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In this Master Class, you will; receive frequencies to nourish and uplevel your system, Crystal Clarity on your highest level contribution, access and experience, the many dimensions in which you reside, deepen into Divine Stillness and, attune to the pulse of the multiverse.

Stargates Activation incarnated as a light Text in 2021. These activations unlock codes within your DNA, providing you with a natural access point to your; Divinity, Original Soul contract, Source frequency, Divine Blueprint and, Multidimensionality.

So that you can: be fully Source aligned in your highest level of beingness, contribute your highest contribution in alignment with your free will and intentional choice, be accessing and coming from a place of love, flow, harmony, abundance and, be organically present.

Whilst being; fully nourished, expanding your bandwidth, creating simultaneously on all dimensions and, having a dynamic impact on, and for, the Earth.

The Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate supports this Journey. The Crystalline Cosmic White ray of Clarity, transmitted through this gate, provides keys to assist you to unlock your inner codes so that you may gain clarity on your multidimensional Divine Mission.

Deepening into Divine Stillness guides you into the depths of your being-ness. Your beingness opens your inner door to the multiverse. As you tune into your beingness and the pulse of the multiverse, you access the unfolding Divine. You tune into the dimensions you reside, accessing your Source vibration and unique frequencies to nourish you. As you align to your beingness and the rhythm of the multiverse, you co-create with the Divine, accessing your expanded vision of your highest level contribution and a natural unfolding of your next right step.

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Special Offer #1 Includes:

Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate Activation Live Group Call

Audio replay available

Special Offer #1: Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate Activation


2 Payment Option Available

This zoom call is Seventy-five minutes. If you can not be there live, you will be included in the energies and receive a call replay.
When you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to the zoom call.

Activating your bespoke Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate provides you with access to unique Cosmic Crystalline light any time, any place, anywhere.

These cosmic frequencies of crystal light activate your innate capacity to live in a state of Love and Higher Consciousness at the level of your DNA.

This stargate activation has stepped forward to assist you in becoming a crystalline incarnated light being, able to integrate light frequencies that align you to your highest potential.

As you absorb Crystalline Light into your tissues, cells and DNA, your system develops a crystalline structure. This organic order also activates the cleansing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that you may imbibe higher consciousness light. Higher consciousness enables you to access inner depth, wisdom, alignment and adeptness with all of who you are. It creates a natural alignment to your highest potential.

You are laying the foundation stones for your Divine Blueprint so that you can live your original Soul contract. Your Divine Blueprint is a Divinely ordered multidimensional, crystalline matrix. Your crystalline matrix is your unique Temple

Activate the Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate So that you may:

  • Access Cosmic Crystalline frequencies bespoke for you

  • Integrate Refined light frequencies

  • Raise your frequency

  • Operate from a place of love and empowerment

  • Strengthen and create a natural ordering within your internal system

  • Experience greater internal and external coherency

  • Move more into a crystalline state of being

  • Create natural alignment to your highest potential.

Special Offer #2 Includes:

One on One Transmission: Divine Mission Energetic Heart Chamber Activation; Cosmic Crystaline White Ray & Offer #1

Audio replay available for Offer 1

Special Offer #2: One on One Transmission & Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available

In this one-on-one transmission, we will deepen into the Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate by activating one of the chambers of your Divine Mission Energetic Heart. This energetic Heart provides a multidimensional standpoint, so you may create the impact you are here to make. In your heart, we will activate one of the five Cosmic Chrytaline rays; the Cosmic White Crystalline Ray of Clarity. Through this activation, we will take a deep dive into your souls highest mission.

You will receive an email to set up a time for this sixty-minute transmission.

Activate The Cosmic Chystaline White Ray in your heart, from the Divine Mission Energetic Heart Chamber Activation; so that you may;

  • Deepen your clarity on your highest vision or Original Soul source contract.
  • Cleanse anything that arises during the transmission that does not serve you or your impact in the world.
  • Move into a greater depth of relationship with who it is that you truly be.
  • Be positioned to receive cleansing and clarity from the Cosmic Crystalline White Ray whenever you require.

About Catherine O’Connor

Catherine is a Divine Scribe initiated into the Lineage of Thoth by Danielle Rama Hoffman. She is the founder of Divine Temple, a Sacred Space enabling you to access your Truth and Divinity in a deeply nourishing, committed, and transformative container. She has; a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Mental Health. Training in Arcturian Healing, Aromatherapy, Spontaneity and Psychodrama.

Special Offer #1: Higher Consciousness Coherency Stargate Activation


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer #2: One on One Transmission & Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available