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Gail Jett

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Understanding the Fourth Phase of Water

In Energy Healing and Health

Presented by:
Dr. Gail Jett,  RN, NP,  LMT, RMT, EEM-AP

Water’s Unique Behavior:

Dr. Gerald Pollock, researcher, and scientist, professor at the University of Washington  and author of  “The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Liquid, Solid and Vapor” asks:

“What mysteries lurk in the depths of a glass of water? What makes the wispy clouds of vapor rising from your hot cup of coffee? Or the puffy white clouds hovering in the sky? Why do the bubbles in your pop get bigger the longer you wait? What keeps Jello’s water from oozing out? Why does your tongue stick to something frozen? And why don’t your joints squeak?” (p. i)

Does water have a memory? What is “structured” water? Does it matter, and why? Is all water created equal? The earth’s surface is 2/3 water, and so are we….is there a correlation?

Join us in this intriguing class that will explore the history of water research (and its pitfalls), contributions to our understanding of water and its behavior by scientists and researchers such as Dr. Gerald Pollock, Dr. Thomas Cowan (“Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” and “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, Dr. Masuru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water” and others. Come away with an improved perspective of this common substance that covers 2/3 of the earth, yet we still don’t completely understand.

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Water: Understanding the 4th Phase and its Applicability to Your Health

Vapor, ice, and liquid…..the current understanding of water and its phases Is there a 4th Phase?

Is it important to understand this 4th phase? We are told to drink “lots” of water per day. Is all water created equal?

The purpose of this class:

To provide participants a deeper, enhanced understanding of the role water plays in our health, and why. The 4th phase of water, also known as “structured” water is not a generally recognized phenomenon, and there are historical reasons why. These will be examined, as well as the relevance of structured water to our health and well-being. You will never look at water the same way again!

Taught by:

Dr. Gail Jett, RN, FNP, AHN-BC, LMT, RMT
Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner
Certified BioWell Camera Practitioner
Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” Albert Einstein

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought.” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. Nobel laureate (1893-1986)

All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea…we are going back from whence we came.”

John F. Kennedy

A History of Medicine

 2000 BC: Here, eat this root.

1000 AD: That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.

1850 AD: That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.

1940 AD: That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.

1985 AD: That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.

2000 AD: That antibiotic doesn’t work anymore. Here, eat this root.

2010 AD: That root is contaminated. Here, practice, energy medicine. (Adapted from Qi-Gong newsletter, Hulse)


As a result of taking this class, participants will be able to:

  • List the 4 phases of Water
  • Understand the theoretical and scientific basis for “structured” water
  • Discover the history of water research and its pitfalls
  • Give a general description of “structured” water (ie, 4th phase)
  • Describe the importance of “structured” water to health

Water. Essential to life, but how much do we understand it? Our bodies are comprised of 70% of this substance, but what role does it really play? Does water have a structure beyond vapor, ice, and liquid? The answer is a resounding YES. And this 4th phase may be the most important one in energy work of any kind.  Does water have a memory? The findings from history and research may surprise you.

A Quest to Better Understand Water

“Water is not only important for our physical body, but is also responsible for our thought processes, feelings, and moods.” Dr. Barbara Hendel

The life and health of the planet and all of its life forms are dependent upon water for survival. In addition, it is the scientific consensus that all of Earth’s life forms originated from the primal seas, and interestingly, about 70% of the planet is covered in water. Water is able to penetrate through all of the cells in our bodies and helps allow communication between cell clusters. In addition, all of the main functions of an organism such as metabolism, digestion, circulation, and construction are regulated by water; water is the ultimate carrier of physical, mental, and energetic information.

In this course, you’ll learn about:

  • Water’s Unique Behavior
  • The Functions of Water in the Body
  • Does Water Really Carry Memory?
  • The cell as “semi-conductor”
  • A New Theory of the Role of the Heart- Is It Really a Pump?
  •  Quartz Crystals & Water

Some Water Terminology

Water Molecule: two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom

Bulk Water: the standard collection of water molecules, whose arrangement is still debated.

Exclusion Zone: the unexpectedly large zone of water that forms next to many submersed materials. It got its name because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains a lot of charge, and its character differs from that of bulk water and is sometimes referred to as water’s fourth phase.

Electron:  an elementary unit of charge, it is negatively charged.

Proton:  the other elementary unit of charge, is positively charged. These units play central roles in water’s behavior – more than you might think.

