Activate your Energetic Realities w Divine Human Design

With Mother, Mystic, Gridkeeper & Ascension Wayshower
Merissa Indigo Marcuccella

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Activate your Energetic Realities w Divine Human Design

Discover your energetic blueprints & currents to consciously align with your flow

Latest Mastery Empowerment Course: Activate your Energetic Realities w Divine Human Design


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Welcome to your energetic architecture as a sacred human

Have you ever wondered what your energetic signature is, and how these energy currents flow through you? Are you curious about how our energy fields interact and merge with our environment and even other people? We are all energy which expresses itself in unique ways and impacts literally every part of our life from our life force energy levels and vitality to our ability to create. Knowing this, sometimes we can feel vulnerable in crowds or with certain scenarios. We are each encoded with the Divine Architect templates and it takes conscious awareness to activate these levels. Many of us throughout the journey have sensed that perhaps we are going against our selves unconsciously somehow and want to know how to master our own energy to have more of a consistent experience. How do we get to this place of scripting our own frequencies as a conscious Creator Conductor Energy Being? Together we will explore the magnetic poles of yin and yang within to ensure they too are synced up in conscious Divine Harmony. Class 2 of the True North Compass series is all about your energy bodies, fields, and flows. We are going to use the Human Design energy anatomy system to demystify your connections and harmonize your Energy Being experience to support your ascension journey going more deeply into energy mastery for your own self awareness, confidence and ease of transition as more of your abilities come online.

Welcome to the codes of Human Design to activate the divine human creator star being templates

We have been aware of the various chakra systems, meridians, axiotonal lines, energy bodies, torus fields for some time, but how do these wonderful systems come together for our unique experience? How does all of this translate to our own energy signature? And most importantly, how do we use this information with conscious awareness?

Merissa is going to share a new use of this system which came through from her own discoveries using it these last 12 years as part of her ascension journey, adding some soul linked layers to this. We call it Divine HUman Design.

This mastery empowerment course begins with a presentation to learn more about the various pieces of this system, then we will do a live chart reading together where Merissa will show you how to pull your chart and begin to analyze the pieces to see even more broadly how your energy works.

What this mastery empowerment course includes:

  • 2.5 hr class with Q&A
  • In depth multi-dimensional presentation to learn this system
  • Live chart demonstration and practical application to learn how to apply this for yourself
  • Divine Architect Quantum Light activation mp3 download to align yourself daily as a living Divine Architect of your Reality Experience
  • True North Compass Manual for ascension ebook


  • Learn the basics of Human Design and how to amplify it from unconscious human to Divine Conscious Human with Soul Level Awareness and Unity
  • Connect the various systems of energy wisdom through your own body, consciousness and life experience as an energy being in physical form, here to play and build on a creation station planet
  • Review how our energy works on all levels, frequencies of emotion and thought forms
  • See how programming: environmental, ancestral and social experiences programmed our centers at an early age, how to take the wisdom and move on to clear them, restore them back to the Pure crystal generator templates
  • We have been aware of the various chakra systems, meridians, axiotonal lines, energy bodies, torus fields for some time, but how do these systems come together for our unique experience? How does all of this translate to our own energy signature?
  • Merissa is going to share a new use of this system which came through from her own discoveries using it these last 12 years as part of her ascension journey, adding some soul linked layers to this. We call it Divine HUman Design.
  • Knowing your energy and how it works liberates you from many programs like energy vampirism or empath/narcissist type toxic contracts, or feeling the need to protect yourself
  • Become aware of energy dynamics within our self and also externally with others. Very empowering with family, friends, professional relationships and out in public too
  • Feel the difference between flowing upstream or downstream, when are we in our own way and when are we flowing?

Option to Upgrade $188

Includes all of option 1 with a one on one private mentorship 60 minute session w Merissa Indigo for extra support with your chart, or any questions on any topics for your consciousness journey.


Upgrade with One On One Private Mentorship


2 Payment Option Available

We will explore these topics through the Oracle state together in your Akashic library.


