Soul Shine Solstice Celebration

Keynote Address with Patricia Cote-Robles

with 3 Sessions of Activations & Meditations

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Session 1:

Session 1:

Hour 1: Paul Temple, Alicia Power

Hour 2: Judy Cali, Meg Benedicte

Hour 3: Danielle Rama Hoffman,  Grace Galzagorry

Hour 4: Barbara Marie Babish

Session 2:

Session 2:

Hour 1: XI EarthStar, Anrita Melchizedek

Hour 2: Nora WalksInSpirit, Gene Ang

Hour 3: SomRa An’Ryka, Laurie Reyon

Hour 4: Aurora, Madhu Aziani

Session 3:

Session 3:

Hour 1: Lauren Galey, Sandra Walter

Hour 2: Kristen Becher, Lisa Barnett

Hour 3: Zalah, Emile Janse

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