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Healing the Dark Wound of the Suppressed Feminine and Becoming an Embodiment of Love

In this masterclass, you are invited to explore the return of the Divine Feminine and its importance for the emergence of new earth and the current great awakening in human consciousness. New Earth way showers are called to rise in unprecedented ways by following the wisdom of the heart and reclaiming their powerful voice.

The reclaiming of the healing power and wisdom of the Divine Feminine is often one of the missing keys which continues to create unconscious blockages for many creatives, light leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Many way showers have been approaching their spiritual awakening and desire to embody their greatest light yet from the distorted masculine whereby the habitual pattern of pushing and working hard for achieving one’s vision remains the default way.

In order to fully embody our soul light and activate our current soul purpose, it is essential to become aware of the clutches of darkness caused by the suppression of the feminine within the world and within ourselves. Irrespective of where one identifies on the gender spectrum, the suppression of the Divine Feminine has caused great imbalances in our psyche and bodies. The time has come to hear the call of the Goddess returning to a stated of natural balance between our inner feminine and inner masculine.

In this masterclass, Delphine in co-partnership with the guiding light of Divine Feminine master Mary Magdalene, will show us where shame and guilt have been holding back from fully tapping into the healing power and wisdom of the Divine Feminine. This masterclass will help you to understand your own Divine Feminine soul story and how to bring yourself back into wholeness, unleash more energy within yourself, and feel more connected to the body and your womb- heart space.

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Special Offer Includes:

Divine Feminine Channeled Transmission

Special Offer: Divine Feminine Channeled Transmission

  • only 10 spots are available for this price

2 Payment Option Available

A Divine Feminine Channelled transmission is a fully immersive experience that allows you to activate the healing power and wisdom of the Feminine within your body-mind-soul.

It is both for those who are new to the Divine Feminine embodiment and those who have already seasoned within the Path of Love-Wisdom.

Each Divine Feminine channeled transmission is uniquely tailored to help further reclaim and open up to the magic of the Feminine within your unique soul path.

Each client is free to bring a particular focus to the session which can be related to any area of life or to simply receive with no particular focus point.

During our 60 minutes together, we will enter sacred space together, moving through a 2 part session. During our first part, we will see how it is that I can best serve you and what is currently unfolding on your unique soul path. This will be a good time to share any area of concern. During the second part of the session, we will go deeper and move into the channeling part where Divine Feminine guides of the highest level of light and wisdom will come forward in order to bring divine guidance, healing, and light codes activations uniquely tailored for your soul-body-mind.

This is a very deep spiritual healing and transmission that will typically help you to heal the suppression of the Divine Feminine and embody your light with more ease and grace.

Benefits of the session may include:

  • The Divine Feminine Channeled Transmission will typically help you

  • Feel more connected with your own body and increase your sense of self love

  • Release the grip of shame, guilt, and heartbreak from your body-mind-soul

  • Experience a deeper sense of trust with your own innate wisdom

  • Feel enlivened and ready to take the next step on your soul journey

  • Give you clarity and a renewed sense of your own unique truth

  • Develop a connection with goddesses and other spirit guides that support the divine feminine awakening at this time

  • Receive light codes that will help you activate your divine blue print in connection with the Current great awakening

About Delphine Rose

Delphine Rose is a modern-day oracle and quantum healer supporting individuals and groups in several countries to lead their lives with an awakened heart and empowered voice. Delphine experienced a profound soul calling from and Divine Feminine awakening in her twenties whilst working for a top investment back in London which led her to completely transform her life. Delphine knows firsthand what it takes to develop what she calls soul forging, the capacity to move through perceived limitations and obstacles in order to reclaim one’s own soul sovereignty and live authentically. Delphine has been called a soul midwife, guiding many to move from one level of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness where life can be experienced from a place of wholeness, with greater joy, trust, in oneself, and multiple forms of abundance. As a torch holder for the wisdom and healing power of the Divine Feminine, Delphine infuses all her sacred offerings with Divine love, mercy, compassion, Grace, and beauty.

Special Offer: Divine Feminine Channeled Transmission


2 Payment Option Available