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Terri Gervais

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In this channeled masterclass you will tap into the restorative powers of the new earth modality, Diamond Grace to reclaim vitality, youthful energy, beauty, and inner radiance.

You are a Creator being and the universe responds to your spoken words so this course will assist you in being mindful about what you think and say. Everything vibrates and reacts based on your thoughts, emotions, and words. Learn how to shift the trajectory of your life that has been influenced by the old belief system of aging, lack consciousness, and fatigue by using the vocabulary of Source.

Diamond Grace, The Cosmic Goddess of Creation shares how to take control of your biological system. You can re-create youth and vitality by illuminating radiance held within your physical body by filling it with luminous light. Experience a powerful youthing rejuvenation meditation and return to the grace of your original sacred geometry of eternal radiance by enlisting the power of your spoken word.

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Special Offer Includes:

Radiant Health Quantum Light Infusion

Audio and Video Download Available

Special Offer: Radiant Health Quantum Light Infusion


2 Payment Option Available

Radiant Health Quantum Light Infusion

Whether you’re looking to turn back time and reclaim a more youthful appearance. Or you’re craving greater vitality, flexibility, and strength in your body. Or you’re desiring to return to a state of grace and radiance by restoring your physical garment to your eternal nature. You’ll get it in this very powerful resurrection Quantum Light infusion

This 60-minute group online cosmetic (cosmic) energetic infusion is performed in the quantum field of infinite possibilities where divine beings in light assist me to nourish your multibody system with ultrasound frequencies. These frequencies uncover your light body by removing layers of density and they infuse your physical body with codes to resurrect the dormant genes held within your cells.

Imagine walking away with radiant skin and the layers of stress from the last 5 years not weighing on your face. Imagine your inner radiance shining through your eyes, heart, and hands so you are glowing with radiant health. What would it be like to wake up with energy, a pain-free body and a pep in your step, and a returned zest for life. In this group session, we’ll address one core density that will make the biggest difference in unleashing an immediate increase in your physical radiance.

Diamond Grace and I can’t wait to literally give you back years of your life and provide you the exact light codes you require to have an abundant and beauty-filled life.

Benefits of the special offer may include:

  • Opens up your energy centers

  • Removes blocked or stagnant energy

  • Leaves you revitalized

  • Feel lighter and expansive.

About Terri Gervais

Terri is an author, Certified Quantum Light Practitioner, and a member of the Ascended Master Lineage of Thoth via Danielle Hoffman. She is the founder of LightInfusions.com and creator of the new-paradigm modality, Diamond Grace. Terri assists clients to resurrect physical radiance, youthfulness, and abundance through the restorative superpowers of Diamond Grace.

Special Offer: Radiant Health Quantum Light Infusion


2 Payment Option Available