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Sophia Kryst

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The New Template of the Divine Human. The Kryst Code

As humanity is moving into higher states of consciousness, the human template that creates the design and the structure on how it will be manifested needs an upgrade to allow the Divine Human being to be activated and actualized.

This new template activates the original blueprint or the spiritual gold print for the Divine being fully activated the 12 strands of the DNA, shifting the carbon-based atoms to the silica ones to be able to hold more light and upgrade to higher dimensions of consciousness.
The Kryst code template with the sacred geometry of the Krystic spiral encoded in your design activates within you the endless connection to Source in which eternal life Source flows through you constantly, activating the blueprint of eternal life system where you are no longer tied by time and space.

Then you’ll have the new configuration encoded in your DNA that will give information on how your cells and your whole system are going to respond, shifting from the cycle of death and rebirth to eternal regeneration.

Once the new blueprint is activated, you’ll be able to accelerate your connection to your highest expression timeline reality where you operate from the level of your Divine Presence.

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Activation: The Original Blueprint Template for the Self Liberated Being
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Special Offer: Activation: The Original Blueprint Template for the Self Liberated Being


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As you may be aware, all physical matter was previously created from a template that gives the instructions on how the energy must be organized to create the form and all instructions on how the cells are going to function.

For thousands of years, we’ve been attached to the templates that kept us attached to the circle of cause and effect, of death and rebirth. These templates kept us bound to time and space creating the descending experience of limitation in all forms.

This transmission will reprogram your DNA, your cells, your bioenergetic system, your akashic records in all levels of your consciousness removing the templates that were giving information to your system from the previous limiting structure to move to the golden template of the Krystic spiral so you can return to the original blueprint designed for the Divine-human template as the keeper of the Earth.

Your whole system will receive the new instructions to then start to shift from the old pattern of death and rebirth to the new one connected to the infinite flow of light and the eternal life force from Source flowing through you constantly.

This activation will give new information to your cells, reprograming them to the new design to restructure your bioenergetics. With this new information encoded in your DNA, you’ll start to shift to the new paradigm of the golden age reality. This is the paradigm of eternal life and limitless energy flowing through you in all aspects once you embody your Divine Presence from a state of total liberation and full realization.

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Remove the old templates of limitation and duality that cause human beings to experience the circle of cause and effect, of death and rebirth endlessly.

  • Inserting the new templates of the Krystic spiral connected to the eternal life force of Source

  • Reprogramming the original blueprint of the Divine-human template

  • Reprogramming your DNA, giving new information to your cells, bioenergetic field, akashic records, and all levels of your consciousness the new encoded information

  • Plugging in the new paradigm of the golden timeline reality to open the pathways for your full liberation. Now you’ll be reconnected to be able to accelerate the full embodiment of your Divine Presence

  • You’ll experience a big shift in your energy system, a sense of big liberation, raising your vibration, and accessing new timeline realities that weren’t accessible for you thus far.

  • You’ll experience shifts in old programming being liberated and stop running in your system

Bonus: Free Live Master Class

Ascending to a multidimensional state of Consciousness. 

Join us to the live free masterclass  on a zoom call on December 15th.

10 am PT / 11 am MT / 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT

This is what you can take out of it:

  • The evolution of the human being as a specie to the Divine-human
  • The  sacred geometry and its evolution to the original design that allows the human being to return to its Divine design where they are aware of   its connection to the eternal light force from Source.
  • The krystic spiral , the original template  that allows you to connect to the limitless flow from Source
  • What is the kryst code?
  • What are the principles of the kryst consciousness and why are they returning now?
  • Moving into the golden age
  • What does it mean to ascend to a multidimensional state of consciousness?

About Sophia Kryst

Coach and facilitator, divine channel, sacred architect, and divine oracle.

Offering service and guidance to the following aspects:
1) How to shift from the limited perception of your mind and emotions to live from a state of Presence connected to your heart.
2) The process of ascension and self-liberation
3) How to consciously manifest your reality
4) The teachings of Kryst consciousness embody Divine Love, the ultimate state of Being.

Special Offer: Activation: The Original Blueprint Template for the Self Liberated Being


2 Payment Option Available