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With Nature Mystic and Cosmic Connector
Margo Fraser

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Your Inner Child can bring such magic, joy and play to your life and s/he’s a real portal to The Mystical and Self-Love. But too often, unresolved lower-level aspects sparked in childhood can be playing out, often unconsciously, as:

  • Unconsciously putting up barriers to love
  • Not leaving any playtime in your life
  • Putting others before yourself and needing to please
  • Lack of self-love and insecurities
  • Difficulty trusting yourself and others
  • Feeling like you need to prove yourself to show you’re of value
  • Believing you lack imagination
  • Anxiety and fear of humiliation in interactions with others
  • Difficulty connecting with your intuition
  • Feelings of loneliness and not being seen or heard

Your Sacred Inner Child brings balance to the seriousness of adulthood, opening you up to new possibilities and creativity that allows you to make lemonade out of life’s lemons, and truly love your uniqueness and all your quirks.

Instead of looking around in fear to see if anyone’s watching when s/he stumbles and falls, s/he’s able to laugh at
herself and, with a blend of maturity from your adult self and his/her innocence, can bring grace to what would otherwise be awkward and uncomfortable.

Offer 1-Unlocking the Gifts of Your Sacred Inner Child Honoring and Infusion Session

Private 1 on 1 Session and Check-in

Offer 1: Honoring and Infusion Session


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Private 1 on 1 Session:

Each of the archetypes of your Sacred Inner Child…the Divine Child, Eternal Child, Nature Child, Orphan Child, Wounded Child and Magical Child…has a message and beautiful gift for you. These gifts are Celestial Nature Essences that will nurture your connection with your Inner Child and her unique and special qualities that enhance self-love, joy, play, wonder and magic in your life.

In this session I’ll:

  • Check on the aspect identified in your Intuitive Reading and clear the residue of density remaining after the workshop as well as anything else your Higher Self brings forth at this time that’s ready for release and negatively impacting your Inner Child .
    Each Child Archetype has a Gift — we’ll Reveal the specific message and gift from each child archetype to you so that you can Embody this gift for opening your intuitive power.
  • Infuse the gifted Celestial Nature Essences into your Being — these Call forth the Deeply profound magical and intuitive abilities your Soul is yearning to express!
    Activate, harmonize and ground these energies into your energetic system so that you become the EMBODIMENT of them – living as them – ALIVE with JOY and Wonder!
  • Scan on the number of days for full integration of the energies and essences — this way you’ll be in Alignment and on track for the Fullest expression to come forth.

The Celestial Nature Essence Infusions gifted from the heart of your Sacred Inner Child, support you in gaining intuitive clarity and being in a state of peace, joy, acceptance and Soul connection.

You’ll be open to a greater level of Light-heartedness, curiosity and creativity through life’s ups and downs and be more attuned and aligned to what nourishes and nurtures you.

Value $250

Item 2: Gift Integration Check-in: 1 on 1 Post Session Follow-up

This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on your session and ask any questions related to the process and will be completed after the integration period that I scanned at the end of your session.

During your time with me, I’ll:

  • Check on the integration of the Celestial Nature Essences gifted to you
  • Provide you with information on any next steps coming through for you

Value $57

Offer 2-Inner Child Metamorphosis-From Shadow to Sacred


Everything in Offer 2 is included with Offer 1

Offer 2: Inner Child Metamorphosis


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1:Live Orientation Call:

On this live call, we’ll gather as a group and I’ll share valuable background information and prepare you for the workshop and 1-on-1 session.

The purpose of the orientation call is to:

  • Perform a group invocation and Intention Setting to Activate the High vibrational qualities of our Sacred Inner Child Support Team.
  • Prepare you for releasing the energies eclipsing the light of your Inner Child
  • Attune your Being to fundamental essences and energies that will be utilized during the workshop

Value $150

Item 2: Revealing Your Inner Child Intake Form

The intake form is where you’ll share the limiting patterns and experiences you’ve become aware of from childhood. You’ll gain insight into patterns of Inner Child wounding and conditioning continuing to impact your life now and this will start the process of loosening density and bringing even greater awareness to lower level aspects sparked in childhood as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Value $65

Item 3: Inner Child Intuitive Reading

I’ve trained with Academy for the Soul, an online school of Intuitive arts and I’ve come to personally know the power of aspects when they take you over – you can’t see them because they usually hide out in your blind spot. With my abilities as an intuitive, I can dive beyond the veil and peer into your field as I’m connected with your Higher Self to reveal what’s hidden from your eyes.

You’ll receive an intuitive reading on the aspect most eclipsing the Light of your Inner Child so that you’ll have it to release during the workshop. Just this one reading can immediately bring light and transform your perspective of yourself and your life!

Value $35

Item 4: Revealing Your Sacred Inner Child Live Masterclass
3 Part Series (3 live calls)

In this 3 part Masterclass Series (3 live calls of 60-90 min each) we’ll gather to investigate and play with the 6 child archetypes

  • Divine Child,
  • Eternal Child,
  • Nature Child,
  • Orphan/Abandoned Child,
  • Wounded Child and
  • Magical Child.

Doing this will bring greater contemplation of the not-self patterns and beliefs sparked in your childhood so that we can clear as much density as possible in the workshop.