Previous True North Courses

Mastery Empowerment Course: Activate your Eclipse Phoenix Rising using the Cosmic Soul Keys of your Birthchart with Galactic Soul Gatekeepers Pluto & the Centaurs

Downloads now available

Mastery Empowerment Course: Activate your Eclipse Phoenix Rising


2 Payment Option Available

Are you feeling the fiery rebirth of the Phoenix and want to dive more deeply within? Have you ever been curious about the cosmos, how to work consciously with eclipses, want to know your body elementals, or star family origins and not known where to begin? Are you ready to shed the old stories and to feel your pure personal power and divine love? It is all written in the stars for you beloveds! We are children of the universe with stardust in our DNA, its time to re-connect our Soul aspects and dream awake our access to our Golden New Earth timelines Now. Do you know that the blueprint you came in with gives you everything you need to initiate your Phoenix codes? Activate your personal Phoenix Rising codes and discover your unique Cosmic Soul Keys through your own Star map, aka your birthchart! Join us live for this webinar hosted on the New Moon Eclipse in Aries April 19th to learn how to connect with your most significant planets, stars and asteroids to unlock the keycodes of celestial wisdom which you are born with to embrace your highest life, liberation, passion and joy. This date was chosen for us each to activate our authentic identity with the full support of the cosmos as Aries is the sign of the pure sparks of divinity, courage and pioneering. Merissa will teach you how to start reading the codes of your planets, stars, constellations and star family roots which have always been with you, waiting to be explored at the aligned moment. The intention of this mastery class is to anchor into your higher self or Divine Soul identity and rise out of limitations or old stories as the Phoenix to connect your sacred mission to your life here on Earth. Discover more confirmation about your life purpose, mission, soul lessons, star family aspects and gifts through the galactic codex of your sacred birth here on Earth.

The planets, constellations and stars keep calling us, showing up daily in our lives through our psyche, emotions, soul yearnings, collective/individual evolution and shadow work to invite us deeper into our Soul to anchor our highest timelines. Like so many of the sacred sciences of the past, this starry astrological wisdom of the Magi and Ancient Ones has been purposely distilled or distorted through the mainstream lens to prevent us from feeling the resonance to pursue this knowledge in depth. Only a small fragment of the map is used and chopped up into generalized , shallow horoscopes so that we do not feel the full power of tapping in to the wisdom based on our birth here, our celestial custom blueprints.

Every epic ancient culture from the Egyptians, Polynesians, Celts, Arabs, Chinese, Turks, Vedic and Native Indigenous practiced astrology; they knew we are not only made of stars but that we come from them. This knowledge was hidden and even condemned by organized religion, media and leadership to attempt to control our awakening. But there is a way to tap into the pure teachings of the cosmos through the Cosmic Soul Keys of evolutionary astrology with Pluto and the Centaurs as our travel companions. It is time to investigate who we truly are from a cosmic perspective, taking our power back to find the depth, liberation and fulfillment as Divine co-creators, reclaiming our Divine identity.

Astrology is a Divine cosmic song, a language of sacred mathematics, patterns, keys, frequencies, archetypes and tones which the Ancient Ones used to connect to the grand cycles and energy currents of Source. It is a gift from the Universe for each of us to experience increased self awareness and liberation from unconscious patterns. In the Golden days, the sky was the source of news. We are returning to our wisdom culture as creators of New Earth, where the ancient wisdom is being UnEarthed for us to return Home as Divine Souls. Join us to reunite with your Soul contracts as a vital part of the cosmic song, one with the allies of planets, elementals, stars, asteroids and galaxies in our DNA. Experience affirmation and joy to know your own self even more fully with this sacred wisdom and trust your path. The Centaurs, 5 personal planets, and Pluto show us each how our infinite Soul nature is expressing through us as individual sparks of self through personality traits, gifts and sacred mission callings.
This is class 1 of 4 individual mastery empowerment courses covering the Soul mission discovery systems outlined in Merissa’s book True North and shares the wisdom of your cosmic blueprint through the lens of evolutionary astrology. The True North Compass is an activation system gifted to us at this precious time for our collective ascension journey of soul embodiment and you can sign up for the series as a whole or in parts through the individual classes.

What to expect & what we will cover:
Note: This is class 1 of a 4 part True North Compass series where you can opt in for one class to explore your divine blueprints or upgrade to all 4. More about this in the options below.

