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The Metatronia Source Light Attunement (SLA) is the initial experience of the vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings.
Metatronia is the Light of Source, brought to us through Archangel Metatron. Divine vibrational codings that assist our light evolution.

Special Offer:  Metatronia Source Light Attunement

Special Offer 1 Includes:

Metatronia Source Light Attunement

Initial Connection to Source Light

  • What is the SLA?
  • How does Archangel Metatron help us?
  • What happens when we release expectation?
  • What happens within the vessel when we receive the SLA attunement?

The Metatronia Source Light Attunement (SLA) is the initial experience of the vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings.

Metatronia is the Light of Source, brought to us through Archangel Metatron. Divine vibrational codings that assist our light evolution.

The SLA has helped many to align to their true soul path. Aligning with your soul blueprint. There are vibrational and transformational changes after Attunement. Many have experienced a whole new world opening up before them as the light brings vibrational alignment. It is open to everyone.

This is a distant Attunement with no forms, certificates, or workbooks. A mutual date and time are set up for the Attunement which is done via Distance and you are requested to lie down for up to one hour. Releasing all expectations and just allowing the Vessel (body) to relax. The more that you relax, let go and trust, the more that you are receptive to divine light integration.

As Source assists in our vibrational alignment, we must be open to receive the divine and most sacred counsel of the one true light which directs and orchestrates every aspect of our being. As we connect with Source, the vessel expands into divine truth.

The SLA will assist your vessel in taking in more light. It will assist in divine synchronicity and manifestation, brings you home within your being and brings alignment to all aspects of your earthly form. It assists with healing and alignment and guides you to that which is your true path. Allowing the vessel to be more open consciously and physically to the magnificence of Source. It is very much about initial connection, opening and expansion into light. A unique and personal experience. (There is no feedback at this level of Attunement). No other Attunements should be undertaken within a 2-week period of receiving the SLA. This is to allow for vibrational expansion and integration and to honour the frequency.

Metatronia Source Light Attunement


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2 Includes:

Metatronia Therapy Active Healer/Practitioner Attunement

Plus Offer 1

If you enjoyed today’s program and wish to become an Active Healer for Metatronia Therapy and perform Attunements, this is the option for you. Become an active and professional MTFOL registered Metatronia Therapy Practitioner.

If you enjoyed the vibration in the Healing Conversation on Metatronia Therapy, you’re invited to become an active practitioner! You’ll receive everything in Option 1, including the 6-hour course for non-active healers, plus you’ll be activated as a Metatronia Therapy Practitioner, and be listed as a practitioner in the Metatronia Foundation of Life Membership. Membership and certification will be sent after the course. Along with the Healer workbook, Q & A, and application form which is required to be completed by all those taking this attunement.

ITEM 1 – Metatronia Therapy & Attunement – 6 Hour Course
Include coursework and discussion with meditations to experience Metatronia Therapy

ITEM 2 – Active Practitioner Attunement for Active Healers
Attunement to the Active Practitioner Metatronia Therapy Level.

ITEM 3 – Membership & Practitioner Listing in the Metatronia Foundation of Life
This includes Membership to the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL) and your name is shown on the MTFOL Register of Active Practitioners. Metatronia Therapy is an approved and accredited training provider and so only active dedicated practitioners are shown on the register.

ITEM 4 – Soul Reading from Tammy
Tammy’s readings are based on your unique divine soul coding to further assist you in attuning with this energy. They are based on what you need to know as opposed to what you want to know. They are very much geared to assist you on your Ascension and awakening journey. Spirit Guide and other information can come through at the time of the reading. These are given by email.

