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Lauren Galey

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You ARE the Miracle with Lauren Galey


You ARE the Miracle is an exploration of your own Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty as we ascend along with Gaia on Planet Earth. This presentation with Lauren Galey will share a humorous approach to your genetics and how you can become aware of where you are being limited by your ancestral and genetic programming. You’ll also learn about tools you can use to clean up your energy, dissolve negative energy and amplify the Light within in so you can create Miracles.

Self-Empowerment Summit Mastery Empowerment Course

Special Offer: Making Miracles Support Package

Special Offer: Self-Empowerment Summit Upgrade


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Find Your Authentic Voice Webinar with Lauren Galey – Recorded

The voice of the Heart is the Voice of Love.  You’ll learn techniques to finding & expressing/speaking your Authentic Voice from the heart –  with love, compassion, strength, confidence and grace. This is a course for all New Earth Leaders!    In this online workshop, you’ll get personal assistance with your voice, speaking with love, and noticing how people respond to you differently when you speak with your Heart Tone.

In this 2 hour course,  you’ll learn how to:

Find the resonance of your heart voice that you can use to speak to your family, loved ones, community or on a public platform

Use Toning & Chanting to open to your heart voice

Speak with Love, Compassion, Understanding

Identify where you are speaking from in your “normal” or current speaking voice

Shift your voice into your Heart center

Once you find the voice of your heart, you’ll have tremendous, impact on your words and the way you express yourself in love & compassion, with confidence, strength & grace.

Item 2: Passion Matrix Workshop

Ignite Your Passion Matrix and Build Your New Earth Business with Lauren Galey

Are you passionate about your Purpose Work & bringing your Mastery to the world… but just don’t know where to start, how to proceed?

Finding yourself feeling lost, disoriented, discouraged… maybe even sliding into despair… Wondering, are you ever going to make it happen?

Or pushing it to the back-burner, procrastinating, distracting yourself away from your purpose because you have no clue about the Whats & the Hows?

Or… You may already know what your business idea is, but need help in getting it into a Tangible Business Model…

Discover how to put your Passion Matrix ~ your Unique Blueprint of all your skills & passions ~ into place in your New Dimensional Earth Business

Item 3: Plant Music Remedy

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 15 hours of High Vibrational Music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

Item 4: Solfeggio Tones Sound Healing Session – 1 hour recorded

Solfeggio Tones Sound Healing Spa 

60 minutes

This audio healing spa offers all 9 solfeggio tones played for 33 seconds, rotating for 60 minutes. This audio can be enjoyed in normal, low or silent volume.

Item 5: Aquatic Meditation with Whale & Dolphins Healing Sounds

Special Offer: Everything in Option 1, PLUS a Higher Self Hypnosis Session with Lauren

Special Offer: Everything in Option 1, PLUS a Higher Self Hypnosis Session with Lauren


2 Payment Option Available

Higher Self Hypnotic Regression Session – Remote via zoom
Let the sound of my voice and the healing frequencies of SoundSync Technology music send you on a deep journey within yourself. In a remote session in the comfort and energy of your own home or peaceful location, you’ll experience a deeply relaxing session that connects you to your Higher Self who will offer information from your Soul Consciousness Realm that is incredibly supportive on your journey.

I love this because this is YOUR HIGHER SELF leading the way! Our own Guru is within us and this technique offers an enriching way to receive this wisdom from within.

The Soul Consciousness Realm is accessed through the specialized technique of a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method session using SoundSynchTech sound frequencies. This gives the client access to the Quantum Field Within using alpha, theta and delta brainwave states in a unique composition.

Through this process, you will be very relaxed yet alert as you access information in your Subconscious Mind, the Superconscious Mind, and the Unified Field,.

This enables you to find a source of an issue, block or limitation, which may facilitate a self-healing response. This also allows you to go deeply into the Quantum Field Within In you bring forth skills and talents from past-lives and future lives, also bringing in new technologies and inventions for New Earth Living.

Wellpoint Hypnosis Method: Experience Past Life Regression and the Soul Consciousness Realm with SoundSynchTech sound frequencies.

Connect with Your Higher Self – The Soul Consciousness Realm
Experience a deeply relaxing experience where you will be induced into delta brainwave states to access your Higher Self and receive the answers that you know within you. This is your Soul Connection and will assist you on your journey for New Earth.

Experience a 90min -2 hour Remote Session via Zoom Video and access your Soul Consciousness Realm!

Includes Ted Winslow’s Sound Healing Frequencies in digital download which you will listen to 20 minutes prior to our session time.

About Lauren Galey

Creator of New Earth One Network – Acoustic Health and the Lemurian Heart Temple. Spiritual Journalist, New Earth Business Intuitive Founder & Media Host: Quantum Conversations, Healing Conversations, Online Healing Retreats. Lauren Ellis Galey is creator of the Passion Matrix, which she used in her own life as she moved out of radio & television news and into a journey of creating with the Heart.  She learned first-hand how the universe supports heart-aligned, (aka soulaligned) efforts and coaches lightworker, healers and New Earth leaders on developing sustainable income from regenerative, heart-based businesses, services, organizations & systems for New Earth.