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The Key to Eternal Beauty…
Jewels Arnes

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Ascend through Cellular Reprogramming as You Step into Eternal Beauty!

Are you Ready to Awaken your Cells to Age in Reverse?  Become the NEW Human!

Start the DECU journey! Awaken your Cells to Age in Reverse!

Upgrade your Cells to hold the intelligence of Eternal Beauty with DECU!  This is a pathway to reprogramming to the NEW Human.  Intentional Molecular Creation is a gateway to Becoming the Light Body (Eternal)  or the Evolution of Mankind.  It all starts with reprogramming the cells to ascend through the I AM.  In this course you will absorb the 7 Rays of the Rainbow light that hold 7 Elements of consciousness.  When reprogramming the cells we need to know what it is to become the observer of the different identities we attach to while creating High Frequency identities that lead us into the NEW Human experience.   You are powerful beyond the limitations of the mind and this course gives you the tools you need to BEcome the frequency of Eternal Beauty, Youth and hold the wisdom to Be the NEW Human.

Are you Ready to BEcome your Highest Potential?

This groundbreaking sequenced Energy System called DECU is Changing what it means to Be Human!  People are overwhelmed with the breakthroughs they are having!

  • Are you ready to Age in Reverse through Cellular Reprogramming?

  • Are you Ready to Reprogram your Cells to hold the intelligence of the NEW Human?

  • Are you ready to discover just how powerful you are?

Learn the Process to Reprogram Your Cells with Online Training

Offer 1: Eternal Beauty with DECU

In this course you will receive the DECU Foundations 101 Virtual course for FREE (a $297 value)  when choosing to change your Life with DECU level One.

DECU Foundations is a 4 Week Virtual Course to Awaken your Consciousness and giving you the tools to map your own brain!

The 7 Elements hold 7 rays of Consciousness that evolve you to higher reflections of reality. The 7 elements rewire the body, mind and spirit to create the NEW Human.

In this 4 week course you will dive into deeper levels of your own mind. You will learn to Map your own Brain. When we can map the different energy responses of our brains we can reprogram them to higher levels of consciousness and then reflect new electric waves into our reality. I have set this course up to challenge your mind to move past what “IT KNOWS”. The activations and meditations may not make sense to you, that is not a bad thing. I am teaching you how to learn something through frequency and not through the logical mind. This is a high level foundation that if used to move through the unknown or to evolve, you will change your life to meet the NEW Earth Frequencies. This is Reprogramming Reality to Reflect the Divine Mind!

DECU Level one will be taught LIVE starting November 11th!  So, you can absorb the foundations as you wait for the DECU Level ONE class to start!  DECU is a way of life!  The Time is NOW to become the Empowered Human that can Reprogram beyond what you think is possible!

  • Are you ready to Age in Reverse through Cellular Reprogramming?
  • Are you Ready to Reprogram your Cells to hold the intelligence of the NEW Human?
  • Are you ready to discover just how powerful you are?

Join the Anti Aging Revolution creating Human Evolution!  Evolve beyond the limitations of 3D belief systems and Become the NEW You.

Cellular Reprogramming opens the Door to Eternal Youth: Can we reprogram our cells to Eternal Youth?  Bio-coded and sequenced frequencies unlock the key to Eternal Life.  Learn to overcome limitations that keep you old, while stepping into the next stage of human evolution. You can become the master of  your body, embrace thought processes that reprogram cells, and break the belief of degeneration.  Take the first step in Aging in Reverse.

Can Skincare have Its Own Intelligence?: Find out why ORMUS Gold has Life Enthusiasts excited as they discover the Key to Prolonged Life! Cutting edge ingredients repair and rejuvenate cells and DNA, while reversing signs of aging!  Learn how your Skincare Routine is a relationship and your thoughts can fade years off your face! Raise your frequency, clear the belief system of aging and enhance wellbeing, while diminishing wrinkles every time you look in the mirror!

Bio-Coded Frequency Skincare is the key to Reverse Aging: Are you ready to learn how to create Eternal Beauty? You have the ability to evolve the mind-body and spirit while reprogramming the cells to regenerate.  Adding ORMUS Gold Skincare to your daily life is a pathway to Eternal Youth and becoming the NEW Human. This is Skincare brought to life through the evolutionary ingredients ORMUS and Bio-Coded Scalar Energy.

What to EXPECT? Fast Visible Changes In Your Appearance! Look 10 years younger in 7 days or less!

If you enjoyed this free course, you’re invited to DECU Level ONE; a 4-Week Course including a Limited Edition package where you will learn how to reprogram cells to Eternal Youth with your daily skin care routine!!

Are you ready to take a journey that awakens your cells? Are you ready to Reprogram your body to rejuvenate, regenerate and hold the frequency of Eternal Beauty? You will start the course by learning simple yet powerful techniques that will clear old agreements and belief systems held in your skin cells. Your skin has a consciousness and it is awakening right now, as you begin learning the power of the mind, body, spirit connection. Each week you will do the exercises in the course on a daily basis. The deeper you go into the exercises, the more you will reprogram your cells and amplify your personal awakening. I encourage you to make this a daily practice. Whether you are just learning DECU for your personal use or you plan to move on and complete the certification, this is a practice that will change your cellular and molecular structure. It is a practice you will keep, from this day forward. You are becoming the master of your cells, your body, and this is allowing your cells to be “unconsciously conscious”. Meaning, with practice, your body unconsciously begins to perform the will of your conscious thoughts.

