With ordained Gnostic minister

Rev. Devi Grace 

Enjoy this Self- Empowerment Summit Presentation

Quantum Shamanic Alchemy: The I AM KOSMIC DISPENSATION with Rev Devi Grace & Simon Hinton


Transforming & Embodying Gaian’s Soul Alignment.

We are excited to introduce to humanity the most potent and highly advanced system of Transformation, Manifestation, Quantum Healing and somatic Lightbody Ascension upon our planet Gaia SoPhiA.

We call this unique ‘I AM Kosmic Dispensation’: Twin Flame Physics, Quantum Shamanic Alchemy, the Galactic Hieros Gamos Sacred Union’.

The I AM Kosmic Dispensation is a game-changing Divine Technology of great power and complexity; however, our focus is to keep things simple, practical and accessible for everyone who feels this calling, to enable you to fully upgrade your energy field, bio-spiritual pathways and reconstellate your health and reality.

Quantum Shamanic Alchemy is Reunification Itself

~ Quantum Shamanic Alchemy reminds us HOW to MANIFEST seamlessly with our ‘Heart-Womb’s’ highest Ascension Timeline – our DREAM REALITY.

~ Q.S.A. empowers our true Genius to ‘come back online’ as we reconnect through the ‘ Power Trinity Vortex’ with Mother/Father Source Code.

~ Q.S.A.  enables us to rapidly detox, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically, our ethereal vibrational field.

~ Q.S.A. reignites our innate intimacy with our calling, our True Soul Path’s Dharma, Blueprint, Bio-Circuitry and Divine Design.

~ Q.S.A.  opens the deep remembrance of our integrated ‘Lightbody Coherence’ to enhance and expand our creativity to its unfettered potential.

~ Q.S.A.  marries one’s Masculine and Feminine frequencies/qualities to birth a harmonic recalibration, rewire, and reconfiguration.

~ Q.S.A. restores one’s balance, joy, fulfilment, and confidence to transform any karmic wounds/imprints we may possess into our soul’s intended gifts.

~ Q.S.A.  teaches that one’s multi-dimensional gift resides in our ‘core wound’ so that we can move out of our filtered reality of limited perspective, into the holographic wisdom of our personal relationship to ‘GAIA SOPHIA’, and all of the beauty of nature’s principles.

~ Q.S.A. roots us back with the Morphogenic Unified Field of our Planet (the Earth’s energy field with the consciousness of everyone) and anchors us to the elemental bodies of ‘Grandfather Fire’ (Divine Masculine presence), ‘Grandmother Growth’ (Divine Feminine presence) and the primal forces of Mother/Father’s Terra Nova. This offers all Initiates a grounded communion with the symbiotic relationship between both the physical (roots) and the cosmic levels of our awareness (branches of light/essence.)

~ Q.S.A. weaves all aspects of the true ‘Gnostic Rites of Passage’, refamiliarizing us with our expanded ‘Pre-Birth Planning’ agreements in what is called the ‘Living Library of GRACE’. This phrase refers to the collective records or database of one’s entire soul’s journey and its nature and direction. Our all-encompassing ‘omni-dimensional’, Quantum Spiritual Kaleidoscope (‘Swing Between Worlds’ Template) transcends all previous Mystery School training. Yes this a spiritual evolution of vast magnitude!

~ Q.S.A.  accesses one’s Vertical Alignment  to LIFE’s original ‘Mother/Father Source Code’ of embodied Sacred Union. Together this sacred feminine and masculine fusion beautifully merges to generate our pure Source connection to Creation’s original ‘Arc of Grace.’

Quantum Shamanic AlchemyTwin Flame Physics ushers in humanity’s Arc of Divine Redemption through the spiritual divinization of matter for this ultimate marriage of pure substance (female) and structured form (male.) When this is partnered as a singular synthesized whole, the resulting ‘Unity Consciousness’ emanates extraordinary power and potency to transform our Planet’s biosphere, dissolving  ‘fractured systemic disease’ and its’ multi-generational suffering.

This Divine Union is the Kosmic Hieros Gamos, a Phenomenal DIVINE TECHNOLOGY and ALCHEMICAL transmission that delivers a Creative Genius to dismantle the extensive amnesia and ‘ancestral forgetting’ of one’s ‘before-birth focus’.

We are inviting you from the heart to activate a SUPER-EMPOWERED framework that liberates us from the human veils of separation – including multi-generational Programming/Ancestral Trauma, Fractured Pain-Body Timelines, and Psychic Miasms/Disembodied Attack, War, Sickness and much more!

