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Your Self-Empowerment & Miracles Summit Series

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Life- Transforming presentations

from Spiritual Teachers &  Ascension Wayshowers

 December 8 – 19th

Enjoy an Empowering & Amazing Presentation and activation/meditation daily

Replays available immediately after each show

This Summit Series is designed to assist you in tapping into the wisdom and support that is within you.  Learn from powerful Spiritual Teachers and Ascension Wayshowers who assist you in awakening to your gifts.  11 Masters who are known for their gifts will be sharing presentations assist you on your journey.

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Enjoy a Panel Discussion with a few of the Speakers in this Summit Series

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This is truly a Life-Transforming opportunity to leap forward in your own development and embrace Your Self-Empowerment! The Presentations from the Summit Teachers will help you find clarity and to set your intentions for what you want to achieve at this time in your life. Be Inspired and Learn from these Wayshowers of Higher Consciousness:

 Addison Ames, Anrita Melchizedek, Aurora Juliana Ariel, Celia Fenn, Lauren Galey, Laurie Reyon, Peter Tongue, Rev. Rev Devi Grace,  Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Viviane Chauvet, William Linville

Are you ready to expand Your Consciousness and embrace the Divinity that is the real and authentic You?
Are you ready to Partner with the energy of the Universe to easily accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams?
Are you ready to explore Your Creativity and open your Emotional body, which is the Creative force that opens your heart?
Are you ready to Magnetize the Gifts of the Universe and attract the abundance, opportunities, resources, and relationships that will bring you great Joy and Success?
Are you ready to further activate your Spiritual Gifts of Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyance?



Register Now for this Free Online Event