Shamanic & Galactic Womb Cleanse with Keleena Malnar2022-05-20T13:11:57-06:00

Project Description

With Divine Wayshower of Ascension, Multidimensional Quantum Activator, and International Facilitator
Keleena Malnar

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Reclaiming Divine Feminine through Sacred Galactic & Shamanic Womb Cleanse

Sunday May 22nd, 2022

11 am PT | 12 pm MT | 1 pm CT | 2 pm ET | 6pm GMT

Shamanic & Galactic Womb Cleanse


2 Payment Option Available

This is powerful healing for many women, and even those who have tried western medicines to become pregnant and failed have gotten pregnant after this with a couple of regular healing sessions as well. Men have also participated and felt massive healing shifts as we have been both genders upon the planet.

About Keleena Malnar

Keleena has been connected with her guides since she was a small child, which has prepared her to know, see and be her authentic self. Through her ascension experiences, embodiments, and activations from source, she has reclaimed her authentic self as a Divine Wayshower of Ascension, Multidimensional Quantum Activator, and International Facilitator.

As a Transformational Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and New Earth Divine Feminine Leader, Keleena facilitates empowerment through Light Language Activations, Healing, and Mentorship to assist humanity, to know thyself, love thyself, and be thyself clearing internal judgment, distorted subconscious fears, and programs behind.

Her current focus is on the divine feminine to restore and reclaim themselves to their full god-given abilities and live without limitation. She is also leading women on their priestess path of sovereignty.

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