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Special Offer:  New Earth Trinity Initiation Journey Call Series

Special Offer Includes:

New Earth Trinity Initiation Journey Call Series

Special Offer: New Earth Initiation Journey Call Series

  • Plus 3 Bonuses!

2 Payment Option Available

About this Special Offer

New Earth Trinity Initiation Journey Call Series

3 Quantum Light Sound Massage Zoom Experience Calls 90 minutes Each 

Transmitting & Downloading the New Divine Trinity Templates; Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine & Divine Child.

✨With special Guests…

As part of our journeys, we will be bringing through the Healing Energies of the Dolphins and Whales. And in particular Star and the Star Pod. The extremely friendly, and most Interactive wild Common Bottlenose Dolphins we have ever met. And have been playing and sharing their healing energies for the past two years.

In This Initiation Journey you Will Receive The New Human Source Codes for the New Earth Divine Trinity Templates; Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine & Divine Child.

The New Human Source Codes are Symbols that are Channeled in the moment, directly from Source by Amitabhaya, and drawn with a Selenite Crystal Wand, while holding a Selenite Crystal Harmonizer in the other hand, onto the Hologram of your Biofield. These Symbols are an Initiation into a New Way of Living… Into becoming the NEW HUMAN. These New Human Source Codes have never been on the Planet before, and you will be among the first Ones to receive them and anchor them onto The Earth. They create a New Alignment of Oneness with Source, which is necessary for living on the New Earth as the New Human.

Our Series Started at the First New Moon of this New Year – 2021… and ended with the Full Moon (Completion & the number 1, Fullness, Oneness). We will Explore, Clear, Heal, Ground, Balance, Dream & Anchor The New Divine Trinity Templates. Exploring and Healing the various forms and manifestations of the Trinity. One of the fundamental aspects of Creation and our life in 3D Expanding into 5D New Earth.

Father, Mother, Child… Male, Female, Whole… Past, Present, Future…Yantra, Mantra, Tantra… Lower Self, Middle Self, Higher Self… Healing, Clearing and Balancing all of your Aspects and Relationships to those Archetypes. Clearing and Releasing Conditioning, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Fear Programming, Childhood Imprints, Illusions, Implants and Interference.

Our First Call on the New Moon is for the Divine Masculine principle.
…The Father, Male, Active, Expressive, Giving, Yang, Fire, Light, Creative, The Outer World, Doing, Transforming, Me/Individuality/The “I”, the Seen, Conscious… Healing, Balancing, Clearing, and Harmonizing your Connection and Relationship with The Masculine Principle, Your Father, Male Lineage, Men and the Masculine Aspect of Life and God/Divinity/Creation.

Our Second Call is for the Divine Feminine principle.
…The Mother, Female, Receptive, Passive, Yin, Water, Dark, the Void, The Inner World, Intuition, Being, the Unseen/Hidden, Unconscious, The Other, Allowing, Holding, Patient, Surrendering… Healing, Balancing, Clearing, and Harmonizing Your Connection and Relationship with The Feminine Principle, Your Mother, Female Lineage, Women and the Feminine Aspect of Life and Goddess/Divinity/Creation.

Our Third and Final Call on the Full Moon is for the Divine Child principle.
Innocence, Trust, Playfulness, Fun, Authenticity, Purity, Heart, Creativity, Nature and What Is Natural, Honesty, Simplicity, Flow, Effortlessness, The New Creation, Completion, Rebirth, New Earth. Your inner Child is also your Connection to Nature, Intimacy, Magic, Miracles, Healing, and Joy.
It is the part of you that Feels.

On average, E-motions last a mere 90 seconds. When we are able to Allow them and Allow Ourselves to Feel, we Flow with life, and life Flows easily through us.
We will clear fear, conditioning, and control of our emotions. Reclaim our natural ability to allow our e-motions to run their course, avoid trapping these emotion energies, and create blockages in our field. Healing, Balancing, Clearing, and Harmonizing your Connection and Relationship with The Child Principle, Your Inner Child, Your own Children, and Connection to Children.
Emerging as your New, Authentic, Empowered Self, at the Rebirth and Re-creation of Your New Life, The New Humanity and The New Earth.

Extra Bonuses!

1st Bonus-Completion & Celebration Sound Massage Experience (pre-call for the Series and preparation)

This is a profound Healing Journey into the Quantum Field, where all possibilities exist, miraculous healing takes place, and you can reach your highest potential.

Using Didjeridoos, Crystal Pyramids, Native American Drone Flute, Toning, Harmonic Whirlies, and many other instruments, as well as the Healing Energy of the Dolphins and Whales, to create a shift in your vibration and bring about Balance, Well Being, Healing, and Joy on all levels of your being. Allow the sound to vibrate and Massage every single cell in your body, down into the sub-atomic level, expanding your energy field and consciousness, Repairing your DNA, generating Perfect Health, Well Being and a Joyous Existence.

2nd Bonus-Crystal Pyramids & Light Language Programming Deactivation

An Amazing Tool to Clear and Release All of your Negative Programming, and Re-Create your New Life on the New Earth.

