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Item 1: Video Downloads of  10 Mastery Empowerment Courses

10 Mastery Empowerment Courses to download and play on your own device. Video files will play offline so you can enjoy anytime. The timeless wisdom presented in these courses offer over 20 hours of information, tips, techniques for you to use in your New Earth Expressions.

ITEM 2: Audio Downloads of 10 Mastery Empowerment Courses

Audio is sometimes better when you want to Master the information as you listen again and receive new insights in your spiral of evolution. Each time you listen, you’ll hear something from a new, heightened perspective.  The masters teach us that if we wish to learn something, it’s best to listen at least 3 times.  Enjoy these audio downloads and unlock your consciousness to new levels.

ITEM 3: Plant Music Remedy Streaming Audio Portal with downloads

A Collection of Plant Music Remedy offering streaming & downloadable audio programs with over 15 hours of music generated by the Plant Kingdom. You’ll get access to our streaming audio portal, where you can listen online, or download each of the songs and enjoy in your home. This music is high frequency and shares information from the Nature Realm.

Healing, Calming, Creative, Inspiring Music of Plants

High Frequency Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Healing, Creative Projects.

The energetic signature of a plant is captured and turned into music using a MIDI synthesizer.

The result is truly healing, multi-dimensional music of the plants!

Stream or Download a Library of Plant Music
Listen to a Sample of a Douglas Fir in a forest located 8000+ ft on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 10 hours of High Vibrational Music.
  • An Extra Bonus – Dolphin Joy Alchemy download. This is a high vibrational, uplifting yet relaxing musical journey with the dolphins and whales of the Big Island, Hawaii. An aromatherapy oil was created with a crystal charged with the dolphin and whale energy during a natural swim trip. We were surprised and delighted to hear this oil SING with the energy and consciousness of the dolphins and whales. This is a beautiful, magical, inspiring musical interlude with dolphin and whale consciousness thru music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

ITEM 4: Plant Music Meditation 2.5 hour Recorded Meditation for Abundance

Plant Music Meditation Sound Bath

  • Enter into an expansive state of consciousness within ourselves, then connect to the consciousness of a lemurian Orchid. This audio recording can be used to fuel your creations and connect with your Higher Self.

Please come with your intentions! Intentions are a great place to start, but we’re going to take it to the next level and FEEL that vibration of what we wish to see, experience and manifest. From this State of Being, we will connect with the Plant Consciousness….and the music will know exactly what each of us need.

This is a Multidimensional experience and the plants are communicating to us with music


ITEM 5: Bonus: Passion Matrix Course with (3) Guided Meditations with Lauren Galey

THE PASSION MATRIX Workshop Home Study Course

Item 1: Passion Matrix Course

  •  Create a Passion Matrix: List building exercises and meditation to discover you rpassion, skills, talents and all things you do with great ease, efficiency and joy. This is the Foundation of New Earth Creations
  • Weave a Plan of Action based on your own Passion Matrix
  • Understand Your Soul Path Number
  • Create Revenue Streams in your Passionflow

Item 2: Video Course: Online Essentials to Monetize Your Passion: Must-Have Tools for your Website to automate and monetize your online business.
Item 3: Audio Download: Connect to Your Higher Self Meditation
Item 4: Audio Download: Meditation to Access Past, Present & Future Life Passions & Talents
Item 5: Enlightened Entreprenuer Quick Start Guide – with helpful links for online business setup.

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