Mastery Empowerment Course: Women’s Empowerment: Healing and Awakening the Divine Feminine with Taya Raine2022-08-09T16:03:48-06:00

With Emotional/Trauma Release and Healing Specialist
Taya Raine

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Tara Breathwork with Taya Raine

Powerfully transformative brethwork series (now available for teacher training if interested)

Tara Breathwork with Taya Raine


2 Payment Option Available

Starting November 15 – December 20

Every Tuesday

3 pm PT / 4 pm MT / 5 pm CT / 6 pm ET / 11 pm GMT

In these series journey with me into a breath-work practice that will ignite your light and have you feeling better and better! The practices are powerful, we start out gently and build from there. Also included are many deep spiritual teachings, meditations, tools, and techniques for enlightening expansion! The origin of this breathwork goes back to Lemurian times and we are excited to share with you! We go back to connect with the Family of Light, and how this breathwork has been taught and handed down thru the lineage. This connects us to Oneness, Unity Consciuosness. It cuts away duality and negative thinking, and brings us back to our natural blue print. It activates the Light Body and your MerKaBa. To Understand how these high beings live in Oneness, is woven into the breathwork itself through these teachings. We breath in ways you can’t imagine, you will experience so many ways of breathing, that we’ve never been taught in conventional methods and when you complete this course, you’ll have many tools to enhance your life, connect to your higher self, and more. This practice leaves no stone untouched. I was told by my teacher that this was the most powerful breathwork on the planet.

  • Better health
  • Longevity
  • Connection to Spirit
  • Creating wholeness
  • Healing trauma and past emotional blockages
  • Understanding how to navigate “next level living”
  • Be inspired
  • Be part of something amazing, become a family of this lineage
  • Higher ability to focus
  • Discipline
  • Open heart
  • Flowing nature

In this powerful training with Taya, you will learn about:

  • Healing trauma

  • Clearing blocks

  • Unlocking repressed memories

  • Opening stuck energy

  • Learning tools for empowerment

  • Learning how to navigate relationships of all kinds through authentic communication

  • Finding our voices

  • Exploring creative potential

  • Creating the healthiest body

  • Connection to the earth

  • Connection to the source

  • Liberation/freedom!

About Taya Raine

I offer courses and private sessions in the areas of breath-work, yoga, and spiritual awakening and healing. I am the owner of Maui Journeys (offering retreats on Maui). I also specialize in emotional/trauma release and healing.

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