Globe Sound Healing Conference
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 Each show: approx. 75 minutes  and includes a Sound Experience

Day 2:

Day 3:

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Join us for ecstatic times, filled with lots of important information on vibrational healing and many moments of profound shared peace and stillness.

A Good Balance of Sound Healing Science, New Technologies, and Life Transforming Experiential Workshops.

20 of the top Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, Sound Therapists, and Musicians in the field addressing important issues and topics in this rapidly expanding field of Sound Healing.


Michael Tellinger, John Reid, Nestor Kornblum, Gary Malkin, Lisa Rafel, Zacciah Blackburn, Steven Halpern, Eileen McKusick, John St. Piere, Suzanne Sterling, Sonja Drakulich, Silvina Vergara, Vickie Dodd, Emile Janse, Don Estes, Carsten Spencer, Alexandre Tannous, Jamie Lu, Shanti Lleone, and David Gibson.