Project Description

With BioAcoustic Researcher & Sound Lady
Kathleen Nagy

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This free NEO Mastery Empowerment Course will feature a demonstration of the valuable information you can learn from a simple voice recording. We will record Lauren’s voice as she speaks for about 1 minute using Sharry Edward’s NanoVoice application. NanoVoice will create a report of personality traits that are exhibited in her voice. Next, we will analyze the note pattern finding the weakest note/s using Sharry Edward’s Note Correlate Chart which lists the emotional and physical aspects of each note of the scale. Lastly, I will show Lauren how to play her weak note/s on a pitch pipe. We will wait for a few minutes for the frequencies to assimilate into her frequency matrix and then we will take another NanoVoice recording (Sonic Selfie) to see if the weak notes are now showing more energy in your voice. We will also be able to see any weaknesses in your chakra scale notes and how to use a pitch pipe or your voice to strengthen them.

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In this powerful training with Kathleen, you will discover:

  • Relieve Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia and Depression with your Personal Chakra Scale
  • Use Sonic Selfies to identify your current physical and mental health challenges

  • Use your voice or a Pitch Pipe to adjust your vocal note pattern and bring balance to your health

  • Energize your metabolism/thyroid

  • Energize your Digestive System

  • Energize your Lymph System

Special Offer: Sonic Self Care with Sonic Selfies

Special Offer : Sonic Selfies 3 Zoom Classes + Bonus

Two Time Slots:

October 27-29 at 12 PM ET

October 29-31 at 3 PM ET

If class is missed, zoom recordings are available at request.

Special Offer: Sonic Selfies 3 Zoom Classes + Bonus


2 Payment Option Available

This course includes 3 LIVE Zoom classes which introduce 3 new sound therapy tools to help you identify and manage your physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to use voice recording software not only to identify imbalances in your vocal profile (Sonic Selfie) but also how to balance the strengths and weaknesses using your voice or a pitch pipe to play your balancing notes. You will also discover your personal chakra scale and how it relates to the weak energy notes in your “Sonic Selfie”. The 3 hour long classes are:

  • Part 1- Record your “Sonic Selfie” ($100.00 value)- Identify weak note/s and interpret their meaning to your physical or emotional health using NanoVoice Application
  • Part 2- “Discover Your Personal Chakra Scale” ($100.00 value)- Find the weaknesses as recorded in your Sonic Selfie that relate to your 7 major chakra energy centers
  • Part 3- “Playing a Pitch Pipe as a Sound Therapy Tool” ($100.00 value)- Learn to play balancing notes on your pitch pipe that were identified in your Sonic Selfie note graph

This course is an empowering Self Care tool that allows you to see your speaking note patterns, how to correlate them to your physical and emotional weaknesses and how to balance their energy by playing balancing notes on a pitch pipe or by humming the appropriate chakra note. There is no “woo woo” here.

You can do before and after “Sonic Selfies” to validate that the balancing notes you play on your pitch pipe or hum actually do strengthen weak notes and diminish the energy of overused notes.

The 3 new tools are:

  • NanoVoice voice print software created by Sharry Edwards. MS Edwards is THE pioneer in decoding the frequency information and revelations contained within the sound of the human speaking voice. Your “Sonic Selfie” shows you how many times you used each note of the scale when you made the recording. The report identifies which notes have overly strong energy or overly low energy compared to the rest of your “Sonic Selfie”. These strengths and weaknesses correlate to your body’s organs and systems.
  • Sharry Edward’s Note Correlate Chart- This chart shows Emotional and Physical Correlations for each note of the scale to help you interpret the NanoVoice Report.
  • Chromatic C to C Pitch Pipe also known as a circular Free Reed Aerophone. These are discs with the holes for the reeds around the perimeter and with marked openings for each note, into which the user blows. This instrument is usually used to create and hear the sound of a note when you don’t have another musical instrument handy or don’t know anything about reading musical notes. It produces and analog sound wave which is what the brain uses to make repairs and adjustments to the physical and emotional body. IF You DO NOT OWN NanoVoice, Note Correlate Chart or a Chromatic C to C Pitch Pipe You MUST PURCHASE THESE BEFORE CLASS STARTS.

Purchase NanoVoice:
NanoVoice $60-( PC Users: Internet required to download is Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Windows 2000, XP or later, Windows Media Player 9 or above, MUST HAVE Microsoft Excel for nanoVoice to work. Mac Users: MAC is compatible (if you have the ability to partition your disk, but requires specific download)

Purchase Note Correlate Chart $12 here

Purchase C to C Chromatic Pitch Pipe $15-$20 on Amazon here

After taking these 3, 1 hour long zoom classes you will have all the tools you need to address your energetic imbalances going forward. You can use the Sonic Selfie software to help you make decisions about relationships, a new job, a new home or to energize your body’s organs and systems. You will benefit from this course for years to come, and you will be able to help your friends discover the powerful information contained in their Sonic Selfies too!

There are 2 Bonus items you will receive when you purchase this course.

  • Download of 3 horn and voice harmonics audio files for Digestion, Lymph and Immunity ($60 value)
  • Download a .pdf of my new book Humming for Health-Sound Tools for Physical and Emotional Balance $9.99 value)

About Kathleen Nagy

Kathleen Nagy spent 18 years performing in symphony orchestras playing the French horn, teaching music education, and directing musical theater productions. For the past 20 years she has been a BioAcoustic Research Associate specializing in Voice Energy Analysis and Acoustic Biofeedback for sports or muscle injuries, and now specializes in teaching people how to hum the sounds that are good for their bodies.

Special Offer: Sonic Selfies 3 Zoom Classes + Bonus


2 Payment Option Available