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The Perceived External World May Not Exist Outside the Mind

Comparing materialism to the simulation theory is like comparing classical physics to quantum mechanics. We have the tendency to see the universe as a collection of fragmented physical objects and not an interconnected web of life.

Human sensory perception is greatly orchestrated by the brain’s sensory cortex. In other words, what we perceive as reality is not an exact mirror reflection of the external world but rather an internal interactive neural simulation reconstructed by the brain. Every sound we hear, light we see, food we taste, odor we smell, or surface we touch is a result of a neural spike in the brain.

We can think of reality as the interface between the perceiving mind and what is actually real. If reality is a multidimensional, fully immersive inner game, then we are considered the game characters, our sense of self is what shapes our program, and our language is the tool we leverage to reprogram our mind.

If we start shifting our understanding of the universe from a disconnected physical universe to an information processing neural network, we can take a quantum leap in our consciousness and create a new paradigm. Imagine a day when we can leverage sound, music, and vibration as the main tool to transfer, transform and transmute ourselves.

A radical shift in our perspective is what causes a radical shift in our consciousness and ultimately changes our lives for the better. Having a more holistic understanding of life can give us the key to retrain our brains to keep our mind focused on the present moment and not get distracted by the thoughts about the past and the future, which are merely illusions that steal away our equanimity, peace, and joy.

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About Arsalan Abtahi

Arsalan Abtahi is a medical doctor, tech entrepreneur, and holistic wellness coach. He is on a mission to evolve the healthcare system from diagnosing the individuals and treating their symptoms, to diagnosing the environment around the individuals and treating the underlying cause of their dis-orders. He is the founder and CEO of a 4.0 technology startup aimed at wellness optimization, intelligence augmentation, and sustainable design.

Special Offer: Individual Session


2 Payment Option Available