You will be alternating between learning the DECU Method and doing inner spiritual work. Having this time set aside, creates a sacred space for you to become something new… The NEW you. It signals to your mind and body that you are already holding the intelligence of Eternal Beauty, and just like a muscle the more you practice this truth, the stronger it becomes.

Enter a journey to Creating Youth and Vitality while programming to the NEW Human!  Ascensions pathway to the Light Body!

Offer 2: DECU Level 1 Starts 11-11-2020

Item 1: 4 week DECU LEVEL ONE LIVE workshop!  This may be one of the last times we offer this class LIVE!  Don’t miss out on creating Limitless with the amazing energy that comes through this workshop!

What is a DECU Face reading?

So What is DECU Face Reading? DECU Face Reading stands for Dermal Expression, Cellular Upgrade. The cells of the skin hold toxic memories and DNA that is laying dormant to repeat the degeneration cycle. We use DECU to read the cells and clear old programs that keep you old giving you the ability to upgrade the consciousness of your skin cells! That is right. Science is now proving that your skin has a consciousness just like your brain and heart. The Cells are a reflection of your unconscious mind bringing thoughts that no longer serve you through the gateway that helps amplify your AWAKENING. DECU Face Reading is a method that reads the cells of agreements, contracts or toxic programs and clears, cancels and deletes them from your skin cells, your organs and brain, so that you can start to reflect the Divinely perfect Being you are meant to be!

Why is this important?

Why is clearing the cells of programs and belief systems important? If you are ready to be the master of your own ship, become the master of the body you live in, then this class is for you. You can learn to program the cells of your skin to hold ETERNAL Beauty. This class will teach you the step by step method of clearing the agreement of aging and how to raise your consciousness to hold the frequency needed to consciously become the NEW You… the New Human.

Creating skin cells that hold the intelligence of eternal life, is a choice we make over and over. Eternal life is Choosing to Evolve in Frequency and dimensions, Consciously!

When you Take the DECU Certified course, you will change your skin by resonating in the frequencies of Eternal Beauty and you will start looking younger right away! It is more than a certified course… We call it an Apprenticeship. Once completed, you will be fully certified to be a DECU practitioner making $150 for each ½ hour session. You will also become a Gold affiliate member making 35% of all referred sales. This is not just a certification course, it can be a career path if that is what you choose. There are many opportunities to start living to your highest potential and you are now part of the Eternal Gold inner circle. Within the Inner Circle we hold the NEW Earth platform and manifest DREAMS! Just being a part of the inner circle allows you to connect to the Vision and frequencies to Become the NEW You. This is a journey into your NEW Earth Reality. Creating Heaven on Earth!

What are some myths we are breaking?

Let’s talk about some myths of aging. One is that You cannot stop or reverse the aging process.

You are not the Victim of your body. Aging is not inevitable, it is a choice! Are you keeping yourself old? The cells of your body are just waiting for you to awaken them and break the Belief that you must age.

Another myth is You have to be a spiritual Master to break the Aging process.

The NEW Human is a process of awakening the cells and DNA of your body! It is a practice anyone can start. Are you ready to change the skin you are in? No matter where you are in your spiritual awakening, this class will teach you to be your own Master… and start reprogramming your skin to Eternal Youth!

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DECU Foundational Course
4 Week Course
$247 USD

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DECU Level 1
$197 USD

2 Payment Option Available

What People Have To Say About Jewels

“The DECU program that Jewels received and refined is a gift from the Council of Light that is needed at this point in time. The possibilities of exponential personal growth are boundless, and I am fortunate to have benefited from this divinely inspired method. I am the happiest, most joyful and expanded version of myself I have ever been. As an artist, my abstract paintings have experienced a tremendous leap into spherical form and I owe it all to the New Earth paradigm that Jewels has opened to all of us. I am so grateful and recommend this pathway to anyone who desires to step into their highest and limitless self.”

Melinda, State College, PA

“I have been doing DECU for about 3 weeks now and I look younger and brighter than ever.  My friends are asking me what I am doing differently.  If you are thinking about experiencing what DECU has to offer, say YES!  It will change your life forever.”

Christine R.

“DECU is different from anything I have ever experienced.  Jewels is  gifted in ways I don’t even understand but everything in my body knows this is the path for me.  DECU is a path to ascension and gives gifts of beauty and empowerment.  I can’t put it into words because, as Jewels says, it is so beyond the mind.  All I can say is it works and it has changed my life.”


Deborah B

About Jewel Ames

If I had the Key to “Aging in Reverse” would you take it? What if I told you that coding cells to rejuvenate is possible and you could start reducing signs of aging right now?

Jewels, the Founder of Eternal Gold, has been practicing Vibrational Therapy for decades. With a vast background in multiple healing modalities she truly knows how to identify the root of disease, allowing her to bring the frequency of youth and vitality into the cells through coded skincare. Reversing aging isn’t combining the latest chemical cocktail, it is taking ancient elements and specific energetic frequencies to recode the cells to hold the intelligence of eternal youth and elevate beyond the program of aging.

Taking Anti-Aging to the next level, Jewels evolved the transformative applications of skin care by developing products that awakens human potential, transcending perceived limitations of Cellular Regeneration and elevating the biology to reverse aging.  Skincare that unlocks the keys to ETERNAL Beauty..

Eternal Gold High Frequency Beauty, includes a powerful blend of Ancient ORMUS Gold (Orbited Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), Scalar Energy that is coded to advance cellular intelligence and Nanoparticles of Gold to provide you with the most advanced Living Skincare Line in the world. This is Skin Care of the Future NOW!

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DECU Level 1
4 Week Course
$247 USD

2 Payment Option Available