Water Molecule Charge: it is neutral. Oxygen has a charge of minus two, while each of the hydrogen atoms has a plus one charge.

Hydronium Ion: Protons latch onto water molecules to form hydronium ions. Imagine a positively charged water molecule and you’ve got a hydronium ion. Charged species like hydronium ions are highly mobile and can wreak much havoc.

Interfascial Battery: this battery comprises the exclusion zone and the bulk water zone beyond. The respective zones are oppositely charged, and the separation is sustained, as in an ordinary battery,

Honeycomb Sheet: the honeycomb sheet is the EZ’s unitary structure. Sheets stack parallel to the material surface to build the EZ.

Radiant Energy:  radiant energy charges the battery. This energy comes from the sun and other radiant sources. The water absorbs these energies and uses them to charge the battery.

Ice:  the atomic structure of ice closely resembles the atomic structure of the exclusion zone. This similarity is beyond coincidence; one transforms readily into the other.

Droplet: the water droplet consists of an EZ shell that envelops bulk water. The two components have opposite charges.

Bubble: the bubble is structured like the droplet, except that it has a gaseous interior. Commonly, that gas is water vapor.

Vesicle: since droplets and bubbles are similarly constructed, we introduce the generic label: vesicle. A vesicle can be a droplet or a bubble, depending on the phase of the water inside. When a droplet absorbs enough energy, it can become a bubble.  (Pollock, xxii-xxv)

Structured Water: another term for the Exclusion Zone.

Special Offer 2: Introduction to the Science and Spirituality of Energy Healing

Blending Conventional Medicine with Energy Healing Modalities

Gail Jett stumbled onto energy healing in 2007. What she experienced forever changed the trajectory of her professional career. In this course, we will explore what Gail experienced, and why she needed to understand more of what had happened to her from both a scientific but also spiritual perspective, and how she could blend that into her medical practice.

Gail Jett is an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and Trainer and in this introduction , she offers ways that we can increase our neurovascular system with simple holds of our hands. This is Energy Medicine that allows us to take charge of the way we feel! Gail blends her 40 years as an RN Nurse into her wisdom and intuition of Energy Healing.

Participants will learn some basic scientific and physics foundations for energy healing modalities. They will also learn some hands-on techniques they can use to help to balance their own energies and health and well-being.


Energy Healing: A Scientific Examination. What is energy healing? Is there any scientific basis? The answer is YES! In this class, we will explore the scientists, research, and contributions to our understanding. Wed.


The Biofield, or Human Energy Field: A Scientific Foundation. We are hearing more often about the Human Energy Field, or Biofield. Is there a scientific basis for this? The answer is YES, and we will explore the scientific foundations for it.


Grounding the Human Energy Field for Health and Improved Immunity: the term “grounding” is heard frequently in the energy healing world. What is it, what does it mean, and how can it help to improve immune function and health? We will explore a scientific foundation for grounding and health in this class.

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About Gail Jett RN NP LMT EEM-AP

Gail is an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and received her doctorate of theology in Pastoral Integrative Health from Holos University Graduate Seminary and ordination in 2018. Her professional background includes a 40-year career as an RN, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Womens’ Health Nurse Practitioner. She is also a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse.

Additional credentials include Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified HeartMath Practitioner, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Certified BioWell Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher. She is also on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program where she teaches levels 1,2, and 3. She is excited to teach level 4 in June of this year. She discovered the benefits of energy healing in 2007 and has had a private practice in Bend, Oregon since 2010 dedicated to helping others discover their innate self-healing abilities through energy modalities. A lifelong learner, and seeker of knowledge, she is passionate about discovering and sharing the current scientific research supporting energy healing modalities with interested others. She has been teaching courses in this field at the local community college for several years, both in-person and online.

Our healthcare system is in crisis, and there has never been a better time than now to bring the gifts that many ancient practices have taught us, in a way that people can clearly grasp, understand and apply to their current healthcare practices. Gail believes it is imperative to really share the scientific basis for the energy healing modalities and is very skilled at weaving her research findings into an improved understanding of their function, and utility. She is married, loves the outdoors, hiking, gardening, knitting, and riding her Triumph Tiger adventure motorcycle when she can.

Special Offer 1: Master Empowerment Course: Water


Offer 2: Introduction to the Science and Spirituality of Energy Healing

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