live Group Call + downloadable replay + PDF (Power Claiming Key)

Workshop #3: upgrade your emotional paradigm, from dramatic expression ~ to Fruitful Interaction.
Be held, guided and supported to clear your old ways of expressing your emotions, allowing your anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, despair to pour into any situation, conversation and circumstance, polluting your environment while allowing you nothing but a mere temporary relief ~ Be empowered to adopt, practice and embrace Fruitful Interaction with your emotions: in a new approach of dialogue and interaction with your emotions themselves you retrieve the treasures of wisdom, insights and guidance they hold within, and their clearing becomes easy and swift!
Live Group Call + downloadable replay + PDF (Power Claiming Key)

Workshop #4: upgrade your emotional paradigm, from laissez-faire ~ to Purification.
Be held, guided and supported to clear your old ways of letting your emotions do what they will, holding you at their mercy without you having any authority over them, allowing yourself to be overly emotional at all times and ‘it’s just the way it is!’ ~ Be empowered to adopt, practice and embrace Purification based on an on-going regulation of your emotions, of which you are in charge and responsible, and your emotional body just keep gaining clarity and purity!
Live Group Call + downloadable replay + PDF (Power Claiming Key)

BONUS: Double Emotion Club: 2 consecutive months of Graceful Emotional Detox  & Illumination
Value: $246

Each of 2 consecutive months:

Emotion Club Intention Call on the 15th of the month:
Be held in the safe, sacred space of the Crystalline Chamber of Light to set your intentions for the deep release of your emotions. Receive precise instructions for emotional awareness, guiding you to journal your emotions, in preparation for the month’s release. And for your preparation to be smooth and graceful, you also receive an Orb of Grace and Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
Live group call + replay until the end of the month + PDF (3 Power Claiming Keys).

Emotional Detox Workshop on the 22nd of the month:
Be held, guided and supported as you systematically and thoroughly purge your identified emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Despair, and the limiting beliefs held in place by those emotions ~ collecting pearls of wisdom and filling in the space freed by the clearing with pure Source Light, the light of Truth; finally, receive an Orb of Grace and Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
Live group call + replay until the end of the month.

+ Permanent access to the Emotion Club private Facebook Group for support and interactions.
+ Emotion Club Bonus: Invitation to Forgiveness audio track (MP3)

What People Have To Say About Sophie

” I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my incredible session with you yesterday. You are such a gifted facilitator of the healing, and I am so grateful to you for your skills and expertise.
I feel like you have given me so many answers to so many lingering questions about myself. I am SO grateful for your gentle, yet powerful guiding and holding of me during that experience.
I know I would never have willingly walked into that amount of pain on my own.
I am sending you such heartfelt love Sophie. I so look forward to working with you again in the future. ”
Justine F.

” Your workshop this afternoon was spectacular – THANK YOU!!! Your generosity is almost overwhelming, and the acute panic and terror that I’ve been feeling for several years, now feels smoothed out!
Sophie, you are a kind and generous blessing, and your gift has already made such a difference in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my soul, and from my maternal and paternal lines! ”


” Thank you Sophie, you are such a wonderful gift to me! I can’t express enough what transformation your work has done for me. I truly adore your Spirit and Higher Self! You have all brought me so many gifts for my evolution and I am so very grateful.”
Nida N.


” Such a journey this was and is! Beyond words in expressing how gifted your offerings are and how richly these gifts have entered into my orb of being and in my living. You are ahead of so many in terms of bringing this to the light – there is much work to be done in these next critical years of more challenging change and evolution. The world is so fortunate to have you in it.
I have been given huge wealth of insights and tools that allows me to separate from a trauma-filled past, to disentangle from archetypal energy fields so as not to continue recycling this, and to bring more and more light into my heart space through such larger divine love that has always been there and is there still! ”
Diane J.


” Your mission to elevate the vibration and your dedication to Light is palpable. It’s honest and you are a warrior. The light of grace is pure that nothing could resist its love but surrender in it. This is coming from someone who was in a lot of pain and I am testament to its power. Power in its purest form. Thank you for your service and for your compassion always. ”


” Sophie is a powerful, gifted healer. She is the one I go to, and have referred many others to, for deep transformational work. I recently had something come up and knew she was the one to help me. Sophie took the time before, during and after my session to check in and be totally present with what I was experiencing. She guided me through some deep, dark places that I wouldn’t have allowed myself to go on my own, but that were necessary for the result I was looking for. Through her masterful help and presence on this journey, I was able to experience the healing I so desperately wanted. ”
JoAnn M.



About Sophie Bidard

Sophie is a Master Light Weaver, flowing the purest crystalline light from the Great Central Sun for revelation, liberation, and True Self embodiment. A Trailblazer, she opens the path into unchartered territories of consciousness, weaving in light for higher awareness and evolution. Sophie is a Master at upgrading one’s multidimensional perception, by clearing the karmic entanglements and resulting stress web.

Her passion for finding and expressing the Divine within combines with her commitment to breakthroughs, radical transformation and wisdom recollection. On deep exploratory adventures into the personal and collective shadow, she unweaves patterns and whole paradigms of illusion, distortion, obstruction, restriction, disbalance… bridging into new paradigms at high vibrational levels.

She guides you in the reclaiming of your masterful nature, with lightness and flow, turning burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ gathering pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing the Truth of who you are, to yourself, and to the world!

Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, Sophie is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and she hosts the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

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