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2020 set the foundation for The New Earth Experience since it allowed for a shift in the collective consciousness of Humanity.  As timelines split, it’s time to make your highest choice. What reality do you want to participate in? What is your vision for 2021… and beyond?

Higher Consciousness invites you to remember that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is vital to anchor the Light because what you hold inside is what you perceive and experience in your external reality.

In order to become the highest version of YourSelf we invite you to embrace a life of constant simplification. De-clutter your life and make room for new opportunities! Let Synthesis lead the way! Let it clear all your excuses, procrastination habits, mental chatter, overstimulation and excessive behaviours. Over-doing dampens your enthusiasm. When you stop insisting, pushing and trying hard, everything falls into place. Find the expressway. Synthesis allows for immediacy, that is for instant involvement. As you let go of ruminating thoughts, your vital energy force can flow freely and you can go past inner resistance.

Simplicity is the key to abundance.

Let’s get together during 3 consecutive Sundays so that you can attune to the new planetary frequencies. We’ll hold a Sacred Space for you to listen to your inner wisdom, renovate your Self and embrace all your life possibilities with enthusiasm. Ready to trust and to embrace your Sacred Destiny? We are all being called to quantum jump to receive all the blessings of this higher timeline!

Join our 90-minute live group gatherings to awaken new Light Codes and facilitate your connection with Higher Consciousness.

We offer you an opportunity for you to change the course of your life! We invite you to attune to Divine Wisdom so that it can re-write the lower realities that you are still participating in and that are blocking the realization of your highest vision.

In order to make this full transition into an Ascended Reality it is vital that you embrace your Life Path. Most people are afraid to answer their higher calling because they are still attached to their ordinary lives. They feel that as they expand they need to protect that version and that their security might be threatened. However, that structure needs to shake in order to find true stability within. All that Higher Consciousness wants is to remove what is not authentic so that you can stand on firm ground. Therefore, your expansion will involve constant purifications that are opportunities to let go of a false sense of well-being to BE your True Self.

  • Are you ready to discover that there is nothing outside of your consciousness?
  • Are you ready to become the Source of your reality?
  • Are you ready to align with your Highest Path?

Receive the blessings that Higher Consciousness can bring into your life! These are some of the attunements that we will be sharing with you so that you can choose which version of Earth you want to realize. Go ahead and answer your highest calling: live a Service-oriented life as you support Human and Planetary Ascension!


Let Sacred Love clear human attachments, the substitutes of love, overprotection and entitlement programmes. Allow yourself to let go of codependent relationships and the need for control. Let go of all protections. Become the sovereign Being that you are. Focus on expansion. You don’t need to do more inner work or shadow work. You are now ready to embrace ALL your Light!


Let Divine Justice clear unworthiness issues and heal your unconscious rejection to abundance. Reclaim your spiritual gifts and inner power to take your life to the next level. Trust your inspiration since it is the expression of divine guidance. Don’t compromise. Remember how to cultivate energy to expand. Trust the Law of the least effort and keep what is essential. Become Light(er) and move through life with ease and grace.


Let Freedom clear guilt, fear and shame and all the subconscious programmes that prevent you from embracing your Highest Path. Celebrate your divine potential and use this lifetime to realize your True Self. Enjoy Being. Stop over-planning. Surrender to infinity and expand into wholeness.

In this powerful training with Gaitana & Yantal, you will discover:

  • Deepen your self-inquiry

  • Align with your core values

  • Awaken your spiritual maturity

  • Open your heart to be at peace with all life expressions

  • Use vortex energy to accelerate your evolution

  • Reveal the 3 phases of Quantum DNA Activation

  • Clear ancestral imprints

  • Develop inner sustainability

Option 1: Embrace Divine Beauty and Realize The New Earth Webinar


What People Have To Say About Gaitana & Yantal

“I have been focused on my spiritual growth for over 30 years and, since I was introduced to Gaitana & Yantal’s teachings, I have remembered that life is simple. I have been able to deepen my self-awareness and have embraced my Life Path. Their guidance has helped me empower and stand in my greatness.

