With certified Sophia Circle Leader®, Quantum Light Practitioner, and Rose Priestess of the Divine Feminine Temple Arts
Aaliyah Sophia Rose

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As a highly sensitive, intuitive, and empathic woman I’ve struggled with saying “Yes” in situations where the most self-honoring answer would actually have been a firm “No”. In addition to the resulting exhaustion, depletion, and resentment, my most painful realization has been that with each inauthentic “Yes” I uttered, I was unknowingly betraying and abandoning myself. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

Maybe you can relate?

Have you felt….

  • A pang of guilt at the thought of saying no to a request, especially made by those closest to you?
  • That your worthiness is tied to the approval of others?
  • Afraid that if you say “No”, you won’t only disappoint someone, but possibly even lose their love?
  • The impulse to keep others at arm’s length, so as not to drown in their needs and demands?

If you answered yes to any of these, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!

And NOW is the time to cultivate a level of self-care, self-love, and self-honoring beyond your wildest imagination! Not only for your personal well-being, but also in support of the collective shift in consciousness. The shift from self-sacrifice to self-reverence. For as we each embody the deepest levels of reverence for ourselves, we develop the authentic capacity to offer this True reverence to others—from a place of sovereignty. Can you imagine what a world based on absolute reverence for self and others might be like? I can and the beauty of it makes my heart sing!

Join me for this special masterclass to reclaim the power of your Sacred “NO” and:

  • Become more in tune with yourself and YOUR needs and desires
  • Claim your right to prioritize your needs and desires
  • Amplify your power of discernment to access crystal clarity about what is an authentic “yes” and what is an authentic “no”
  • Access your body wisdom and identify what a “yes” feels like in your body and what a “no” feels like
  • Resource your courage and the power of your voice to express your “No’s”
  • Align with the people, places, and opportunities that are a perfect match for you and feel uplifting, empowering, fulfilling, and joyful
  • Level up your capacity for freedom, joy, love, full self-expression, and healthy, co-creative relationships

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Special Offer Includes:

Harness your Sword of Truth and Deepen into Your Sovereign Power

Includes Live event on Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 2pm ET

Live participation only, will NOT be recorded

Special Offer: Harness your Sword of Truth and Deepen into Your Sovereign Power


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1. Sword of Truth–Guided Meditation and Activation (audio recording)

Call back all of your energy, deepen into your physical embodiment, and open to connect with your own inner Divine masculine and the Sword of Truth that He offers. As your receptivity to the Divine masculine within you grows, you will be fortified and buoyed by his strength, courage, power, and Divine knowing. This empowerment paves the way for you to become crystal clear on your sacred “NO”s and express them with both confidence and grace.

Item 2. Sword of Truth—Integrate with Divine Sound (audio recording)

A voice transmission that will assist with deep integration of the Sword of Truth Guided Meditation and Activation. Listening to these tones bypasses the rational, thinking mind and provides multidimensional support, bathing you in the unconditional love frequencies of the Divine Mother.

Item 3. BONUS!!!! Intro to the Sophia Circle Journey®–A Pathway to Activate Your Sovereign Divinity

75 minute LIVE Zoom

Get an exclusive sneak peak into what it feels like to embark on a 13-ceremony journey through the sacred codex of The Sophia Code® with certified Sophia Circle leader, Aaliyah Sophia Rose.

In this sacred ceremonial space you will be guided to deeply commune with Sophia God, the Ascended Masters, and your own Higher Self with the intention of activating YOUR sovereign divinity as an Earth Angel and wayshower in these pivotal times.

This is for YOU if you are a “YES” to…

  • Opening to accept and receive the unconditional love, multidimensional support, and guidance of Sophia God/Source/Creator, the Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self
  • Witnessing Divine love flow into all aspects of your being
  • Liberating yourself from loops of pain and suffering
  • Remembering your invincible innocence
  • Claiming your SOVEREIGNTY
  • Embodying more of your Higher Self
  • Deepening your awareness of your unique divine purpose in this pivotal lifetime

Live participation only, will NOT be recorded
Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 2pm ET

Benefits of the special offer may include:

  • Open to deeper communion with your inner Divine Masculine and what He provides (structure, safety, strength, and uncompromising “NO” when it is warranted)

  • Claiming YOUR space (your body, mind, heart, and energetic field)

  • Clearing your energetic field–severing cords and energetic ties through which you are leaking life force and giving away power

  • Calibrate to the next level of your embodied power—when you embody the power of your “NO”, the door to the power of your embodied “YES” opens

  • With your inner Divine masculine activated and on the job, your inner Divine feminine can feel free and safe to open, express, and bloom in the ways she most deeply desires

  • Deeply integrate these activations and shifts with sacred sound

  • Experience an intimate, live ceremony and receive a transmission of Sophia God’s infinite and unshakable love for you as her precious child

About Aaliyah Sophia Rose

Aaliyah Sophia Rose is a certified Sophia Circle Leader®, Quantum Light Practitioner, and Rose Priestess of the Divine Feminine Temple Arts. She is a passionate creator of safe sacred spaces and a wayshower for women who are choosing to reclaim and embody the power and potency of their sovereign divinity.

Special Offer: Harness your Sword of Truth and Deepen into Your Sovereign Power


2 Payment Option Available