The Great Conjunction Winter Solstice Awakening – Hosted By Vandana & Her Special Guest Pierre Dubois

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Welcome To A  Brand New Interview With My Long Time Friend, Ascension Teacher & Star Brother Pierre As We Usher In The 5D New Earth Energies Of This Rare Saturn & Jupiter Planetary Alignment, Winter Solstice & Christmas Timeline That Invites Us To Align With  The Field & Frequency Of The Age Of Aquarius.

Join Us For An Hour Of Enlightened Messages, Inspiring Information & The Latest Cosmic Updates To Inner-Stand The True Significance Of How Only When 144,000 Lightworkers Come Together, 7 Billion Souls Can Ascend Together In A Global Mass Awakening.

In This Quantum Conversation, Learn How Ascension Is Possible Once We Commit To A Spiritual Practice, DoThe Inner Work, Take Responsibility & Re-Parent Our Inner Child To Feel Free To Live Authentically In Our Hearts Vulnerability.

Once We Drop Out Of Our Head & Ignite Our Eternal Hearts Flame Of Wisdom, Power & Love, Then & Only Then Can We Realize & Recognize Our Divinely Human Luminosity Even When Faced By Our Inner Demons,  Collective Darkness & The Spiritual Illness Of Pandemic Chaos Consciousness.

Learn How To Ascend Into The Higher Dimensions Of Oneness, Peace & Cosmic Awareness While Discovering What The New Earth Energies Will Look & Feel Like Over The Next 7 Year Timeline So You Can Be Fully Prepared & Ready To Share Your Gifts, Be Of Service & Thrive In Planetary Prosperity.

Scroll down to enjoy this entire series of converastions, and check out the GENEROUS UPGRADE OFFER from Vandana!

The New Earth Ascension Show Video Introduction
The New Earth Ascension Show Video IntroductionVandana Atara Aura
Owning your Divine Light opens doors to create the life and world you have been waiting for!
Owning your Divine Light opens doors to create the life and world you have been waiting for!Janet Miller-Divine Light Activator

These awakened souls have been propelled onto the path of self-love and Janet provides a community of support through her mastermind group called the Divine Light Accelerators. This community shares methods of release and brings new ideas that support the internal shifts that are bringing about our moving into higher ways of being. By providing a safe community to share while we shift, Janet creates a space of peaceful mind fullness as we co-create our new world built on love.

Huna - Hawaiian Adventure Shamanism
Huna - Hawaiian Adventure ShamanismJanet Rudolph-Mystic Pagan

I have always seen myself as a pagan. While the word has become pejorative, “pagan” simply means countryside or peasant, someone who lives close to the land and in harmony with nature. To those who stop to listen, each landscape has its own vibratory essence, its own music if you will. It was (and still is) pagan peoples who have been nourished by this knowledge, and who have held it in sacred trust through oral, and more recently, written teachings. As the Mystic Pagan, it is my goal to study, explore and experience these knowledges, the wisdom of the land, and it’s various cultural expressions.

Transcending the Matrix
Transcending the MatrixBrian Besco-Master Builder of Heart Based Higher Dimensional Energy Tools

Brian has dedicated his life to leading edge consciousness work, to help empower humanity with divine realization.

Becoming an Awake, Aware and Awesome Human
Becoming an Awake, Aware and Awesome Human

Ula is  joyful, kind, considerate, direct and authentic. She teaches and offers healing work and sacred ceremonies internationally. She finds her deepest fulfillment in integrating metaphysical wisdom of self-knowing, healing and mastery so each one of us can create and live a soulful life with purpose, passion, peace and joy.  She now offers customized and comprehensive health and empowerment programs from various physical and energy healing modalities to activations, initiations and advanced spiritual training certified by the Modern Mystery School.

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Ascension is an Inside Job - The Heart of Incension
Ascension is an Inside Job - The Heart of IncensionWaxela Sananda-Quantum Embodiment Coach

Through the process in her international bestselling book The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension, Alchemy, and Connection to the Divine, Waxéla guides her clients on a transformational journey of clearing limiting beliefs and transforming stagnant energy into dynamic, creative possibility.  Combining her celestial starseed consciousness and shamanic training she holds space for clients to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies.

Transitioning Into The New Earth
Transitioning Into The New EarthPierre Richard Dubois-Ascension Teacher

An insightful listener and counselor, Pierre deeply aspires to share with others his wisdom and has helped countless people on their journey of healing, expansion, and ascension over the past 20 years. Genuinely talented to explain with science the “magic” of the spiritual and supernatural, he has been teaching ascension classes weekly in New York City and frequently offers lectures and workshops throughout the country.