The  ‘ARC OF GRACE’  is an On-Going Moment of Creation ‘flow state’ that emerges from the Shamanicly invoked QUANTUM FIELD, the Source of ALL EXISTENCE. This is an unprecedented REBOOT for our Kosmic Dispensation, to lift our longstanding veils of separation from our Whole Self.

The ‘Unified Personalised Energy Field’, and its sacred geometric nature, may be divinely rewired using bio-spiritual Ascension’s Soul Circuity. This re-births a ‘trinitized energy field upgrade’ – generating infinite unconditional self-LOVE and a magnificent wave of healing integrity. This permanent ‘Tri-Wave healing gift’ reconciles our ancient splits in ‘Humanity’s collective Family TREE’.

This ORIGINAL ‘Great Marriage’ is the Grace-filled antidote that heralds our destined Golden Age of Gaian Soul Activation through the miraculous rewiring of separation back to DIVINE UNION.

Self-Empowerment Summit Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course

The Metamorphosis & The Original Hieros Gamos Lineage ~ 3-Part Course

The Metamorphosis & The Original Hieros Gamos Lineage ~ 3-Part Course


Train with over 9 hours of Quantum Shamanic Alchemy training, education, ceremony and initiation:

  • Sacred Commerce/Merchant Priesthood-Priestesshood Temple Value – $222 US Dollars

An Inter-GALACTIC Biological ASCENSION SCHOOL series recorded in three unique stages:

  1. The Great Mother Code
  2. The Great Father Code
  3. The Arc of Grace Redemption Code

IN these recordings we introduce the most advanced QUANTUM HEALING and multi-dimensional TRAUMA DISSOLVING Technology on Planet Earth, delivering * FREEDOM – ALCHEMY – EMPOWERMENT – WHOLENESS – SOVEREIGNTY – LOVE – TWIN FLAME FUSION – SOUL EMBODIMENT! *

Reverend Devi Grace and Simon Hinton present a unique 3-part Transmission to introduce the most powerful healing technologies on the planet: ‘Sacred Union Hieros Gamos Quantum Field  Technology’.  You’ll enjoy over 9 enriching hours of immersion into the Quantum Shamanic Alchemy mysteries.

These encoded teachings and their 3 phase templates are now available to purchase as private recordings to inform you, activate you, clear and upgrade you, and empower you, to rise up out of the old programs of limitation and patterns of separation.

THIS INCREDIBLE SACRED Leadership Training and ALCHEMICAL MASTERY SERIES delivers Creative  Genius Activation with a SUPER-EMPOWERED Liberation from multi-generational Programming/Trauma, Negative Energy Patterns/Imprints and Separation Conflict/Psychic Attack.  How do you reconnect? By activating the embodied ‘ARC OF GRACE’ that flows from the Unified Quantum Field, also known as MOTHER/FATHER “Source Code” and the Trinity Scalar Wave  (Godhead) that emerges from their perfected integration.

This is an authentic opportunity for you to experience the most penetrating QUANTUM SOURCE CODE HIEROS GAMOS (Sacred Marriage) RITES OF PASSAGE upon Gaia, complete with ‘144 Lightbody Activation’, while commencing the bio-spiritual process of Ascension’s SOUL Circuity re-wire.  For those awakened/awakening beloveds this is the missing organic-light link to the trinitized energy field upgrades and the redemption of Divine forgiveness you have been praying for!

In this 3×3 hour recording series (divided into 6 sections) we show you EXACTLY how to bring ‘Heaven’ into Earth in your reality, and how to synthesize your primal masculine/feminine/wholeness down into your cellular Body Temple.

In addition, this potent progression of Inter-GALACTIC Vibrational Shifts will positively affect all those you interact with, as well as our entire Planet’s nervous systems.

WE invite you to RELAX into our RECEIVING FEMININE & SOVEREIGN MASCULINE from the Great Creator’s Fatherly INTEGRITY + Great Creatrix’s Mystical Alluring BEAUTY inside of their unconditional timeless LIGHT & venerable HOLY UNION TEMPLE.

  • What better time to surrender into your ensoulment as we approach the annual 12:12 Universal Solstice, Feast Day of Guadalupe and December 12th Stargate Portal.
  • Are you ready to permanently transform and empower your Feminine Essence Lover Queen Mage and Masculine Magi Medicine Man High Priest King’s Health, Wealth, Destiny/Dharma and Relationships?
  • Are you ready to nobly step up in your Heros/Sheroe’s evolution, reverence, and valor?

If so INVEST in your core being NOW! This intimate retreat and our astounding knowledge and living depth of information are most definitely for you. This spirit and matter ‘Vertical Alignment’ integrates to circulate one’s Mother/Father Source Code, and YES it is CALLING you into balanced Leadership!

