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Celia Fenn

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The New Earth and the Field of Dreams with Celia Fenn


In the festive season people are more open to the reality of miracles in their lives.  But, in the New Earth, we are able to create miracles at all times using our ability to connect with the Quantum Field and “walk” in the world of Dreams, Concepts and Higher Consciousness. Because this Dream World is beyond the limitations of time and Space, any Miracle is Possible!

Self-Empowerment Summit Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course

Creating Miracles 101 : The New Earth and the Field of Dreams

Creating Miracles 101 : The New Earth and the Field of Dreams


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In the festive season people have open hearts and feel love and joy, so they often experience Christmas miracles.

But what if we could live a life of everyday miracles all year round?

In this webinar we will consider

  • How to create everyday miracles in the New Earth frequency
  • How to “walk” in the Dream World or Quantum Field
  • How to command ideas into manifestation
  • How to be in a state of open-heartedness and self-worth in order to receive your creations
  • And an Activation with Archangel Michael and the Angels to open to your creative powers

There will be a 90 minute Zoom webinar and a PDF booklet download for Each participant. If you cannot attend the webinar in person, you will have access to the recording after the session

About Celia Fenn

Celia Fenn is an International Writer, Channel, Creative and Mentor, who works with the Angelic and Galactic Families, Archangel Michael, the Elohim Angels and the Mary Magdalene. Since the early years of the 21st Century she has travelled globally and worked online as a Channel and Medium with individuals and groups of people.

She offers online webinar courses in Spiritual evolution and Transformation. Her focus is to help people to understand what is happening on the Earth and to develop the Resilience, Power and Creativity to create a serene and successful life.  She shares Archangel Michael’s teachings of the “Sacred Year” on the “Sacred Planet” to help Lightworkers to create a spiritual framework for their daily lives and their daily journey.  She offers courses and consultations that are suitable for both Masters and Beginners!