Being part of their Light Community has helped me expand with gratitude and enthusiasm, knowing that I am not alone and that I am surrounded by other Light Beings who share the same vision.

Gaitana & Yantal reflect the virtues that I choose to awaken within: determination, wisdom, clarity and the power of simplification. Their teachings help me anchor in my Truth when I feel challenged or when I second-guess myself. I can now easily shift back into Love-Wisdom.”


‘’I have been walking the Path of Enlightenment for many years and I have found that Gaitana and Yantal’s teachings simplify our journey and help us remember and embrace our Highest Path.

Their unified consciousness really elevates and empowers everyone around. I feel blessed to have been further awakened by their impeccable and generous reflections.

Gaitana and Yantal hold space for their Light Community to thrive; each of us feel inspired to explore our divine potential, trust our highest vision and find a viable way to realize it. I no longer feel the need to compromise since I have cultivated enough spiritual power to become the highest version of mySelf.’’


‘’What I most appreciate about Gaitana & Yantal is their commitment to Love and Truth. The wisdom they share helps me stay focused and keep my vibration high. Since I started applying their teachings, I experienced a radical shift; my core fears and limiting beliefs started dissolving and I regained inner Faith, motivation and the confidence to materialize my desired reality.

I have also experienced renewed relationships based on selfless love. I have answered my calling to Serve Humanity and to remember how to cultivate more energy in order to stop compromising and express my full potential.’’


“I have known Gaitana & Yantal for 2 years and have always been impressed by their confidence and clarity. I was part of their Team for some time and received intense training to let go of limiting beliefs and to embrace my own transformation as I received the tools and practices that allowed me to trust my purpose and to share my wisdom with others.

Gaitana & Yantal inspire those who are ready to take responsibility for their own lives and who are willing to find spiritual maturity. They are an inexhaustible source of wisdom. They never compromise their highest vision and find multiple ways to guide, support and facilitate our Path of Enlightenment. They are the embodiment of Love and Truth.”


‘’We chose Gaitana & Yantal as our teachers and guides since we are committed to our spiritual path and want to Serve Humanity. We started taking a few programmes and immersion trips with them and we noticed they were deeply devoted to Truth and that they were passionate about Serving Source. They can easily wake you up and help you embrace your true Self. All their events have one aspect in common: embracing acceleration as well as a new and dynamic way of being of Service!

When we did not trust our potential, they did since they can see beyond appearances. They can perceive people’s Light and help them embrace it. What we saw in them has inspired us to answer our higher calling and to join their Team. We started as participants and we have, in a very short time, made the decision to embrace a service-oriented life. We share the same vision: to support Planetary Enlightenment and to Live and Serve in Unity.

When you know Beings who ‘’walk their talk’’ you are naturally inspired to get rid of excuses and become the higher version of yourself. We have chosen to live a life based on the principles of Sacred Love and Selfless Service.’’

Tayana & Zaiek

About Gaitana & Yantal

We are Energy Masters and Code Keepers serving Planetary Enlightenment. We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we Serve a global community of spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace Higher Consciousness and where we Serve Source as we are guided. We are passionate about transmitting consciousness in all its forms to catalyze the collective remembrance of Humanity’s full potential. Our commitment to this Humanitarian Mission is our primary occupation.

As a unified Ray of Light we are here to give birth to a new form of Education that is aligned with the values of The Enlightened Age. As the old systems are being dismantled, we are ready to share an alternative. All our tools, practices and visions spring from the core of our Being as we walk our own Path of Enlightenment.

Though we are focused on Self-Realization and on sharing New Earth Wisdom, our Ray of Ascension is particularly connected with Divine Health and Sacred Abundance. Through the mastery of our own energy field/consciousness we can unlock DNA Codes and accelerate individual and collective evolution. As Energy Masters we hold the keys that we all need to embrace in order to enjoy the blessings of the Enlightened Age. All that we share comes straight from Source as we have become a clear channel for divine transmissions to come through. We offer the tools and practices that we have revealed from within, through direct experience and that can support those who are ready to become spiritually-materially prosperous and change the course of Humanity in the Enlightened Age!

Option 1: Embrace Divine Beauty and Realize The New Earth Webinar