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For many of us, life can often feel like something that we are just getting through on auto-pilot. Since the pandemic started, it might have especially felt like each day is Groundhog Day – just on constant repeat. But what would happen if, regardless of your circumstances, you chose to fully show up as who you truly are each day? What if you were able to make a meaningful impact each day just by being you? How would this knowledge change your life and those around you?

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Connect with others through the power of your presence.
  • Access your inner light through your heart.
  • Be present in more now moments.
  • Bring more meaning into your daily life.

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Special Offer Includes:

1:1 Relationship Scan Session of Sacred Light and Love (30 mins)

Special Offer: 1:1 Relationship Scan Session of Sacred Light and Love (30 mins)


2 Payment Option Available

Journey into the Truth of who you are with a 1:1 Relationship Scan Session of Sacred Light and Love. Through this 1:1 session, we will open your unique Book of Truth and shift the #1 energy block that is currently preventing you from showing up in your life, and having incredible relationships, community, and more. Together, we’ll look in your unique Book of Truth and receive guidance as to how to align and optimize your relationships. A recording of the session will be provided so that you may listen to it multiple times and deepen into the transmission and shifts.

A 1:1 Relationship Scan Session with Sacred Light and Love may allow you to :

  • Complete intergenerational trauma that keeps you from feeling safe to be present, open and showing up in your relationships.

  • Take your current relationships to the next level, including the relationship with yourself.

  • Call in new soul-mate relationships: friends, clients, colleagues, etc.

  • Stop feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and open to having deep, meaningful connections and community in your life.

About Lavonne

Lavonne has been doing energy healing since 2014 when she became a Reiki Master. In the summer of 2020, she did Divine Light Activation with Danielle Rama Hoffman and Thoth, and then joined their Ascended Master Academy in September 2020. In October 2020, she downloaded a unique, new healing modality called Sacred Light and Love, which combines the healing properties of rainbow-colored light frequencies and the gentle, soft, warmth of Divine Love to align you to Source. .

Special Offer: 1:1 Relationship Scan Session of Sacred Light and Love (30 mins)


2 Payment Option Available