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Featuring  the Top Neuroscientists, Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors & Sound Therapists in the Field

16 of the top Neuroscientists, Brainwave Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, Sound Therapists, in the field addressing important issues and topics around the use of Sound, Music and Vibration for Healing and Creating Specific States of Consciousness.

Techniques include:
• Frequencies, Timbres, Musical Intervals and Musical Flows within the Brain
• Sound, Ultrasound, Microcurrents and Light on the Brain
• Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment
• Frequencies for Tissues and Microtubules within the Brain
• Brain Maps of Higher States of Consciousness
• Healing Mental / Emotional Issues

For Healing:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleep
• Learning
• Autism
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Enjoy 4 Days of Online Workshops featuring a Nice Blend of Left & Right Brain Topics to Heal & Expand the Mind
  • The Scientific Use of Sound for Healing
  • Vibrational Medicine: Can Frequencies Be Used to Rebuild Brains?
  • Are Scientists Really Making People Enlightened in only Weeks?
  • Tuning to the Rhythm of Consciousness
  • The Effect of Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System
  • Electromagnetic Application of Sound Frequencies
  • Specific Sounds for Healing the Body
  • Avenues for Potential Research in Regenerative Medicine
  • Aligning with Your Expanded Nature
  • A Review of Current Clinical Studies and Knowledge about Binaural Beats
  • The Power of Resonance and Frequency
Watch or Listen Live to this Globe Sound Healing Conference.
  • David Gibson – Research on how to use sound for a wide range of emotional issues.
  • Jeffery Martin – Clinical research on the microtubules within the brain and how to use ultrasound to resonate them to create different states of consciousness.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – The most esteemed researcher in Sound Therapy. Jeffrey has done many research projects in Scripps Hospital and has shown how binaural beats tuned to you are much better at each of the brain wave states.
  • Sanjay Manchanda – Clinical research on using sound, electromagnetism, and light on the brain. In repeatable lab experiments, he has been able to get rid of fibromyalgia 80% of the time.
  • Karen Newell – Specialist in the use of binaural beats for relaxation: Tuning to the Rhythm of Consciousness
  • Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. – Wrote Ph.D. thesis paper on “Effects of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System.”
  • James Doty – Neurosurgeon at Stanford University:
  • Nina Kraus – BrainVolts Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University: Sound and music for dementia, traumatic brain injury and language disorders
  • Tina L. Huang, Ph.D. – Vibrational Medicine: Can Frequencies Be Used to Rebuild Brains?
  • Lee Gerdes: Brain State Technologies
  • Allyn Evans & Brian Dailey – The Monroe Institute
  • Arsalan Abtahi: Neural basis of reality, self, and consciousness
  • Dan Winter: Implosive infrasound of inner vision in the mind.
  • Tom Kenyon: Light and Geometry for the Brain
  • Jennifer Dumpert: Sound and Dream

Entraining the Brain
Whenever you play a rhythm that matches a brainwave state the brain synchronizes to it. Each brainwave state has specific benefits:

Gamma – 30 – 100 Hz. High state of meditation. Bliss. Synchronize the whole brain.

Beta – 13 – 30 Hz. Thinking and processing. Extremely effective for overcoming ADD/ADHD.

Alpha – 7 – 13 Hz. Relaxed presence. Creative problem solving. Good for learning and sports.

Theta – 3.5 – 7 Hz. Relaxation. Dream state. Creative downloads. Reprogramming the subconscious mind. Oneness.

Delta – .5 – 3.5 Hz. Deep sleep and Meditation.

Epsilon – <.5 Hz. Deep meditation and hypnogogic states.

When you listen to 2 frequencies that are close to each other you will hear a difference frequency. If you listen to 100 Hz. and 104 Hz., you will hear a rhythm of 4 cycles per second. This rhythm entrains the brain into the brainwave states above.

You can choose 2 tones generators (pure tones) or you can use 2 tuning forks, or crystal bowls. Many instruments create these rhythms on their own – 1 crystal bowl, 1 Tibetan bowl, or any two notes on a melodic instrument that are next to each other (1/2 step or whole steps).

Two frequencies – one in the left and right ears each
You don’t need headphones to create brainwave states. Any rhythm will do it, like the Shaman’s drum or Electronic Dance Music.

When you place the two frequencies in the left and right ears you get a second benefit besides brainwave entrainment: Left and Right brain synchronization. The two frequencies connect across the corpus Callosum connecting the two sides of the brain. This is especially effective for brain injuries and other mental/emotional issues.

The truth is that the brain is not normally in one particular brainwave state at any given time.

They have done EEG maps on Dalai Lama trained meditators and mapped out the different brainwaves across different lobes. Using binaural beats we can entrain you into the same brain map as these meditators.

It is even more effective when you use electrodes, acupuncture needles with frequencies in them, magnets, and light to entrain specific lobes into specific states based on the overall brain map.

Ultimately, we can create brain maps for Gratitude, Compassion, Love, Joy and Oneness — to overcome specific mental / emotional issues and access higher states of consciousness.

Frequencies other than sound can also be extremely effective for healing specific mental/ emotional issues. They are also extremely effective for creating expanded states of awareness and higher states of consciousness – consistently in lab experiments.

Using sound with these Vibrational modalities makes the treatments even more effective.

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Free Registration includes entrance to all 4 days PLUS immediate MP3 download of "Calling in the Angels" Brainwave Entrainment session.