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Emile Janse

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On Soul Alignment, and Sound

Your unique self is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself and the entire planet. Emile shares what it means to be in soul alignment and how he assists beings in bringing themselves into the world most fully. Followed by a sound activation with flute, didgeridoo, and overtone singing.

Special Offer 1 Includes:

Voice Empowerment or Overtone Singing Lesson

1 hour one on one session

Special Offer 1: 1 on 1 Session


2 Payment Option Available

You get 1 hour in a 1 on 1 session to do voice activation or receive a lesson in overtone singing/throatsinging. Either one of these sessions can give you tools in these areas to benefit you for the rest of your life. If you feel called, I look forward to working with you.

Included within the 1-hour session, any of these or any combinations thereof.

  • Overtone singing (multi-pitch or harmonic singing)
  • Tuvan throatsinging (khargyraa style)
  • Intuitive voice empowerment/healing

Special Offer 2 Includes:

Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Workshop

Audio & Video Download Available

Special Offer 2: Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Workshop


2 Payment Option Available

In this two-hour workshop, you will learn about your unique voice as a tool for healing and empowerment. And, we will explore techniques for overtone singing and throatsinging. If you are interested, but cannot attend in person, you may register and receive the recording afterward, which will be sent to all registrants

True empowerment is the bringing forth of your divine self into this world. Opening the voice is one of the most direct and effective ways to bring your unique energies onto the planet. In this course I will share my journey with sound and give practices to help everyone open their voices more.

Opening your voice is knowing that your greatest gift is in being different. No one’s voice sounds the same, and no one is here to do the specific things, or move the specific energies, that you are here to move. Surrendering more to our unique self through the voice let’s us be more present, more authentic, and more real. It is in our truth and in our presence that we are most powerful, and most able to work effectively in the world with ease and grace.

I will also share about and demonstrate overtone singing, and throatsinging. I will describe how these practices work, and give techniques to help you begin hearing and singing overtones within this class. Overtone singing is the art of singing two pitches at once, and isolating the harmonics within one’s own voice. Usually we do this by producing a drone, or fundamental sound, and then manipulating overtones with different parts of the tongue and mouth. Throatsinging employs extremely deep tones and powerful throat muscles, you can listen to the demonstration in the audio.

I will also share about my upcoming Group Series on voice empowerment, and overtone singing, which will also be available through NEO.

Visit opentothesource.com to learn more and access more resources.

Special Offer 3 Includes:

Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing – Group Series

December 5, 12, 19, January 2, 9

10 am PT / 11 am MT / 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT

Special Offer 3: Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Group Series


2 Payment Option Available

Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing, Group Series
Maximum 15 participants.

This includes
-5 group sessions. Each group session is 90 minutes.
-2 private sessions with me for each participant. The sessions are 1 hour each and scheduled separately.
-All group session recordings. Group sessions will be recorded and the recordings shared only with participants. If you miss a group session, you can watch the recording. You have the option to record your 1 on 1 sessions as well.

The Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Group Series is focused on connecting you to your unique, intuitive voice. Sound is a tool for moving energy to bring us into ourselves, and our unique essence on this planet.

We will also cover techniques for overtone singing. Practices to develop your own overtone singing. Overtone singing is also known as multi-pitch singing and harmonic singing. You learn to work with two (or sometimes more) sounds in your voice simultaneously. Participants may also choose to learn about Tuvan throatsinging also known as Khargyraa, which engages muscles in the throat for an immensely powerful sound.

Almost everyone, to some degree, has taken on a lot of stories from their environment and/or upbringing, about their voice. Many have been told that they have a “bad voice” or something similar. This is not true, but has been widely internalized, leading individuals to limit their own expression.

As we recognize this story, it loses its hold on us. Our voice becomes freer, more spontaneous, and feels better.

We will learn to feel sounds in the body, and especially the sound of our own voice. This is as simple as a shift of awareness so that sound becomes not something that we only hear, but that we feel resonating in and through our bodies. I will introduce practices that will help you do this.

As part of this, we will learn to hear the overtones in our voices, hearing overtones in our voice is essential for being able to work with them consciously. I will share very effective exercises to practice and work with the overtones in your own voice.

Watch a short segment from Emile’s online Overtoning & Throatsinging Workshop

Here we can experiment and play in a safe space, and in ways you have never done before. In doing so, you begin to feel things you had forgotten, and move energies that you possibly haven’t connected to in a long time.

These exercises and practices will help you open to your own unique vibrations, which have their own healing effect on you, and also bring unique energies onto the planet.

I will also share sound at various times with my own voice, using overtones, didgeridoo, flute, and handpan to support the space and bring through certain energies for the group.

Headphones are recommended but not required. If you have an external microphone, that is also helpful, and also not required.

What People Have To Say About Emile

Emile is amazing! I am new to exploring with sound, toning, and voice and I was tentative to join a group where I would be doing these things with others. I needn’t have been. Emile has such an open acceptance of everything, and he creates such a safe place to explore, that I felt very comfortable experimenting with my voice in ways I have never done before. The experience was so gratifying. I grew and learned so much about myself and my voice. It was powerful for me. Emile also has phenomenal vocal, flute, and didgeridoo skills. Listening to him opened me up to allow my body to resonate, let go, and become spacious in areas I have been unable to access with other healing modalities. If you are looking for transformational tools or want to explore your own voice, I highly, highly recommend working with Emile. You will be very happy you did!
Jenn GS.
I participated in Emile’s Vocal Empowerment Series” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Emile holds very compassionate, grounded, intuitive, and playful space, and embodies true leadership. In each session, he shared his knowledge with grace, and always welcomed participation and dialogue in the group. I left the course feeling more freedom and expansion in my body, more awakened and raw, and more alive! I highly recommend learning from him.

About Emile Janse

Emile Janse is a sound healer who specializes in throat singing, overtone singing, and opening the unique qualities of the voice. Also an accomplished player-performer-facilitator with didgeridoo, mouth harp, flute, and handpan.

Emile is a mentor, guide, healer, musician, and teacher. He works to support individuals in bringing their truest selves into the world through expression and living in alignment with their inherent divinity.

Emile is fascinated by the multi-layered resonance of sound and its ability to bring us into profound healing states. He is a teacher, guide, and activator for individuals to connect to the unique and powerful frequencies of their incomparable voice – which he believes to be the most formidable and beautiful instrument there is.

Special Offer 1: 1 on 1 Session


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Workshop


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 3: Voice Empowerment and Overtone Singing Group Series


2 Payment Option Available