Imagine A World Without Fear: Visioning the Possibilities of the New Earth
Imagine A World Without Fear: Visioning the Possibilities of the New EarthSusan Mason-Apps-Scientist, Healer & Visionary

Imagine a World without Fear  Join Susan as she shares stories of Awakening, from being a Forensic Scientist to now supporting others on their journey’s of healing and Awakening.  She discusses the challenges we are facing today, and the  opportunities for creating our New Earth.  Susan then takes us on a Guided Visualization into a World without Fear!

Kavacha - The Art Of Shielding
Kavacha - The Art Of ShieldingVishnu Jana Reddy-Founder of Anahata Vruksh Foundation

I use various healing/therapeutic tools to bring in Transformation in the Clients space by offering the complete healing/Therapy and Coaching packages be it is physical ailments, emotional issues or for spiritual growth.

I specialize in working with sound healing for emotional, physical healing. I integrate Bio-Well scanning to quantify the results for greater understanding of diseases and issues.

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Channeled Guidance from Mother Mary-Why Your Voice Should Be Shared
Channeled Guidance from Mother Mary-Why Your Voice Should Be SharedChernise Spruell-Channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters

For those called to step into a role of divine service to others, Chernise created the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners program, which is overlit by Mother Mary. With this program, her intent is to awaken the ability within those who believe that channeling may be the next part of their spiritual journey and to give them a place to explore their abilities within the comfort of like-hearted community.

Swaddling Energy Healing For Relaxation & Restoration
Swaddling Energy Healing For Relaxation & RestorationMatteo Amrit Guillin-Artist, Light Worker and Intuitive Healer

I’m an Artist, Light Worker and intuitive Healer, currently living in and establishing the foundation of a mindful community upstate New York, where I actively hold space and facilitate the emergence of new paradigm. I developed my own healing practice called “Swaddling”, influence by my somatic and art background as well as my Reiki practice.

The Amazing Afterlife of Animals-Finding Peace & Healing After a Loss
The Amazing Afterlife of Animals-Finding Peace & Healing After a LossKaren Anderson-Award winning Animal Communicator

The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most devastating moments we endure. Karen Anderson takes you into the hearts and minds of the pets you love to explore the amazing afterlife of animals and how the bonds of love never die. Find your smile again as Karen helps you navigate through grief into healing.

Music as Medicine-Confessions of the Cosmic Throat Singer
Music as Medicine-Confessions of the Cosmic Throat SingerMatthew Kocel-Cosmic Throat Singer

These songs and music are coming through now, in these chaotic times to help us re-member our total connection to each other and All That Is. – This is how our paths have crossed today.

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About this NEO Retreat hosted by Vandana Atara: 

This Unique Platform Offers You Quality Time With Gifted New Healers, Teachers, Visionaries, Prophets & Priestesses To Help You Heal, Harmonize & Stabilize The New Earth Energies.

Vandana is Honored To Introduce You To The Most Gifted, Talented, Heart Centered Creatives That You May Have Not Heard Of Or Experienced Until Now.

On Every Soul Interview, You Will Meet Your Extended Soul Families Who Are Not Yet In The Public Eye But Hold A Special & Important Message For Humanity!

Each Time We Meet, You Will Feel Held, Loved & Welcomed Back Home To Your Original Star Tribe On Earth, In The Stars & In The Heart Of The Great Central Sun!


This is an especially critical time to pause, re-set & get clear on why you’ve volunteered to be here NOW more than ever in this global pandemic ascension timeline.

This Time Of Times Doesn’t Have To Signal The End Of Times But The Re-Birth Of A New Earth Planetary Prosperity Timeline.

Your Gifts Are Needed Now More Than Ever To Help Clear The Rapid Spread Of Collective Fear, Spiritual Illness & Toxic Negativity Held In The Fabric Of 3D Humanity.


We’ve been preparing for this great shift for trillions of lifetimes!!!

Together, let’s unpack the energies of old earth struggle & RISE UP, STAND UP & SPEAK OUT to  Co-Create A  Loving, Kind & Sustainable New Earth!

I Invite You To Re-Unite With Your Star Family Re-Write Your Soul Destiny & Be Of Service

Join The New Earth Ascension Show To Brighten Your Light, Open Your Heart  & Fulfill Your Sacred Soul Role In A Sweet & Sacred Space & Field Of Grace.

Come Play With Vandana On Earth & In The Stars To Raise Your Vibration, UpgradeYour DNA & Heal The Hearts Of  A New Galactic Humanity From Your Planetary Home Base & Safe Space.

Our Soul Mission Is All About Guiding, Shifting & Uplifting You To

-Sustain A Higher Frequency and vibration, thoughts, feelings and energy

– Easily & Effortlessly Transmute The False Fear Into True Love

-Shift Your Focus From The Outside Into Your Own  Inner Healing Pharmacy Sanctuary

-Experience Divine Doctoring & Spirit Surgery To Boost Your Spirit Immunity

If You’re Soul Says Yes, We Are Honored & Excited To Support You To:

-Release, Clear & Unlock 3D Collective Fear, Survival Stress & PTSD Anxiety

-Transmute Scarcity, Lack, Poverty & Not Enough Into 5D Planetary Prosperity

-Reveal Your Concealed Gifts, Healing Abilities & Soul Identity As A New Earth Light Worker

-Uncover Your Unique Soul Role & The Truth Of Just How Powerful You Truly Are

This is Your Divine Training, Preparation & Shamanic Vision Quest Activation You’ve Been Asking & Waiting For!