ITEM 5 – Metatronia Meditation Package
12 Meditations in MP3 download including:

  • Handing over to Raphael– A connection to Raphael very much for the heart space and releasing. Very comforting
  • Center of the Earth – a journey to the center of the earth – taking yourself out of you to a whole new spatial and dimensional awareness.
  • Chakra Flower – balancing of energy meditation
  • Divine Intervention – trusting and opening and believing in the One.
  • Golden Pyramid – A magical journey to the sacred lands and energies around the Pyramids. Thoth may visit during this meditation!
  • Golden Sphere – Taking you to another dimension within yourself. Higher states of awareness and connection, feeling and sensing.
  • Healing Orb – a healing tool – very empowering and very nurturing.
  • Love Frequency – feel the love from within you – releasing and allowing you to feel more deeply within yourself. Great release and unburdening, lightening, and expansion.
  • Meet your spirit guide – Take yourself to a sacred place where you can meet those who are assisting you on this journey. Loved ones may also visit during this sacred time within yourself.
  • Metatron – Be Open to Receive – a great connective meditation. Empowering you, opening and assisting in your awakening process. This is a very powerful and releasing meditation. Connecting you to the divine energy of the One, through Metatron’s vibration and light coding.
  • Planetary Energy Alignment – Spend time among the planets and soak up the elixir that they bring to you. Divine planetary codings and balancing vibrations.
  • Spirit Temple Healing – Sacred time in a sacred place and space that you can come back to and visit at any time.

ITEM 6 – LightBody Vehicle Mechanics Workbook

The Latest Project within the Metatronia Foundation of Light. The focus being awareness of the Lightbody and Lightbody Vehicle Mechanics. Tools, Techniques, Channeling, Images, and much more. Very much food for thought and a taster. This workbook brings to the reader an expansion in consciousness. It is not based on exacts rather it gives you an opening to explore many possibilities of your connection with your very unique and divine Lightbody vehicle/MerKaBaH. This workbook is very much about awareness of our Lightbody vehicle and it goes hand in hand with Ascension. You cannot have one without the other.

Offer 2: Metatronia Therapy Active Healer/Practitioner

  • Plus Option 1

2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 3 Includes:

Metatronia Therapy Master Healer/Attuner 

Plus Offer 1 & 2

This is the final attunement. Master Healer/Attuner enables you to attune others. You must become an active practitioner before you can be considered for Master Attuner.

There are two levels of Master Attuner. The first is as a Master but for your own ascension and awakening process. Not to work as an active Master Practitioner. When applying for Master Attunement please inform the attuner as to what level you wish to be attuned. There is space to annotate this on the Master Q&A form.

The Second level is Active Master Attuner Practitioner which means you are able to work in an active practitioner capacity and attune others. For this, you must submit 6 case studies/feedback from healing sessions (in person and/or distant healing sessions) you have carried out at Active healer level and be a member of the MTFOL.



Accredited & Approved Training

Pack Includes:

  • Distant Healing Session
  • Soul Reading
  • Active Practitioner Attunement
  • Active Master Practitioner Attunement
  • Training Webinar Recordings
  • Lightbody Vehicle Workbook & Meditation
  • Meditations Pack
  • MTFOL Membership and Certification (3-Month Gap between attunements)

The MTFOL train official Metatronia Therapy Workshop Facilitators. If you are interested in this then you must be at Master Attuner level. Not everyone is suited to this and so there is a process to ascertain your suitability for this role as Facilitator.


An application form is the first form to complete to assess your suitability to become attuned. Then a Q&A accompanies the workbook, which requires completion and sending back to your Attuner before attunement can commence. The completed Q&A confirms you have fully read through and understood the modules within the workbook prior to your Attunement process.

Metatronia energy works on intuition/channelled instructions/information from Metatron. For the first month after attunement is a time of self-healing, balancing of left/right brain hemispheres, and an overall balancing and restructuring so that you have a firm base and vessel to carry this energy.

After the first month, you are then able to heal others although some are finding they are able to heal before the 30 days. It’s best to go with how you feel within. If you are ready you will know. The workbook issued goes into more detail and the MTFOL are here to support all Practitioners if it is required after the attunement process.