** The Truth of LOVE Journey: Welcome HOME beyond linking to your God/Goddess Spirit – this is your RETURN VISION of both SOURCE Feminine Earth & COSMIC Masculine SYNTHESIS to house the MEMORY of your DIVINITY IN FORM!! **

What People Have To Say

I have been so happy to embark on this journey with you Devi Gayatri-Samavesha Grace. For me, the journey actually started the night before the first event, as during my dream I received the “blessing” for this Sacred Union. The dream was so deep and harmonious that I did not want to wake up… Luckily, it did continue a few nights after. But, what’s amazing to witness is how relieving it feels to peel the layers of ‘ancestral weight’ (that I’m sure each of us is caring). I thought that I already went through this process and the work it’s done….Apparently once you do more work and you advance, you realize how much work you still need to do….And the funny thing is that I actually feel lighter, so I’ll continue working these ‘spiritual muscles.

Dina Tanuvuia

I admit that I approached this event with a certain amount of hesitation, but underneath was an impulse to be part of it that proved stronger. Revisiting the session has helped bring greater clarity and during the meditation I experienced some energy jolts – usually an indication that something non-cerebral is happening. It’s a process and one that involves (for me at least) stepping into uncharted territory. I may well stumble at times but will hang in there. We may all be fellow travellers on the same broad path but within that, we find our own particular route and step along it in our own way, with guidance. Thank you all and especially Devi and Simon.

Margaret Armitage

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my experience of part 1 of this amazing circuitry rewire. I was too overwhelmed on the evening to speak. Afterwards I stepped outside and flapped my new butterfly wings. It was as if I had just re-emerged from the chrysalis and felt completely rejuvenated. Both Simon and Devi are amazing at bringing this new technology forward to this new age. I can’t recommend it enough!

Freya Corvus

Since joining the Metamorphosis/Hieros Gamos Lineage teachings group,  everything in my life has intensified and quickened in magical and synchronous ways. I wish to express how very much I enjoyed and appreciated the amazing, profoundly transformative transmissions, coded with beautiful, powerful intentions and the ways the 3 of you held space for us all. The Sacred Union teachings were divinely woven together in perfect orchestration; the group so beautifully held by Rev. Devi Gayatri-Samavesha Grace, Simon Hinton and Douglas Medicine Wolf. Ever since, I continue to embody and walk my prayer ever more deeply. I am bowing in deep gratitude with devotion to this ever-unfolding path of Sacred Union within and my heart is ablaze with Divine Love and remembrance. I have come home. With Love and blessings for All my Relations.

Cheryl Gissing

About Reverend Devi Grace

Reverend Devi Grace is an ordained Gnostic minister, Essene bishop, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Caring Economy advocate (Center For Partnership Studies), advanced energy medicine practitioner, Twin Flame Physics mentor, oracle for Gaia, childhood walk-in, trained channel, initiated medicine woman, shamanic guide, geomancy consultant, Integral coach, spiritual messenger, oracle, multiple NDE experiencer, soul embodiment teacher and a somatic teacher of male/ female unity consciousness.

The mission of the Divine Union Academy is to provide guidance, tools, and platforms for individuals, couples, and teams to embody their soul’s original design in harmonic cohesion with the Natural Laws of our Universe. Visionary leaders are initiated into a direct re-balance of power within themselves; thus, impacting our evolving world through the transformational principles of Partnership Culture. We serve luminaries to integrate key Rites of Passage from Earth’s ancient lineages to renovate humanity’s capacity to awaken Earth’s new Blueprint of Consciousness.

Divine Union Foundation’s vision is to provide an evolutionary regenerative template that opens the gateway for humanity to embody their original divine blueprint and realign with the vast intelligence of nature. Luminaries inspired to integrate a greater vision of life’s potentials are trained in the core values of partnership culture through time-honored lineages, thus creating leaders for a global awakening. We provide new platforms for embodied stewards to launch Cultural Transformation initiatives. Our legacy is the response to humanity’s deepest prayers for assistance in understanding who we are, what we are here for, and what we can do to ensure an expansive and generative future for our interdependent human and planetary ecology.

About Simon Hinton

Simon Hinton is an internationally renowned Transformational Coach, Thought Leader, Energy Healer and Psychic, Writer, founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Club International, The London Reiki School, and the creator of the Harmonic Resonance Healing System of Lightbody Ascension and Quantum Power Programming (QPP). He shares these teachings on global retreats and at his healing clinic Light Therapy Revolution in Central London.

Simon offers Quantum Combination Therapy and has a vast roster of clients across the UK and the world. People travel from far and wide to take advantage of his unique abilities and esoteric experience.