Mastery Empowerment Course: Tune Yourself to Frequency of LOVE with Rebecca Abraxas2023-08-24T13:20:33-06:00

With Singer, Performer, Healer
Rebecca Abraxas

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation


Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: High Vibrational Shift to PEACE

The Power of Voice for Inner Calm

Mastery Empowerment Course: High Vibrational Shift to PEACE


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Your inner compass knows and desires peace. It is the frequency of HOME. During the course, High Vibrational Shift to PEACE, you will receive a therapeutic sound journey with vocal energy work to activate your inner calm. There will be a vibrational detox in place to support you in releasing your blocks to daily peace. What if your inner peace was easier to sustain? How would that create positive shifts in your relationships, in your business, and in your neighborhood? How would you show up each day if you found yourself tuned to peace daily? THIS is where you start … being the change in the world you want to see and your voice can lead you.

In this chock-full 2 hour course:

  • Receive vocal energy work through a sound journey to activate inner calm
  • Detox dense frequencies with your own voice
  • Learn 5 tips to open your Voice and be sung by Peace
  • Learn 2 Peace Chants to affirm the peace vibration every day
  • Intend world peace through the portal of your own heart and voice

Bonus: Self-Care Through Vocal Sound, Guide

This guide will get you started on using your voice for daily practice to keep your vibrational frequencies clear and high so you feel content joy and inner calm. And the best part is you will learn how to get there even on the hardest days of your spiritual awakening.

What People Have To Say About Rebecca

“Rebecca has an impeccable ability of tailoring her teachings to each individual and she has helped me in finding my strengths, releasing what does not serve me, and in empowering me to step into my light through the incredible vehicle of the voice.”

Ava Celeste

“Vocal toning with Rebecca has encouraged me to meet myself with compassion and curiosity exactly where I am at each moment resulting in a beautiful transformation from stuck to liberated!”

Lisa Pranam

“Rebecca has a knack for tuning into what ever you’re going to and helping you to see a clear path to your potential. If you’re feeling stuck, lost or need to find your true north, Rebecca is an excellent guide.

Janette Elder

About Rebecca Abraxas

As a super shy and sickly little girl, if you told Rebecca Abraxas she was going to be a singer, performer, and healer, she would not have believed you. Rebecca went through many dark nights of the soul since she was a teen to find her confidence, her voice, and her higher self. Today, she helps others find those same exact things.

A seeker and a singer, Rebecca Abraxas, mom of two out-of-the-box teens, is grateful to be able to spend her days doing sound healing, teaching vocal awareness, and being a mentor for people on their awakening journey. Rebecca is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Voice Coach and Conscious Life Coach. Over the years she has put together these modalities and her experiences as a seeker and a singer to create her own unique awakening work she calls ‘Alignment Through Sound.’

Rebecca lives by the law of vibration and it has become the basis of all the work she offers. In addition, remembering one’s greatness is another important piece to Rebecca’s work. Her work supports others in knowing what they know.

Rebecca’s music, sound healing, voice coaching, and awakening mentoring are all callings in her life. Today, she is grateful to be a bridge for others to reclaim their joy, find their voice and have clarity with their own calling and awakening.

Mastery Empowerment Course: High Vibrational Shift to PEACE


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