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With Master Crystologist, Healer, Ordained Reverend
Rev. Angelia LaRue

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Prepare yourself to be in the Highest Frequencies and we ascend into the New Age of Ethics and Truth and out of the old age of power and corruption.
Be in your Highest Potential as we rebuild the New Age!

What are Pleiadean Codums?

Pleiadean Energy Transmissions are codums that re-order energies in our body and auric field giving us Blueprints for new energetic ways of being and experiencing. Think of them as Light Downloads. They are fast-acting!

These Energy Transmissions Codums are based on 12th Dimensional Pleiadeans understanding of Anatonic Physics. Anatonic Physics is based on Numbers, Fractals, Frequency, and Sound – the results of the equations are called Codums.

These energy codes help fast track you to align with the changing energies with grace and ease!

Package A-The Tune Up!


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Package A: The Tune Up!


2 Payment Option Available

The Tune Up! Codum Transmissions
Retail Value $480.00
Special offer $97

1: This Codum: Prepares your Energy Field to receive further Pleiadean codum transmissions

2: This is 2 Codums: 7 Chakra Opening and Balancing PLUS a codum for balancing all energies in you male/female, all layers of the auric field and right and left brain hemispheres

3: This Codum: Release attachments and things that no longer serve you.

4: This Codum: Uplifts the Morphic Field thereby increasing our overall resonant frequency and making us feel expansive and light.

5: This Codum: Self-referral and Self Sovereignty. Not needing others’ opinions, good or not,
to describe you. Approval comes from Source.

6: This Codum: Stops things from attaching to your field like others’ emotions, media blasts and collective consciousness energies. Assists us to experience and understand that energy is neutral and disengages you from others energy fields.

7: “Don’t Be fooled again” This codum helps us stay in touch with our own Truth regardless of outside influence.

8: This Codum: This one brings us up to Source alignment within ourselves and brings in our Angels, Guides and Higher Self while additionally amplifying the Morphic Field

9: This codum Lifts all aspects of your Being, all layers of the auric field in this dimension and all others, also your Inner Self, Higher Self and Conscious self into a higher frequency. All Aspects, known and unknown.

10: This Codum: Helps you to feel Universally supported by Source.

11: This Codum: This one brings us up to Source alignment within ourselves and brings in our Angels, Guides and Higher Self while additionally amplifying the Morphic Field

12: This Codum: We close this session with a codum called “Light Frequency Codum”. It Taps it into Gaia’s Light. Ground the Light that you are into tangible form. This helps us to move forward in our body and turn energy into doing for all your creations and interactions.

BONUS CODEM! This Codum: Clearing the way. Eliminate your story – just let it go. Establishing inner sovereign space PLUS Codeum for New beginnings

Package B-Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose


Plus Package A

Package B: Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose

  • Plus Package A

2 Payment Option Available

Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose- 20 Codum Transmissions
12 Codums from Package A plus 8 Codum transmissions in Package B
Retail Value $730.00
Special offer $197

1: This Codum Releases collected trauma from your information field – includes trauma from the Collective.

2: This codum: Being on your Path and Staying on your Path

3: This Codum: New abundant energy for the New Times and Age.

4: This codum is for Loving your Totality

5: This Codum: Being Aligned with Total Beingness

6: This Codum: Activates the shift to Freedom, Sovereignty, Light and Love.

7: This codum allows Source to create through you without the egoic structure being in the way. Free Flow the Flow!!

8: This codum brings in the energies Awareness of Awakened Consciousness

BONUS CODUM! For those who desire it, I will give a codum transmission that helps Awaken you to the next level for you personally. This will be a slight shift up, not a massive awakening. You will get to choose on a scale of 1-6 how much you want or I can ask your Higher Self for you what is appropriate.

Package C-I’ve Got This!


55 minute One – one session with Rev. Angie tailored to you

Plus all of Package A & B

Plus A Downloadable Crystalline Transmission!

Package C: I've Got This!

  • Plus Package A & B and Downloadable Crystalline Transmission

2 Payment Option Available

I’ve Got This!
Retail Value $1,190
Special offer $297

A 55-minute private one-on-one session with Rev. Angelia LaRue with codum transmissions tailored to your specific needs for energy support and evolution OR a Psychic Reading and the following Crystalline Transmission which you will own and can replay again and again!


