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Lisa Bogue

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Have you ever noticed that, despite all the work you’ve done on yourself, all the courses and retreats, you’re still holding back in life, still hiding to some degree? That your magnificent multidimensional powerful self is still cloaked, like a superhero hiding her identity from the world? Maybe you’re really making an effort to step forward, but somehow also keep slowing yourself down, or even sabotaging your efforts? Or maybe it seems impossible to get clarity on what exactly your purpose entails? You may feel that living in your light and power could be very dangerous, so you keep living as a muggle, when you know deep inside you are really a wizard.

These are all symptoms of a kind of soul sickness that develops when we are still, on some level, trying to protect ourselves from the hurt, betrayal or sorrow that we have experienced in the past when we allowed our light to shine, when we embodied the fullness of our gifts and our power. Maybe we were burned at the stake, kicked out of the tribe, shunned or humiliated. Maybe we lost everyone we loved. After centuries of that kind of pain, most of us have decided (at least unconsciously) to put on the brakes, to pull on our cloaks and hoods, and glide quietly into the darkness. Most of us have done some healing work on these issues, often from the standpoint of trying to fix something broken within us. Or we may have just tried to forget it all, shutting down our gifts to avoid tempting fate or causing problems for ourselves or loved ones, concluding that we are just too weird, too much, or not enough.

Either way, we generally try to move on with our lives, but still encounter places where we hold back, throttle our own voice, and don’t even dare to dream. And cloaking ourselves in this way not only saps our life of its fullness, its power, and its magic, but also tends to lead to anxiety, self-sabotage, frustration, and even illness. But even though we know that this time is the time that we are most needed to be shining our lights, it’s difficult to really feel that that’s a good idea. So we tell ourselves a story, a story where we don’t really have anything to share, where we aren’t really good enough, or have nothing to say, so that hiding and cloaking feels right. These judgments save us from experiencing the conflict of being a powerful bright light trying to hide in the shadows. Compounding things, is that the camouflaging stories start to feel true; we become lost in them, like an unending labyrinth of reasons we are powerless.
Are you about ready to leave that whole paradigm behind? Are you ready to tell a bigger story about yourself, one that includes your gift and power and magnificence? Are you ready to experience more of yourself, to remember and reclaim your gifts, and to bring more of yourself online in your current incarnation?

The Path of the Emerald Heart is about reclaiming that magic by mining the experiences that led to the frustration and pain of the cloaked self, treating these experiences as treasure, pointing us to our own forgotten light. With the help of Thoth, Ashtar, the Divine Mother, Jeshua, the Emerald Flame, and a host of Beings of Light, we can transmute our darkness and reclaim our light. Join Lisa as she playfully explores practices that form the backbone of the treasure hunt for the Light of the Infinite Self.

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Special Offer Includes:

Uncloak Your Infinite Self: Activate the Power of Sovereign Choice

Audio and Video Download Available

Special Offer: Uncloak Your Infinite Self: Activate the Power of Sovereign Choice


2 Payment Option Available

Uncloak Your Infinite Self: Activate the Power of Sovereign Choice includes:

Item 1: Sovereign Choice Activation audio
In this, the first of the twelve Divine Sovereignty Activations, you will begin to spiral into the experience of multidimensional choice. This includes the decision to live from your Divinity in a Sovereign, empowered way, and to bring that perspective to all choices. It also explores the power inherent in each choice we make, to create our experience of self and life.

Item 2: Live a Bigger Life video
This is a Ted style talk given by Lisa in New Zealand for the Inspire Dunedin event. It explores the question of how we can live a life of an adventure, a life that expressed our Infinite Self. Through stories from this dimension and others, Lisa elucidates the importance of Choice, Wonder, and Inspired Action to open our lives wide and inhabit them fully.

Item 3 Uncloak Your Infinite Self online workshop
In this 2h experiential group event, you will have the opportunity to explore with Lisa any patterns you are holding around playing small, hiding or cloaking, and to uncover the multidimensional aspects of you that are obscured by this pattern. Through discussion, exercises, and activations and meditations, you will experience Lisa’s process of exploring our perceived darkness in order to find and embody the Light.

Benefits of the special offer may include:

  • Spiral into a deeper multidimensional understanding of self-judgment and self-sabotage

  • Explore Impostor Syndrome feelings from the perspective of the Infinite Self

  • Quell life purpose anxiety

  • Reclaim gifts that have been disavowed

  • Awaken vitality by finding more ease in your relationship with yourself

  • Find compassion and self-acceptance by telling the story of the hero

About Lisa Bogue

Lisa has been on a lifelong quest to understand how we can truly heal. She knew that something crucial was missing in traditional medicine, and through her work with incredible teachers all over the world, as well as many, many loving beings in other dimensions, and the crucible of her own evolutionary journey, she found the answer to her question; what was missing was our Light. From her unique vantage point as a physician, psychotherapist, multidimensional healer and channel, Lisa is now dedicated to assisting both individuals and humanity as a whole to reconnect to their potential and their light, and to heal by embodying their Infinite Selves.

Special Offer: Uncloak Your Infinite Self: Activate the Power of Sovereign Choice


2 Payment Option Available