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Kim van de Sande

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Dis-cover your Soul Blueprint

In this masterclass, experience a powerful journey to rapidly accelerate the dis-covering of your soul blueprint. So that you can quickly restore your inner harmony, release what no longer serves you, and deeply connect with your Higher Self guidance so that you can step into your next level with more clarity and confidence.
You know you are meant for something bigger than you are currently allowing and expressing! It is time to believe in the vision you hold and use your creative potential to live a fulfilling life in all areas!

You are a spiritual visionary, and deep within, you know it is time to allow your creative flow to blossom you into your next level of business, love, expression, and income. Ask yourself this question; what would it mean to me if my life in one year from now would still be the same? What amazingness would you miss out on by not being you!

You are a healer, leader, teacher, coach, artist, parent, and you know you have something powerful to share with the world that will support the raising of consciousness. The next step is to allow these Divine Feminine Codes of the Flower of Love to support you. To be able to let the now moment inspire you into aligned action. To lead yourself past the inner critic and the old safety mechanisms and to step fully into the magic of the unknown. You have got what it takes!
Time to say YES to yourself and to step into this journey of un-covering your Soul Blueprint?

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Special Offer Includes:

Reclaim Your Inner Harmony With the Flower of Awareness

Audio and Video Download Available

Special Offer: Flower of Awareness Program


2 Payment Option Available

Whether you’re looking for more clarity on your next steps, or you’re craving for more self-love and nourishment, or you are finally ready to let go of chaos and confusion and wish you had more confidence to share your unique light with the world; this is for you!

This 3-part journey was divinely downloaded to support you in shifting out of the old paradigm of using your mind into being in your heart space more moments in your day for wisdom, clarity, and harmony—awareness as a powerful key to step into your next expansion.

This journey supports you in deepening your connection with your Higher Self, your heart, and your deep desires. So that you can go through your day feeling energized instead of depleted. To shift the old paradigm of finding your answers outside of you to find them deep within you; you are the only one that knows your Divine Truth!

With all that is happening in the world right now, this journey supports you with frequencies and codes to strengthen your energetic field, so you are less affected by your outer reality, and you experience more balance & harmony in your everyday life. To shift your awareness from what is not going right in your life into experiencing the beauty and abundance in every moment. Are you choosing to allow these frequencies and codes of love and nourishment in?

This journey supports you to change the filters through which you experience your reality so that you can experience more moments of Joy, Love, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty. This 3-part special offer journey is an opening portal into the Flower of Love Spiral Journey. The divine template of the Flower of Love is here to support you in the full embodiment of your highest potential.

What is the next expansion your heart is calling you into? You know you are meant for something bigger than you are currently allowing and expressing! Ask yourself this question; what would it mean to me if my life in one year from now would be exactly the same? What amazingness would you miss out on?

It all starts with awareness!
Manifestations follow your energy and your energy follows your awareness.
Are you ready to step into your next expansion? To say YES to yourself?

When you enroll, you will receive:

  • Powerful opening energy transmission pre-recorded audio so you can listen to it when you want—encoded with high-frequency cosmic sounds, divine light, and sacred geometry, will be available on your portal page on 12-21-2021.
  • Cosmic Sound upgrade morning audio.
  • Powerful Integration Exercise to be done in between the opening energy transmission and the Zoom group live call.
  • Group Zoom live call on 21-28-2021, with a powerful energy clearing* and transmission. The clearing is designed to rapidly release all that is in the way of fully connecting with your Higher Self and greater awareness. The transmission at the end is to support you with frequencies and codes of Love and Light to upgrade your Lightbody to the highest current now.

* Specific energy clearing, when you share your most significant awareness from the reflection exercise with Kimness before the live call, we can support you with a specific clearing of that energy in our live call.

Are you ready to change your outer experience from within?

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Next level deepening relationship with your Higher Self

  • More Self-love and confidence

  • Nourishing for body, mind, and soul

  • Navigating next soul-aligned steps from within

  • Being in the now moment

  • Balance & Harmony

  • Contributing by taking good care of yourself

About Kim van de Sande

Kim, a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Light Language Channel, Master Teacher, Author who helps souls all across the globe to ascend and amplify their ability to fully embody their highest calling with the speed of light, a creator of Sacred Communities, and aligning CEO’s to New Earth Entrepreneurship.

Special Offer: Flower of Awareness Program


2 Payment Option Available