With Gifted Trance Channel/Medium, Healer, and Art Maker
Sheryl Ann Noday

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The role of the channel today is quite different than lets say oracles of the past. I will share with you the fundamental differences and similarities that bring the past into the present for the 21st century trance channel.

The excitement we feel in learning to channel, certainly is palatable. Often times, through that excitement necessary and important steps can be overlooked, even forgotten. We are going to cover these important beginning energies. With love and excitement, so you won’t want to “glide” over them. But instead using each and every step like climbing the ladder of ascension. Too often the channeling student will want to get right to the connection with Spirit. Although that is what we aim for, that is the goal. Important and necessary fundamentals help, assist along the way. Lets become intimate about what those steps are, how and why they assist in making contact.

You will learn why its important and how these steps aid in connecting with high frequency’s. In my years as a channeling teacher, I often see student who will dismiss a beautiful guide because it’s not an “Angel” or a popular name. Please know the higher frequency’s know this and often times, say call me “Joe” or “Mary”. In that way, they are well aware of the intricacies of our ego and how it works. We are going to address the ego, how it can sabotage us when we are not aware. Growing, evolving, becoming intimate with Self, Soul and Spirit is not a painstaking reality. Quite the contrary. Its fun, easy and the most natural thing in the world!

In this powerful training with Sheryl, you will discover:

  • Fundamentals and Foundations of Trance Channeling

  • Important Beginning Steps, not to be missed

  • Ending Ego

  • Love the One You Connect With

Work with the Beings of Light – Ask Siria Family your questions in the next Open Forum

Special Offer #1 : Open Forum with Siria Family

Next Session – Wed. August 19
10AM PT / 11AM MT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET / 5PM GMT

Siria Family always enters our realm with loud vibrational tones that are quite lifting of energy, healing in that way. They will then speak on a topic to be followed by your questions. Our power is that we are creators and Siria Family reminds us of this most beautifully. In this way you will find they rarely make predictions because their role is to help us heal and empower us rather than tell us how to live.

People have aha moments, shifts to the higher self spontaneously occur and people find hope again.
In our time together Siria Family always weaves a glorious meditation based on the attendees questions and answers given.

We so welcome you to this kind of learning, to this kind of loving, to the beauty of channeling.
The focus of Siria Family’s message is metaphysical, transformational and based on the belief that “We Create Our Own Reality”, thus life is but a DREAM!

Siria Family teachings are about love with a focus on healing, the spiritual,mental, emotional and physical bodies by close examination of our interior. During this vocal transmission people share they feel lifted and report feelings of euphoria. This is a “gallery session” where members of the audience can ask and receive answers to questions about their lives. In this channeling. session, spirit speaks through me while I am in a deep trance state of consciousness. This allows these loving beings who refer to
themselves as Siria Family to come through. They are not a traditional family in a sense as we would recognize, but are a vortex of Light Energy Beings, non-physical, galactic in a sense.

We so hope to see you there!
With love,
Sheryl~ Siria Family Channel

Special Offer #2: Soul & Spirit Portrait

Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, Soul Self are all part of our journey here on planet Earth. These Beings share themselves , expose themselves to us in a myriad of loving ways. Have you ever wondered what these Beings may look like and the healing messages they have for you? In your personal session I connect to you and Spirit, creating a intuitive work of art that is uniquely yours.

The drawing serves as a portal, each and every time you view the art you will gain new insights diving you deeper into your own personal power. This can especially be achieved by meditating on the drawing.

$199 all inclusive (reading, drawing, and shipping)

In this way its is love that make life worth living. In some cases Spirit mirrors the energy you both share, other times healing’s occur as the drawing is being made. People have shared the most beautiful stores with me: “When my Guide was being drawn I had a tingling in my third eye”. ” I have had a pain in my back for many months and watching my Guide come to life through the drawing the pain vanished”. The drawing serves as a portal, each and every time you view the art you will gain new insights diving you deeper into your own personal power. This can especially be achieved by meditating on the drawing. I would love to share this with you!

This is what I do and love to do! Connecting people with the beautiful unseen.

Offer #1

Open Forum with Siria Family
$33 USD


Offer #2

Soul & Spirit Portrait
$199 USD

2 Payment Option

About Sheryl Ann Noday

Sheryl Ann Noday, a gifted Trance Channel/ Medium, Healer, and Visionary Artist. A lifelong commitment, Sheryl’s relationship with Spirit began early in life. This led her to study with the world’s most authentic teachers, Spirit themselves. She holds a position on the Board for Certification on Trance Channeling in Los Angeles, California. When working with Sheryl and Spirit people feel restored with their healing approach to rebalance, recalibrate love within their Soul, within the Heart, to regain a sense of passion “in life and for life”. Sheryl’s channeling is dedicated to the “art of healing” by looking at the depth of soul’s issues, offering unique perspectives to ignite the “spark of divine consciousness within”, thereby dismantling the illusion of separation. Sheryl channel’s many high frequency beings. However, the beings known as Siria Family often lead the way. The love and compassion shared by these Beings has assisted 1000’s across the globe encouraging others to life a life of passion rather than the fear of it. She is the founder of “Art The Silent Healer”, creating visionary paintings, Soul & Spirit Portraits~ personal drawings for clients whereby each artwork is a portal, an invitation into ones own Soul. She is a three time Recipient, juried by James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She has produced, directed and channeled, the first channeling film on crystal skulls, whereby the skulls speak for themselves “The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness”, a short film. The Beings, Siria Family initiated and created the first channeling classes in the midwest, 15 years strong, “The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling”. One of their passions is education, teaching and healing. The classes have been a platform and bridge for many others as a chosen career path. Sheryl is currently channeling, teaching, birthing new channels and making art about those ideas. In 2020, Sheryl’s channeling and art were featured in Sedona Journal where she has remained an active contributor. Also in 2020, Sheryl began working with “Twist out Cancer”, a company dedicated in partnering artist with inspirations. She is currently creating magical realism arts and working with clients worldwide offering the voice and magic of Spirit.

Offer #1

Open Forum with Siria Family
$33 USD


Offer #2

Soul & Spirit Portrait
$199 USD

2 Payment Option