Reading your star map -Evolutionary astrology for soul embodiment
Merissa will walk you through the process of pulling up your own chart and show you with a live demonstration how to start exploring each piece for increased self awareness, inspiration, and liberation from unconscious patterns as well as the strategies best for your embodiment process. In your chart we can see where the major stories of wounding occur and how to embrace our true power beyond these wounds by working with our Solar star Solaris and Pluto. NOTE: You will need your birthdate, time and location for this. The exact time is ideal and preferred for more details of your chart, but if you do not have this Merissa will show you how to retrieve a lot of significant information for your blueprint.

We will start with exploring your 5 personal planets and corresponding star family influences at the time of this webinar:

  • Sun -How you came to shine and express your soul’s light in this life cycle
  • Moon -Your human psychology and emotional nature
  • Mercury -Communication, sovereign divine knowledge
  • Mars -Action steps, sacred masculine and vitality
  • Venus -Values for self and others, divine feminine, creative expression

Meet the gatekeepers Pluto, Chariklo & Chiron for Cosmic Soul Retrieval

  • Pluto shows us what we came to transcend to transform the deepest fears and thus access our highest light on the other side of those fears
  • Divine femine and divine masculine Centaurs to support our personal healing journeys and professional callings as healers, mystics and wayshowers
  • Meet your body, mind and spirit elementals for deeper embodiment of soul into physical body and also to connect more deeply with Gaia through the elemental devas
  • Integrate our sacred heart crystals to connect to your Akashic records & libraries
  • Activate your Diamond Phoenix Codes of Spring Rebirth to initiate the path for the next 20 year cycle

Benefits of this master class:

  • Embody your Phoenix Rising -taking our power back from stories, fears, anxieties or confusion to integrate our pure power, wisdom and love as sovereign beings of love here
  • In depth exploration of your gifts, talents, professions and reviewing what you mastered in past lives, what you came here to master for this cycle
  • Discovering your body elementals, natural born elemental strengths and how to balance these further for a blissful present awareness in your body, heart as the true mind, spirit and life
  • Become astrologically literate now and forever: Becoming a global ambassador as a star person who is connected to our cosmic allies the planets, stars and asteroids, no longer feeling separate or powerless with major energy shifts. You may discover a dormant passion to become an astrologer! Merissa will share resources you can use daily to tune into the aspects and transits of the planets to hear or read the music of the spheres and consciously apply this wisdom, as well as some great schools to learn from.
  • Understanding what a mercury retrograde cycle is truly for, how to use it and how to partner with cosmic cycles to make the most of the energies, some are yin and some are yang energies for example
  • Understanding how to communicate with the planets as ancient cosmic guides for our soul’s evolution, getting to know the main planets as an ancient elder being with unique wisdom keeper codes and language for us

Mastery Empowerment Course Bundle

Pre-paid enrollment in all 4 True North Compass Ascension classes in this series. 1 class per month April through July

  • April 19th 2pm pst -Phoenix Rising & Cosmic Soul Codes in your Birthchart
  • May 10th 12pm pst- Activate your Energetic Realities w Human Design, Discover your energetic current blueprints to consciously go with your flow
  • June 17th 12pm pst -Numerology & Divine Triangle
  • July 7th 12pm pst -Mayan Galactic Signature Birthchart

Including the following mastery courses on demand to prepare

  • Mayan Galactic Calendar
  • Remembering Solaria
  • 10 years Since 2012, 10 years of Photonic Light activation
  • Amethyst Ray & Gold Ray Lightbody Activations

Merissa's MEC Bundle


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Mayan Galactic Calendar

Are you ready for the Galactic New Year? How about the Day out of time? Have you heard of the quantum cosmic calendar created by the ancient Maya? Have you been curious to explore more of your own innate space woman or space man? Awakening the codes of our cosmic lineages is fun, empowering and supports more of our magic to come online as creator beings here.

Come celebrate these Galactic Holy Days with us! Prepare for a totally out of this world, magical experience with the Galactic calendar, the polar opposite of the Terran Julian 3d calendar.

Galactic New Year begins July 26th each year. July 25th is the famed Day out of Time, where we stand between worlds as one galactic year ends and we have a very potent pause before we begin anew. Join us with the delightful wisdom of the cosmic Maya as we explore the Galactic calendar system and wrap up the year.

