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Use of Engineered Sound Facilitates Balanced Neuromodulation

In this presentation by Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO of Cereset, he will present how “the brain drives” and how neuromodulation technology empowers the brain through reflection and resonance of brainwave rhythms using algorithmically generated engineered sounds. When middle frequencies are reflected back to the brain, it creates a resonance that facilitates the brain to reset to its own natural balanced state.

Lee’s own stress imbalanced brain led to eight long years of sleepless misery. Lee’s background in mathematics, physics, computer software development, theology, and psychology led him to develop the technology to support his own brain’s ability to relax, using the original Cereset technology. He discovered that our brain reacts to keep us alive. When it functions to do that in the face of extreme stressors, it can become stuck in survival mode. Even the brain, with its incredible capability, can be assisted to relax so it can find its own center or balance.

Precision-guided neuromodulation technology permits the brain to perceive its own functionality in real-time, supporting brain oscillation patterns to optimize in client-unique ways. The technology is also the first and only example of closed-loop, allostatic neurotechnology. This closed-loop strategy entails monitoring brain states in real-time and returning signals to the user that do not depend on clinical evaluation or conscious learning. In contrast, open-loop approaches do not pay attention to the brain’s changing functionality; learner-in-the-loop approaches train individuals to move brain activity toward a population average. Allostasis means “stability through change,” and it is a twenty-first-century model of physiological regulation that identifies the brain as the organ of central command. In contrast, the homeostasis idea of “stability through constancy” is based on a laboratory animal experimentation paradigm that dates to the nineteenth century. Allostasis concords with evolutionary perspectives in biomedicine and predicts that more optimal brain function should entail more optimal health and context-dependent performance.

Special Offer: Limitless You – The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

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by Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO of Cereset® & Brain State Technologies®

Special Offer: Limitless You - The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

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About this Special Offer

Limitless You – The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

With the revolutionary BrainEcho® process from Cereset®, we can liberate ourselves from our limitations. This advanced technology allows the brain to see itself to recognize where it’s out of balance and not functioning well.

Once our amazing brain discovers how it has learned to limit itself, it knows just how to readjust itself. As the brain network comes online in the manner it’s meant to exist in, no part of our life remains unaffected. As our emotions stabilize and our mental acuity picks up, our health and physical wellbeing advance also.

Gone is our insecurity, our anxiety, our anger. Gone is our inexplicable sadness, depression, and thoughts of helplessness. Gone is our dependence on alcohol or mind-altering drugs. Life no longer feels as if we are stepping on the gas while someone else is stepping on the brake.

In fact, by relaxing, rebalancing, and resetting our brain, we optimize our entire life. We can, at last, be the limitless individuals we were born to be.

Book Contents

– Is It Really “All in Your Head?”
– What Really Drives Dysfunctional Behavior
– Searching for Ourselves in All the Wrong Places
– The Brain Becomes Its Own Mirror
– In Search of a Contented Brain
– The Miracle of a New Vision of Yourself
– A Matter of Balance and Harmony
– “Why Did I Do That?”
– Is Your Brain Running in Overdrive?
– How a Brain Imbalance Often Originates in Childhood
– Your Mind and Brain are Different
– Living Consciously
– An Antidote to Depression
– Can You Trust Yourself?
– Beyond Post-Traumatic Stress
– Are You Ready to Embrace Your Real Identity?
– Brain Training Puts You in Charge of Your Life
– Here’s to Your Health!
– Traumatic Brain Injury
– You Are Changing Yourself
– A Journey into Consciousness
– Healthy Intimacy
– When Sex Becomes a Crime
– Your Past Is Not Your Present
– The Extensive Reach of Brain Training
– A Glimpse of the Future

About Lee Gerdes

Lee Gerdes is a Nebraska-born successful entrepreneur & businessman who founded Brain State Technologies in 2004 & Cereset in 2018. Understanding how the brain works & how technology can help us help ourselves has been a common thread through a diverse career in math, physics, and computer science.

Special Offer: Limitless You - The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain

  • Shipping within U.S. $3.42
  • Shipping outside the U.S. TBD

2 Payment Option Available