Pranayama: Mastering the Miraculous Power of Conscious Breath
Saturday, February 27, 2021
12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

With Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Dove Oracle
Merissa Indigo Marcuccella

Learn ancient breath techniques of the Yogis! Find calm in mere minutes & connect to your Higher Self Divine Mind… Open & strengthen your 3rd eye w Pranayama -sacred Yogic breath for clarity, creativity & connection

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The quickening continues! These first months of the new year are calling for us to come home to self through the body and commit to daily embodiment to stabilize: to quiet the mind, soothe the heart and listen deeply from a rooted foundation of body-mind-spirit-soul unification. Stabilizing in peace is the key to remaining strong, clear and to live from a centered state of being rooted in our power.

In response to the energies of these times, Merissa has realized what we need more than ever is to stabilize ourselves daily through the most basic, consistent methods in order to navigate our experience with discernment and peace.

Yoga means union. Let us unify daily to hold our peace and calm for ourselves, family, community, planet, and galaxy. Certified 11 years ago as a Yogaworks registered yoga teacher & Restorative yoga teacher, Merissa has been guided to return to the foundation of her own yogic practices to share foundational teachings of self-mastery with as many people as possible. The Yogis, Sages and Rishis of old have so much to offer us in the modern age, especially these timeless teachings of embodiment: the ability to master your open/clear/empowered mental and emotional state through breath.

Pranayama is a mastery skill using focused breathing to absorb healing cosmic energies (aka prana) into the body and switch frequency dials from the external noise/distraction/energy leaks to the internal connection with your Higher Self. Balance the breathe to then balance the mind and balance the body, all at the same time! Prana is life force energy, positive cosmic Zero-Point scalar energy surrounding us daily, which we can easily access through conscious intent.

Did you know the majority of people breathe shallowly into the chest, getting a tenth of their oxygen potential?! This shallow breathing causes anxiety to the nervous system which then adversely impacts our emotions and mind simply because our oxygen levels are low.

Using your breath is the most powerful, natural, safe & direct method to get back to center as needed in the moment. Imagine how consciously partnering with your breath has the potential to lighten up your entire life. Within minutes you will feel a shift in your mental state, heart rate, physically more relaxed body for a few examples.

Course outline:

In this online Mastery Empowerment Course we will explore the science behind the power of breath, and pranayama breath techniques for the following:

  • Brain hemisphere balance: Alleviating anxiety to create balance, peace and relaxation within 3 minutes
  • Slowing the mind state/thought fluctuations to discern Fear (false evidence appearing real) from your Now Truth
  • Mastering your channel of divine feminine energy and receptivity to calm, soothe, relax (great for racing thoughts or feeling too fired up, also to go to bed at night)
  • Mastering your channel of divine masculine energy and action potential to sharpen the mind, create motivational energy mentally and emotionally (great for sluggish mind, needing to get fired up, for linear work tasks, and in the morning with or to replace your coffee)
  • Transcend anger and detox the liver at the same time
  • Open, stimulate and strengthen 3rd eye for connection, creative ability, powers of manifestation
  • Stimulate the Thymus for Immunity: Building white blood cells

Join us to experience peace in as little as 3 minutes! Share these practices with children, family and friends. These powerful technologies were received thousands of years ago to assist us right now in these transitional times. We look forward to seeing you there 😊

Registration gives you lifetime access to course and includes gifted Pranayama pdf ebook to download and deepen your sacred breath practice.

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Power of Conscious Breath
Live Webinar & Recording


About Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo is a mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower here to support humanity during the Shifts into the Golden Age. Her true joy is the discovery of ancient wisdom to heal, integrate and expand personally which she then shares with the world to support the full restoration of our Divine DNA. She has studied many ancient traditions from East to West, Occult and so forth to consolidate ascension technology into simple systems for personal alchemy to share with you all.

She is part of the Holy order of the Marys, she is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Holy Womb Chakra facilitator, a member of the Fellowship of Isis and a Sophia Christ minister.

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Power of Conscious Breath
Live Webinar & Recording