We will explore the ancient future technology and star wisdom of the Maya who are 5th/7th dimensional Starbeings from Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades to discover how this amazing system works and how to connect with our own inner alchemy once we harmonize with the cosmic butterfly!
The Golden, White and Black Lyran Lions are here to support our feeling safe in exploring the Cosmos. During the activation you will be guided to connect with your own personal Lion allies to forge a connection, activate lightcodes within and experience a partnership to support your galactic exploration.

What To expect:

Opening ceremony and collective energy alignment
Presentation on the Mayan Galactic Calendar, we will review and integrate the qualities of the ending Galactic year and those of the New, also how to find your Galactic Star Glyph to explore your galactic birth signature
Guided Activation: Meeting with the Lions of Lyra and receive a Shaktipat energy transmission from your personal Lyran to activate your own Lyran Lion DNA, memories or allies
Cosmic q&a

BONUS: MP3 download of the Lyran Shaktipat activation

Item 2: Remembering Solaria

Lately the Sun has become more of a central figure in our daily lives, whether it’s the solar flares, the shifting from gold to white, the lightcodes raining down. We are being called to remember Solaria…

Are you finding yourself suddenly drawn to the Sun or Grand Central Sun? Perhaps you have always been a Sun worshipper and are noticing a shift in the intensity of the Sun’s rays. Or maybe you are just starting to get into the Sun. Perhaps you’ve been hearing more and more about the solar flares and subsequent physical body upgrades as we are suffused with plasma. How does the rise in solar activity and space weather in general affect humanity? How is it affecting and even expediting the ascension process?

Did you know that the Ancients thought of our sun as a Trinity Source Being which beams out lightcodes of divine consciousness at precise cosmic moments for our harmonic evolution? The Ancient cosmic Maya shared much code about the Sophia Christ balance of divine feminine and divine masculine consciousness in the Sun. They even kept a detailed galactic calendar of cosmic and solar cycles to predict and track the ascension process for all of humanity and our entire sector of the Universe! The Maya called this solar knowingness Kin Ahau, which has a similar vibration in translation to “our heavenly, cosmic golden crystalline Source Creator/parents.” In this course I will also share a 9 year vision plan gifted to us by the Law of Time Mayan Galactic calendar system which demonstrates the solar cycles and various energy currents beaming in for our global ascension from 2020 to 2029.

The Ancient Ones of pure Egypt, India, Tibet, and the cosmic Maya are several cultures which left behind deep mystery school teachings in codes through myths, artwork and song for us to remember our place in the Sun, as Suns! Even the physical practices of Yoga are to connect us with the Divine forces in the Sun and Moon through our own lightbody. All in Divine Time, which is Now as we watch the Solar flares pop off and the Aurora Borealis dance all across this sacred Earth!

You may be surprised to learn how we are impacted as electromagnetic beings by these blasts of photonic light at multiple levels of life from spiritual to emotional, relational, mental, and physical too! If you have been interested in the Sun and how to work with it for our ascension journey this course gives a great overview and various lenses or dimensions as launching points to really enjoy expanding into a cosmic citizen here. This wisdom will empower you and can be very useful for your family, community, friends, and animals too as we all navigate these intense photonic light blasts together. We will also go in depth on various types of rays/particles and how they can affect our upgrades and creativity process.
We are gradually going more quantum and less linear and thus our schedules, lifestyles are shifting to accommodate this. We have down days to integrate the rays and up days where we can accomplish in a few days what would take a month. Welcome to the quantum Solarian waves of being, flowing with the Solar activations! It’s quite a ride.

What to expect:

All Gold, All the Time! This is the phrase that came through from the Soular Rishi in June as the solar flares were going off. For this mastery empowerment course will come together and have an opening energy attunement, then share a presentation all about the spaceweather and what has been going on with solar flares, how to work with these rays as a cosmic citizen, solar charging the body, as well as review causes and effects from a multidimensional perspective. We will be deeply exploring various waves of cosmic activity, the magnetosphere, the Aurora Borealis, even including the Schumann resonance frequencies and how all this connects to our nervous system/lightbody complex.

By exploring what the Sun’s activations are doing on a macrocosmic level we begin to see the atomic shifts within as all is in divine resonance with the Law of One. From macro to micro we are a part of this cosmic evolution into the Golden Age. We will review the teachings of Ancient cultures who are star family to begin to connect the consciousness of the Solar Source forces for ascension with all the shifts happening here on Earth. The more wisdom we reclaim as Ancient Ones here now as explorers, mystics, scientists and creators, remembering our Solarian aspects and Golden destiny, the more empowered and fun our journey can become as conscious stewards.

