The 10th Annual Globe Sound Healing Conference

featuring 30 Sound Healing Professionals & Researchers

Featuring 30+ Sound Researchers, Scientists, Healers and Musicians
offering the latest information and findings on the healing benefits of Sound

Topics include:

Join us for ecstatic times, filled with lots of important information on vibrational healing and many moments of profound shared peace and stillness.

A Good Balance of Sound Healing Science, New Technologies, and Life Transforming Experiential Workshops.

30 of the top Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, Sound Therapists, and Musicians in the field addressing important issues and topics in this rapidly expanding field of Sound Healing.


David Gibson, John Stuart Reid, Rollin McCraty, PhD, Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D, Judy Satori , Christina Wells, Lis Addison, “Amma” Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi Devi, Silvina Vergara, Jill Purce, Randy Masters, PhD, Dr Jeffrey Thompson, Wayne Perry, Jamie Lu, Madhu Anziani, Nancy Hopps, Lyn Miller, Meredith Sands Keator, Lisa Lippincott, Elizabeth Grambsch, Jonathan Quintin, Sonja Drakulich.

Additional Musicians featured in 10 minutes of Sound Bliss before each presentation:

Deva Munay, Charles Peoples III, Libby Cattalini, Susie Hernanedez, James Chavez, Peter Troy.


• How Sound and Music Work for Healing and Higher Consciousness
• Sound for Pain, Sleep, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Dementia, and Traumatic Brain Injuries

• Sound Healing Techniques and Technologies

• Latest Sound Healing Science


  • Sound: “A Tool for Profound Inner Work”
  • The Power of Holographic Sound, Healing the Body & Transforming Beliefs
  • Harmonizing the ‘One Note’ of the Soul
  • What Is Vocal Sound Therapy and How Does It Benefit You?
  • Vocal Vibration and Movement for Light Workers
  • Sound Therapy: Medicine of the Future
  • The Healing Voice and Healing Family and Ancestors
  • Sacred Numbers of Creation
  • High-Tech Consciousness Expansion with Sound
  • Techniques for Emotional Self-Regulation
  • Transform and Heal Trauma, Grief, Sabotaging Beliefs & the Physical Body
  • Going Beyond Healing to Physical Regeneration Alchemy
  • Liberate the Voice to share your sacred gifts
  • Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant and Sonorous Family & Ancestral Constellations
  • Balancing Energy Fields and Expanding Consciousness with Sacred Numbers
  • New developments in brain entrainment and higher consciousness states
  • 9 Key Principles to Sound Healing Therapy
  • AND MORE!!
10 minute Sound Meditations before each Presentation.
  • To bring people into profound states of higher consciousness.
  • To help the public to understand and experience the science and effectiveness behind Sound Healing in order to help bring it more into the mainstream (homes and hospitals) and gain more acceptance.
  • To share treatments with sound, music and vibration for healing a wide range of physical and emotional issues.
  • To bring Sound Healing into the medical side of hospitals.
  • To bring Sound Healing into schools for children.
“These conferences are profound experiences. From information, concepts and new ideas that peak the imagination, and give hope for the world… to heart opening sound healing experiences that connect everyone and create a whole atmosphere of love and harmony.”
“Come and be Vibrated into Bliss”

Each Presentation includes 10 minutes of Sound or Music to Raise Your Vibration