In each class I’ll:

  • Review the shadow and light side of 2 of the archetypes
  • Discuss the specific Celestial Nature Essences (plants, crystals, oils) that can support you in revealing and healing the not-self patterns and conditioning for those specific archetypes
  • Guide you through an exercise to support you in seeing how the not-self aspects might be showing up for you
  • Channel a preliminary infusion of the Celestial Nature Essences to start loosening the density in preparation for the workshop

You’ll also receive:

  • PDF Play Sheets to support your contemplation of how the not-self aspects may be showing up for you and to encourage bringing out the Mystical qualities
  • the planetary Mantra and Yantra you can use to empower your Sacred Inner Child

Each class is designed to support the healing process and open you up to the Mystical aspects of your Inner Child.

Value $333

Item 5: Inner Child Metamorphosis-From Shadow to Sacred Workshop

In this 2 hour workshop, I’ll

  • Set up a high vibration, energetic container that supports the releasing of shadow energies eclipsing the
    light of your Inner Child and enhancing the infusion of transformative frequencies
  • Call in the power of the specific Celestial Nature Energies, Essences and Allies, such as the Foxglove/Fairy Bellflower, that have revealed themselves to me to support the releasing, purification and infusion process
  • Guide you through a mystical journey to call forth your child archetypes and release the shadow energies
  • Channel the energies of these high vibe Celestial Nature Essences into your Inner Child archetypes to nourish and nurture them, and then merge them into your Being through a Sacred Ceremony.
  • Harmonize and balance your Sacred Inner Child energies within your Being

Releasing and receiving the powerful (and playful!) energies through this workshop, you’ll experience:

  • Greater insight into old unhealthy patterns and aspects so that your mind can let go and support the Light of your Sacred Inner Child in shining through
  • Reduced tension in your body from holding onto outdated patterns and density. This can also support physical issues that may have manifested from the density.
  • Greater confidence, love and joy in being your unique self and following your Soul path
  • Increased ability to utilize your Sacred Inner Child as a portal to the Mystical imaginal realms of the Divine, which in turn can enhance access to your intuitive capacities
  • Increased awareness of the importance of nurturing your Inner Child
  • The ability to bring greater ease, joy and LIGHT-heartedness and play makes it easier to transcend the mundane tasks in life.
  • Greater ability to be comfortable in your own skin

Enchanted Forest Post Workshop Integration Meditation

Downloadable mp3
Value $63

In this guided journey, we’ll venture into an Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest is filled with vibrant energy beings and essences to give you a boost in releasing, healing and integrating what was cleansed in the workshop. Relax into this delightful meditation while the energies do what they know to do to support your Full integration and assimilation.

Value $444

What People Have To Say About Margo

” Margo is a unique being who is so in tune with nature, it will really blow your mind in such an Awesome way! Her depth of love for and ability to tap into the animals and nature spirits combined with her ability to channel the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power provides a one-of-a-kind experience of support and revitalization for dealing with depletion. You’ll feel so loving held in her Magical connections as she taps into the symbology that Nature can gift you…and translates that for clear guidance and well-being. As a result of working with Margo, you’ll be feeling so Divinely connected and Alive! “

~ Christel Hughes, Creator of Academy for the Soul, the Online School for Intuitive Arts

“Margo is a potent and powerful nature intuitive. Her Listening and discernment of the energy present, as well as the energy configuration needed to create a true shift, is amazing. She’s a natural! “~ Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

I would highly recommend doing a session with Margo! She has the most powerful yet grounded energy I have ever felt! She makes you smile just talking to her. She is so in tune with all of Nature and Mother Earth. She supported me with ease and grace during the whole session, and I was able to follow along easily and really feel into everything that was happening. She got right to the heart of my issues and released what was holding me back. Then she had my Higher Self, the Divine, the Elements and my chosen animal infuse my entire being with all the highest level energies possible. I was so enlightened and re-energized on every level of my being. It was absolutely the best session I have ever had! I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gifts with me and changing my life for the better! So don’t hesitate if you want to work with Margo. It will be the best choice you have made yet!Much love “~ Jeanna Koch

Sending an update! Since you helped me place that beautiful dragon boundary around my aura…I feel so amazing! I feel more open and free than I have felt in maybe forever! Words can’t describe the beauty I feel inside of me…such openness and the fear has gone away. I look forward to each day! I love my husband even more! I go outside and I feel my aura swell up into the trees and feel a connection. I laugh more! I look forward to things, I am finding my sense of humor again! I feel stronger, I feel carefree! I feel loved! And I love! Oh my gosh! I can’t get enough of this feeling! How can it get any better than this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! “~ Vickie H.

About Margo Fraser

Margo Fraser is a Nature Mystic and Cosmic Connector who is able to weave high vibration light messages into your Being. She unmasks and releases the energetic wounds, triggers and sabotaging beliefs, conscious and unconscious, that can have you running ragged, feeling off track, depleted, and confused about your purpose.

She channels the Celestial healing and revitalizing nature energies and essences in collaboration with Divine Beings. Margo is also a Certified Human Design Professional, Certified Intuitive Strategist and Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul. She is honored to facilitate empowering results best described by one of her clients; “Words can’t describe the beauty I feel inside of me…such openness and the fear has gone away….I feel stronger, I feel carefree! I feel loved! And I love!”

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