We will share a deep dive into the Solarian codex of wisdom which spans multiple cultures here throughout our history. Then we will proceed into the Aurora Borealis Solarian activations.

We are highlighting the importance of knowing ourselves SO fully on an atomic, physical level and being aware of daily or weekly spaceweather habitually like we already do watch regional/local Earth weather as a foundation for self-fulfilled, self-actualized divine sovereignty. By being tuned in we can be more prepared for the influxes of light which can present us with “challenges” for growth as they stimulate our psychology, emotions, behavior patterns, energy levels and more.

Know thyself, know the local weather; how its influenced by the spaceweather and thus be equipped to surf the cosmos as a centered, empowered, sovereign being.

After the presentation we will do more activations with the Solar Rishi to activate the Solarian codes within and learn to work with the Aurora Borealis beams of information.

We will end with some q & a

  • Learn awesome spaceweather happenings, how to track major solar events, and how it all ties into our daily lives like breaking old programs/beliefs down, physical ascension experiences, relationships, even gardening cycles with the Farmer’s Almanac and more.
  • Transcending feeling small or vulnerable to global evolutionary shifts to feeling empowered through being connected and informed, no longer separate from the great events. Become an active participant and feel the difference as an expanded Solarian Being!
  • A sense of connection to the greater cycles of cosmic evolution and personal stewardship of the process in your own life, community, global family etc.
  • Feel more grounded in your truth and thus energized/flexible/trusting for the journey as the Shift continues to accelerate and realities continue to shift, blur, dissolve and manifest
  • Powerpoint presentation with resources for further exploration
  • Becoming Solarian Suns Again, an activation for building Temple architecture and DNA upgrades. Use the Golden Plasma Accelerator meditation for this as a process for your journey


  • Includes Cosmic Solar Rishi MEC to get into the Solarian stream of your unique wisdom transmissions and begin to amplify with the Sun
  • Soular Rishi Ebook with activations and rituals to work with the golden crystalline Soular plasma
  • Solar Flares for Ascension resources Ebook to learn even more about the cosmic activity of our solar system and how to track the Aurora Borealis, plus more Solar charging practices and Solar DNA upgrades with the Solarian Rishi
  • Golden Plasma Accelerator activation Mp3 download
  • 9 Year Vision Mayan Galactic Calendar Pdf download

Item 3: Landing on New Earth

Can you believe it has been a decade since 2012? 10 years since we entered the Photon Belt, 10 years of light blasting us into a new paradigm. Look how far you have come from way back then! Are you seeing more areas in life where you feel the winds of change calling you to create anew, or being asked to consider a new approach to things? We have the ability to align with consistent experiences of joy, gratitude and community satisfaction in this Aquarian age, and we came to anchor it through living our best life, to raise the frequency for all, sharing happiness and creativity. Join us with global light tribe as we gather to honor the journey and celebrate the gift of being here, the power of love, our Earth Star Gaia and the continual dance which is upgrading our consciousness while navigating this magnanimous shift. Let’s light up the Grid!

Some amazing light technology systems have come through for us to feel connected, empowered, joyous and capable during these next phases. Merissa will be sharing multiple activations to connect to our heart, our power as divine creators here, and our bodies. The body is a very precious, multidimensional ship from the physical through to energetic layers as a Merkaba Lightbody Temple. We have starsuits, we just forgot! We are each sparks of infinite intelligence animating matter/matre; the body is our greatest gift from Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia. The Emerald Covenent of Gaia is a living codex with the Sacred Elemental Kingdom of Earth and our bodies are the sacred Earth. Landing on and thriving with New Earth happens naturally through developing our relationship with the planetary mother Gaia and the kingdoms too, and we do this by landing through our ship, our temple or body or Earthly form combined with Soul. We will share how to do this with the inside out codes of the Lightcore, the upgraded atomic heart stargate which constantly writes the frequencies which blueprint coding for our experience in the physical. The vibrations ripple off us and illuminate information reflected back to us as creations in the physical, they beam out like a projector to show us fractals.

