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The Quantum Human:

Expanding Multidimensional Awareness

Life- Transforming presentations

from Spiritual Teachers &  Ascension Wayshowers

 February 22 – April 2024

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Replays available immediately after each show

This Summit Series is designed to assist you in tapping into the wisdom and support that is within you.  Learn from powerful Spiritual Teachers and Ascension Wayshowers who assist you in awakening to your gifts.  These Masters,  who are known for their gifts,  will be sharing presentations assist you on your journey.

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Happening before the March Equinox
Expanding Multidimensional Awareness as Your Quantum Human comes online!

Recieve a Daily Presentation with Activation 

Featuring these Spiritual Teachers and Ascensino Wayshowers:

Alicia Power, William Linville, Jewels Arnes, Mahalia Michael, Peter Tongue, Sheila Seppi, Allison Holley, Tom Paladino, Boris Aronovich, Maria Martinez, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Maraya Forrest, Sabrina Di Nitto,  Viviane Chauvet, Laurie Reyon, Leni Morrison, Beth Rachel, Peter Hansen, Devi Grace, Charlotte Shanti, Julie Claire, Dr. Edwige, Cathleena Hailley, Carsten Spencer, Barbara Canals, Linda Johns, Yuval Ron, Egan Sanders and more!

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"Multidimensional Consciousness" is a captivating concept that transcends traditional notions of awareness, delving into a holistic understanding of the self and existence. This expansive perspective suggests that consciousness is not confined to a singular dimension or limited to the boundaries of individual experiences. Instead, it proposes that human awareness extends beyond the physical realm, encompassing various dimensions, levels of existence, and states of being. In exploring this paradigm, individuals are encouraged to consider the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, recognizing that consciousness can evolve and manifest in diverse ways.

From a spiritual and metaphysical standpoint, multidimensional consciousness implies an awareness that extends beyond the constraints of time and space. It suggests an openness to the possibility that our consciousness interacts with other realms, frequencies, or planes of existence. This perspective often draws inspiration from ancient spiritual philosophies, quantum physics, and esoteric traditions, providing a framework for understanding phenomena that may lie beyond the grasp of conventional senses.

Embracing the idea of multidimensional consciousness opens the door to a more expansive and integrative understanding of the human experience, inviting individuals to explore the limitless facets of their existence and the interconnected tapestry of consciousness itself.

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