With Galactic Numerologist and Activator of Sacred Number Energies
Denise Field

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Experience these New Energies for Your Personal Numerology Guidance

Awaken the magic and alchemy of abundance within you through Galactic Numerology, Light Language, and Higher Self Living with the Galactic Numerology Council of Light, Divine Guides, and Channel Denise Field.

Turn on the FLOW of your personal superpowers of magic and synchronicities, intuition, and abundance to light up your path with clarity – and experience freedom with these new, high-vibe energies of numbers. See how using your personal numerology – the Galactic Numerology way – shifts your vision to the higher perspective and restores your natural, Divine cosmic origin Source connection. This is the next evolution of Numbers to fully support your evolution.

Receive a powerful ACTIVATION from Denise and The Galactic Numerology Council of Light. Galactic Numerology #3 FLOW will transmit through Light Language to connect you to the energy of being in FLOW with your Higher-self. Apply this energy as your magic wand to amplify the abundance in all areas of your life.

Experience how these energy frequencies restore your Source Origin wholeness of FLOW so you can reconnect your ability to manifest to your heart’s desire:

  • Learn how to tap into your inner compass of higher-self knowing and follow the flow of magic and synchronicities to affirm you’re on your path
  • Determine ways to recognize when illusions pop in and interrupt or stop that flow so you redirect your energies (get your magic wand in hand) to manifest what you truly desire
  • Reconnect to your origin Source wholeness energies of FLOW by receiving the channeled Activation of Galactic Numerology 3 FLOW (one of the numbers in the foundational sequence of numbers 0 through 9) to increase the flow of joy, fulfillment, peace, and confidence in your life]
  • Tools you can use: Learning how to use numbers each day to set the stage for attracting abundance

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Special Offer 1 Includes:

Getting in FLOW with your Higher-self, Synchronicities, and Money

Special Offer 1: 3 Audio Series Transmissions


2 Payment Option Available

3 Audio Series Transmissions:
Open the FLOW with your Higher-self to Manifest Abundance. Experience being in the state of receiving wisdom and intuitive guidance from your Higher-self, enjoying the magic of synchronicities appearing to assist you on your path of Ascension, and peace, alignment, and abundance with money!

This 3 Audio Series Includes:

AUDIO 1: Opening the Flow of Connection to your Higher-self
Can you imagine the vantage point of living your life from your own Divine guidance & wisdom?
Your destiny is created by you – this is your Divine Navigation System
When you’re connected to your Higher-self there is direction and consciousness around what you experience in your life.
Learn how being in the FLOW of this connection creates crystal clarity for following the wisdom of your own inner compass.

AUDIO 2: Flow with Synchronicity in Your Life
Learn to notice that what you deeply desire is showing up through synchronicities – significant happenings that capture your attention – and then you recognize it and it lines up with your intuitive sense from your Higher-self.

AUDIO 3: Opening to the FLOW of Money Abundance
Restore your Divine connection to money. Reset limiting belief patterns that have been creating your reality of fear and lack and learn about the true energy of money and how to attract it to you! Are you ready to heal your relationship with money?

Benefits of these powerful transmissions:

  • Increase your creation and manifestation skills by advancing your consciousness to higher states
  • Step into your birthright of power by restoring the Divine eternal connectedness that has been previously hidden by illusion
  • Realize enriched relationships with money and your higher-self by embodying the flow of your Divine-self and coming from that origin

These audio transmissions are designed to:

  • activate the energetic FLOW of abundance so you can instantly recognize the signs that connect you to your inner compass and guide your decision
  • align your energy frequency up with what you truly desire – that which brings you the greatest abundance and JOY
  • create an energetic space of peace and relaxation so you are open to receive

PLUS! All of these powerful channeled transmissions contain:

  • Source energy infused into each of these transmissions – as I am in Divine Partnership with Source 100% connected
  • Calibration to Infinite knowledge and truth

Special Offer 2 Includes:

Galactic Numerology 2022 Personal Year Session: Have Your Vision Tools🛠 Ready for 2022​
One-on-One Session plus Option 1

Special Offer 1: Galactic Numerology 2022 Personal Year Session

  • Plus Offer 1

2 Payment Option Available

Galactic Numerology 2022 Personal Year Session: Have Your Vision Tools🛠 Ready for 2022​
One-on-One Session plus Option 1

What is a non-negotiable for you in 2022? What area of your life are you unwilling to complete in 2022 without having realized it – maybe a desired goal that wasn’t completed in 2021? Is living as your most authentic self, having radiant health, money, abundance, or fulfilling personal relationships what you truly desire? … so you’re living the joyful experience of realizing your dreams?

Join me, Galactic Numerologist and Soul Path Coach for a bespoke one-on-one Galactic Numerology Personal Year reading, activation, and visioning 1 Hour laser session. Unlock your personal keys of manifestation to create abundance with your Galactic Personal Year Number.

Galactic Numerology and Your Personal Year Calculation 2022:

Your Personal Year is a calculation of your personal numerology interacting with the universal numerology. These number energies provide tools for navigating and forging your path so you can:
…be the conscious designer of your reality & experience so you know where you’re headed
…create with powerful clarity and confidence from your own personal numerology and the supporting energies of the universal numerology
…align your soul purpose by the activation of frequencies encoded from your origin spark and experience 2022 from these empowering energies

Why your 1 Hour Personal Year Session is a powerful Vision Tool for you:

  • Aligns your energies of your unique Birth numbers with the universal year energies of 2022 to be a conscious powerhouse for your manifestations
  • Harnesses the power of the evolutionary cycle of universal year to align and track your goals and desires with precision and clarity
  • Up-levels and evolves traditional numerology to Galactic and so you can experience your Personal Year from a whole new cosmic energy to support your rapid expansion in these powerful times of change into the New Age
  • Shifts your perspective of creating from the old paradigm numerology to the new

Here are the benefits of your Personal Year Session:

  • Kick-starts your New Year of 2022 with the rhythm of your soul’s highest expression
  • Re-calibrates and points the needle to the highest goal of your soul and to be living more moments in 5D to navigate your outer reality
  • Creates crystal clarity about your path through the newly evolved power of Galactic Numbers
  • Nourishes your system with crystalline light technologies through a bespoke activation of your unique Personal Year Galactic Number
  • Creates tools for you to tap into energetically anytime, any place
  • Supports your evolution that is the result of you being in alignment with your Divine origin connection
  • Focuses your life to be lived and actualized the way that YOU are choosing

About Denise Field

Denise is an Ambassador of Love and Light and channel of Divine Wisdom from across the multiverse. Through her Cosmic lineages, she connects with multi-universal Beings of Light and transmits high-frequency Codes using the Languages of Light to assist in the evolution of consciousness to create the New Golden Age of Heaven on the New Earth.

She is a Galactic Numerologist and activator of Sacred Number Energies, Intuitive Soul Path Coach, a Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner, and she channels, transmits, activates, and emanates Source Light and Love Codes via the Divine Languages of Light in all of its forms.

As a modern mystic, she works in co-creation with Divine Beings of Light from Intergalactic Councils, Angels, and Archangels, Dragons, Ascended Masters, Crystals, and Nature in all her forms. Denise assists awakened and conscious Lightworkers and Starseeds to fully activate their 5D Ascension blueprint by providing advanced encoded Light and Love frequencies so they can embody Wholeness to actualize Unity into their reality, therefore creating a most balanced and joyful life.

Special Offer 1: 3 Audio Transmissions


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: Galactic Numerology 2022 Personal Year Session

  • Plus Offer 1

2 Payment Option Available