This powerful array eradicates the obstacles to you courageously fulfilling your soul’s mission. It helps you connect to your higher self in a calm and balanced way. Once your doubts are calmed, you will find that your courage to go forward is activated. It also can help you integrate your past-life lessons if they are affecting your progress in this incarnation.

The Transformation array encourages progress and stamina, as well as assisting in all areas of psychic pursuits and mysticism. It can promote activities related to past lives, remove internal pressures, allow for receptivity of information from your Higher Self, as well as open, cleanse, and energize the base chakra. This array can be used to relieve symptoms of kidney stones, cholera, abscesses, gastric ulcers, toxemia, diphtheria, gall stones, allergies, and venereal disorders. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the thyroid, spleen, adenoids, secretory organs, prostate gland, pituitary gland, small intestines, generative organs, excretory system, colon, lower kidneys, urethra, appendix, and digestive system.

Only use this powerful transmission every 6-9 days and drink plenty of water for the next 3 days afterward.
(This Crystalline Array is a $280 value if received in person)

What People Have To Say About Angelia

“Codum energy…..where do I begin?

The moment you say the numbers energy instantly starts rushing thru your whole body. Once the sequence is finished it’s sometimes like a lightning bolt of energy being shot from your head to your pelvic area. It’s such an amazing way to get energy flowing in a pinch!

J. Camry ~Co, USA

“My life has changed with codum energy! 

I am uplifted and feel more balanced every time I receive this blessed energy. It’s a tool I am so grateful for.

Since the Codum energy can be specific, my health and well-being can be managed in a more directed way that aids me in exactly what my body, mind and spirit  are most asking for or needing at any given time.

My experience on the planet is much better with receiving Codums! I Don’t want to live without them!   Codum energy resets my soul energy to it’s highest potential and that makes for a better experience here on Planet earth… I am grateful to have found such a simple, yet all-encompassing and loving tool to better my daily life. 

Codums are the codes to a better life – and healthier body! “ 

 ~Debbie E. Student at IPMS, N.M USA

“Codums are like fairy dust sprinkled all over your heart and soul that makes life all better…and in a heartbeat life is changed….
They put the spice in your rice….and the shine back in your eyes…brings back that loving feeling into your world”
~Deb S. USA

“Once Angie introduced me to codums, the way I reconfigure my energy pattern has changed. Within a couple minutes I am able to “hack” my frequency to a vibration that serves me in the present moment. I am very grateful for this Pleiadean technology!”
~ Ryan S Colorado Springs, CO

About Rev. Angelia LaRue

Rev. Angelia LaRue is a Master Crystologist, Healer, Ordained Reverend, Medical Intuitive, Medical Innovator, Psychic, Teacher, Reiki Master & Manufacturer of Orgone Energy Generators, and she is also the bearer of the Antonian Stone, a gift from the Pleiadeans.

In 2018 Angie founded the Inner Passage Mystery School, located in Boulder Co and online via Zoom, due to popular demand from her Psychic Development students and their desire for community and interaction with others of like-hearted states of being.

How it all Happened:
On December 9th, 2011, at 2:00 pm in the afternoon Angie had a radical spontaneous Awakening of Consciousness while going about an ordinary Hawaiian day as a Professional Artist and housewife. It happened on a business call while on her way into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Within 3 months, her life in Hawaii abruptly ended and she was thrust out onto the road to learn with Spirit as her Teacher with only two suitcases. She was reeling from the full explosion of psychic abilities, and the sudden awareness of subtle energy. Full-blown empathic skills, with heavy cording to many others and the ability to see multidimensionally which had turned her life into utter chaos, dissolving her previous life and twenty-year marriage in a rapid domino effect.

She would spend the next 3 years living out of a suitcase, navigating by the quiet whisper of Spirit as she unlearned and re-remembered. It was a time of epic heights of bliss and depths of devastating suffering as the egoic structure was humbled and Spirit retrained the body and mind. Five years from the awakening day she landed the whole experience on the tarmac of the 3D and began Service through Love to Others.

Her Service now includes many offerings, energy blueprints, and ways to help people evolve their consciousness. She helps people increase their Love quota and move from 3D awareness to 5D awareness. Angie is a healer of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. She also manufacturers tools and items to assist those on the Path to higher levels of consciousness.

Package A: The Tune Up!


Package B: Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose

$197Plus Package A

Package C: I've Got This!

$$29700Plus Package A & B and Downloadable Crystalline Transmission
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