We May Not Be Able To Control The Chaos Playing Out All Around Us BUT We Can Choose To Be Gentle, Kind & Compassionate With Ourselves, Each Other & The Heart Of The Universe.

Additional Ascension 2020 Preparation Benefits Include:

-Inner-Standing The Ascension Awakening Transformational Timeline

-Cultivating A New Spiritual Loving Kindness Practice Based On  New Earth Oneness, Unity & Conscious Community

-Learning Alchemical,  Practical & Magical Ways To Receive 5D Miraculous Healing & Connect With Divine Doctors & New Earth  Healing Medical Team

-Re-Discovering What Your Galactic Gifts  Are & How To Monetize & Actualize Your Most  Rewarding & Authentic Soul Role

-Feeling Safe, Seen & Supported For Your Healing Powers &  Being Of Service To Re-Birth A Prosperous New Earth

-Drinking In The Celestial Medicine Of Liquid Light, Honey Ambrosia & Drops Of Amrita

You Can Step Into Your Soul Leadership Role By Learning New Skills & Getting Certified As A Galactic Guide, Ascension Preparation Coach & Cosmic Care Provider

In This Pandemic Global Health Crisis, Now Is The Time To Get Empowered, Be Inspired & Make All Of Your Dreams Come True!

I Hope You Will Join Me & My Guest Speakers, Teachers, Healers & Paradigm Shifters To  Empower, Inspire & Enlighten You In A Whole New Way!

Our Soul Mission

The New Earth Ascension Show Has Been Birthed To Provide Emotional First Aid & Seve  Sentient Souls With Ascension Education, Wisdom Teachings,  Abundance Activation Trainings & Galactic Healing Training Programs To Inspire You To Fulfill Your Multi-Dimensional Soul Role, Share Your Gifts & Be Of Service.

These New Earth Speakers, Teachers & Healers Are Excited To Gift You With Quantum Solutions, Insights & Information To Help You Get Clear On Your Divine Soul Role So You Can Shine Your Light, Claim Your Joy & Live Your Best Life!

Our Hearts Desire Is To Vibrationally Support You To Sustain A High Vibration To Strengthen Your Immunity System & Heal Your Emotional Nervous System.

We Are Here To Back & Bless You So You Can Feel Safe, Be Smart, Spiritual & Sensible As Your New Life Unfold Right Before Your Very Eyes.

Let Us Help You Unpack 3D Collective Fear So You Can Focus On Co-Creating Magical & Miraculous Possibilities & Potentialities In The Spirit Of Conscious Unity & Community!

Together We Are Stronger As We Focus Our Attention On Solutions To Benefit, Shift & Uplift The Hearts Of All Humanity.

Welcome To The Quickening Timeline We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Meet Your New Earth Ascension Hostess On The New Earth Ascension Show!

About Vandana:

My name is Vandana Atara & I was gifted my blessed name by Mother Amma In 2008. Mother Amma Is A Global World Teacher, Avatar &a enlightened living master who embodies the essence of Divine Mother Love & is known all over the wolrd as the hugging saint from India. This sacred sanskrit name means to pray, workshop & adore the creator.

As a Medical Reiki Master, Ascension Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer & 5D Soul Guide, my greatest joy is to heal, harmonize & restore the divine feminine frequenciess to re-birth a peaceful earth & bless the hearts of all humanity.

I am a galactic guide, divine channel, light weaver ascension messenger of divine doctors, celestial surgeons & star shamans who over-light empaths, starseeds & sensitive souls to heal & recover from chronic stress, childhood anxiety & family trauma in the higher dimensions of Shambhalla.

I am the CEO & Founder Of Vandana Light Healing & Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing which was birthed in December 21st, 2012 & contains christed keys, cosmic codes & platinum light frequencies to ease ascension symptoms, navigate new earth energies & thrive in the spirit of unity, authenticity & planetary prosperity.

My soul role is to hold a safe & sacred space for my clients & students to emotionally recover from spiritual illness, ancestral karma & womb trauma.

I’m a first waver, ascension activator, & timeline transmuter & ascension teacher known for my soothing voice, hypnotic soul journeys & blissful meditation classes, recordings & soul trancemissions to calm, relax & heal the heart, mind & emotional nervous system.

I am a regular telesummit presenter, speaker, writer & leader in the healing arts community & am actively involved with creating empowering & inspiring wisdom teachings, global webinars & energy healing certification programs.