The majority of the work of Metatronia Therapy is channelled from Archangel Metatron. He will be your guide and your helper from the moment you are attuned. You will be receiving a very powerful healing energy that is breathtaking and you will learn to work with the healing energy in different ways. Although the base teachings given in the workbook remain the same across the board for everyone, your own unique journey will begin with Metatron. For some that have already been attuned to Metatronia Therapy, it is clear that Metatron will work with us differently according to the energies we can hold and the work we are to do.

The Attunements are experienced uniquely by each individual Being. Our DNA is unique, our connection is unique, our own journey is unique. No one human being carries the same coding as another, not from a 3D perspective. The attunements are not just about healing yourself and others. The attunements open you up to many different dimensions. Working through the Ego, letting go, unburdening, healing, but so much more. People are experiencing it in their own unique way. It is very intriguing. You cannot view this healing vibration from a linear mind perspective as it goes above and beyond any expectations we may have or have had with other healing systems. This is very much about total surrender to the One Light and divine essence and truth within ourselves. This healing does not work through the ego state/linear mind. It has no place within this vibration.

This is not like Reiki. It is a completely different, unique energy, and is a finer and more powerful/transformational frequency. Please email me if you would like instruction regarding Distant Attunements. It is one of the most beautiful energies I have ever worked with. It is, although magnificently transformation and powerful, a very loving and extremely direct vibration that will move your mountains within and outside of yourself.


HEALER This is the first level attunement. You will receive energies and frequencies to heal yourself and then be able to go on and heal others. The first attunement level is often felt as the more intense frequency as the sacred geometric codings align with your frequency and begin to work their magic. This first level is where the deep connection with Metatron occurs. Some feel overwhelmed with the connection, others feel different, again it depends on your unique DNA coding and although this is healing energy, it does so very much more. Not only healing the physical body but the Celestial, Aura, Chakras, Lightbody, Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies are balanced and healed also. Many changes begin to occur in your life. You will work through the mental body blockages, conditioning, behavior, rigidity, as the expansion occurs you will grow in light and begin to connect to your true Soul’s light and One Source energy.


At Master level, you will be shown how to attune others to Metatronia Therapy and be able to hold a higher vibration. (You must have done the Healer Attunement before this one). This completes the Attunement process, there being only two attunements with regards to Healing. You must have been attuned to Active Healer initially and give a period of 3 months minimum before you can take the Master Attunement. Please note when booking an appointment, do not make for the same day as I need to schedule you in. Please allow a minimum of 4 days before an appointment. If this date is not available then I will email you. Please make sure you choose the correct attunement button, active or nonactive. Your official certificates are issued after attunement.

Only Active practitioners show on the Metatronia Practitioner Register

Special Offer 3: Metatronia Therapy Master Healer/Attuner

  • Plus Offer 1 & 2

2 Payment Option Available

About Tammy Majchrzak

As a Metaphysician, I work through the light of the One to assist those who are on their path of enlightenment and wish to experience all that they are through opening to the true light of Source. I offer Ascension Mentoring, Light Counselling Sessions, Lightworker Training & Transformational Coaching sessions. I serve as a direct link to Source to assist the Ascension Journey. The platform for this light is through Metatronia Energy and the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL).

I work directly through the Trinity Masters of Light – Archangel Metatron, Jesus (Yeshua/Isa), and Thoth, to assist the light evolution of Mankind. This light involves all aspects of “human ascension dynamics”.  Over the past 2 decades, I have helped many people from all walks of life including, Energy Practitioners, Coaches, and Therapists in different areas of expertise to develop their practice, enhance their innate gifts, and open to their truth through divine alignment.

Metatronia Source Light Attunement


2 Payment Option Available

Offer 2: Metatronia Therapy Active Healer/Practitioner

  • Plus Option 1

2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 3: Metatronia Therapy Master Healer/Attuner

  • Plus Offer 1 & 2

2 Payment Option Available