Extra Bonus! -20 minutes Energetic Support Session with Amitabhaya & Moriya… to add personal support and check in with participants to see how they are doing with the series.

Comments About This Series

“Deeply grounding and transformative, the trinity series awakened me to the two adult aspects of my being, the sacred receptive feminine, and the divine masculine. I received guidance from “above”. From the universe, I heard: “I have given you everything. You just need to take it and amplify it. I have given you all that is.” Conceptual awareness turned to “knowing” the inner power. I experienced physical transformation through the rebirthing of the divine child….. I experienced the divine child energetically as PURE POWER… PURE CREATIVE INSIGHT….. A deep knowing that if nurtured through a balanced divine masculine/feminine perspective, that the child could be unstoppable in its/my spiritual awakening and that nurturing the pure power/essence will be instrumental for lightworkers in realizing the New Earth into activated actualized being. Very powerful. Transformative.”

“The Trinity Series was a powerful way to balance my masculine and feminine, but most of all, I benefited from the Inner Child session. The instruments and especially the vocals are transformation tools. Highly recommended.”

“Hi, Dear Loves!! This session was beyond words. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your Divine Medicine with us during these pivoting times!! Truly Amazing full-body experience!! Much Love and Blessings”

“I can’t wait to revisit the whole series… I’m gonna start with the first call tomorrow…. I’ve been good! Clarity… Obstacles clearing from within… Driven… A sense of re-awakened and re-integrated purpose….. Embodiment of the “knowing” of how to move forward!! Pretty cool!! Delighted with the results… I’m not beating myself up anymore and releasing anger and blame patterns towards others! They also have the inner child that has issues….. We’re all just mirror reflections….. Xoxoxo”

“After listening to the first of the three sessions in this series, I’m impressed with how much calmer and more centred I feel. My sleep has improved, which I’m very grateful for. I look forward to the rest of the series!”

“What has shifted most definitely is arising passion and connection.
Before was emptiness… Now, there is pulse and play.
Non-attachment.. soulful frolicking. Like a dolphin and whale sea song!
I feel deeply peaceful inside… Much love.

About Amitabhaya and Moriya

Moriya Light is a Sound Healer, Heart Centred Musician, and Energy Healer. Together with his partner, Amitabhaya, they have created and have been sharing the Quantum Light Sound Massage Journeys and Community with thousands of people all over the world. Amitabhaya and Moriya are Soul Guides, Cosmic Soul Path Coordinators, Light Bearers, Way-showers & Divine Love Ambassadors on Earth. Their Mission Is to Support and Guide Awakening Souls, Healers, and Sensitives in Healing Their Past and Traumas, Finding Their Higher Calling and Awakening their Gifts and Purpose. Ushering in the New Earth and The New Humanity. For the past 20 years, they have been traveling the planet, following their Divine Guidance and supporting The Earth and Humanity in their growth and evolution.

They carry the ancient knowledge & Native wisdom of many cultures and help people come back Home to Love. They act as Channels of Divine wisdom, Healing, and Grace. Sharing their Guidance, gifts, and healing with people, places, and communities the world over. Combining their experience, their connection, and Heart-Based Beingness, they assist people to let go of their fear, pain, and trauma and open up to their bigger vision of themselves and of their life.

Working with a unique system they were guided to create, combining advanced Reiki & Chakra Therapy, they help people harmonize their life, come back into balance in their body, mind, and spirit, as well as reconnect with their Higher Self, Inner Child, and return to health and well being in all areas of their lives. With their loving, gentle, and powerful healing and vision, they assist people to gain clarity, find inspiration, restore inner harmony, let go of their past and overcome their obstacles.

Through traveling, meeting, and sharing with thousands of clients and people from multiple and various cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of life, they have the gift of being able to relate to, understand, resonate with, and help people from all walks of life, all over the world. They live and teach the path of Higher Guidance, Trust, Attunement, Devotion, and Surrender to the Divine will. They act as guides to living as your Higher Self, and living your empowered life, with purpose, on the New Earth.

As Sound Healers & Divine Resonance Alchemists, they have developed a new way of working with sound, presence, healing & sacred space that has evolved into their Quantum Light Sound Massage Journeys. A New Earth sound modality that incorporates Sound, Sacred Instruments, Toning, Light language Transmissions, and a channeled quantum journey with the healing energies of the Dolphins and Whales, back Home to Love, to Source, to Wholeness, and to You.

Having a very special connection and attunement to nature, the oceans, the Dolphins, and the Whales, they integrate the healing energies and frequencies of the Dolphins and the Whales in their Sound Massage sessions, and in group, and personal healing sessions. They also offer Voice and Toning workshops, helping people to open up and free their expression and creativity, connect with their joy and empowerment, and unleash the healing power of their voice. They have worked with people, communities, places, homes, and The Land, doing energy and space clearings. Working Multi-dimensionally, with multiple light tools and sound, to clear records, transmute Karma and negativity, restore balance and harmony, and anchor the new 5th dimensional energies of Heaven On Earth.

Special Offer: New Earth Initiation Journey Call Series

  • Plus 3 Bonuses

2 Payment Option Available