We will use the New Earth Gold Standard plasma filter to weigh/feel all the energies and aspects of our lives to raise each through the golden diamond crystalline Krystos and bring them up to par with the New Earth frequencies. Explore the Emerald Covenant of Gaia to integrate how to work practically with the new light dynamics of magnetism and fractal through the prism eyes activation to explore the prism realms of fractal consciousness. Mastering conscious focus of energy through mind as well as emotion to be present and thus establish a harmonic living with your environment even if it changes frequently through people/events./travel etc.

Using the 4 main categories to harmonize/organize the spiritual being having a human experience on Timeship Earth (health, wealth, career, relationships,) we will explore how to tap into the essence or seed of each dream/goal/vision with laser precision focus within these as a mandala for conscious living and relating. Landing on New Earth also means developing relation to our creation!

This exercise will support you to anchor new visions and dreams for your realities and ground them in with physicalized light integration systems which activate the full use of our body as a crystalline conduit.

Together we will install new empowerments for the next phase to feel prepared for the influxes of even more light coming in with the massive Soulstice portal. We will focus on specific Emerald Covenant codes which Merissa has received thanks to the Lemurians and Telosians, Gaia, the mycelium, Mount Rainier, glacial waters and ancient trees in the primoridial rainforest where she currently lives. She will also share new potent light technology for us to thrive with a tangible, holographic foundation, a code called the New Earth Firmament which has to do with building the light core to establish a foundation of New Earth through us. Every intention builds the geometry outwards and what we define as forward for the future, or the Cascade codes, and we are so excited to share all this wisdom with you!


  • Get your “Sea legs for the new paradigm” from the inside out in sacred community.
  • Meditation journey with activations and installation of your highest aligned grids.
  • We will share these codes through multiple activations to guide you through this process as a tool to deepen your ascension experience and walk in the fields of Golden Unity by building it yourself as the master builder you innately are. Traveling to New Earth through the heart as a bridge and then Landing through the body. These codes have been gifted by the Sirians, Venusians and Lyrans: the codes of the Lightcore Heartgate, the Gold Standard, the Prism Eyes to navigate more seamlessly than ever before in the new light.
  • Global Gridwork: Merissa was guided to host this ceremony before the linear Soulstice date so we can focus and anchor in the pillars of light globally together. Lets celebrate the new paradigm coming into our collective physical experience as well as support the waves of the newly awakening souls experiencing the Soulstice event on the calendar date and beyond. We honor the Cascades of consciousness as humanity awakens in ripples and cycles of this Epoch of Dawn.

Bonuses & Gifts Included:

  • This course also includes our Mayan Galactic Calendar course to explore galactic activations and your cosmic birthchart with the Pleidians, Sirians, Arcturians and Cosmic Maya.
  • The Frequency of Immunity course & ebook for health on all levels from physical to psychic dimensions of living in harmony.
  • True North ebook guide to navigate the shift through 5 ancient wisdom systems of astrology, numerology and human design for deep self-knowingness, affirmation and freedom.
  • Messages from the Mycelium activation: guided journey to inner Earth MP3 download
  • Activational forest bath video download to connect with Gaia, Solaris & the Elemental kingdoms from this year’s 2222 portal gridkeeper (2.2.2022)
  • Free Tai Qi Gung membership to explore our energetic nature as beings here and tap into the quantum energetic field.

Item 4: Amethyst Ray Eclipse Activation

Welcome to the codes of the Royal Amethyst Ray & Golden Ray Robes to activate the divine human angelic star being templates

This is a multi-layered series of activations to support your highest timelines and “living the dream” realities, anchoring them into your physical experience. Vestments of light to support your journey. The April Eclipse in Taurus is a massive opportunity to anchor our dream life, career, living situation, community, health, or whatever has been in your heart dreams, into the physical realms. We are invited to unify the spiritual and the material now. This Eclipse offers us the gifts of release and strategy to align ourselves with the next phase of divine destiny as it calls us. The Amethyst Ray has come forth to bring the violet fire and purple royal codes of the divine, Christed human. We partner this activation with the golden ray and golden robes activation as the first layer of energy clearing to embody the golden Sophia-Christ rays, upgrade our glandular systems and create the neural pathways to amplify our light quotient within the physical body and lightbody as a unified system.
The eclipse energies involve the planet Uranus which is God-consciousness, a creator being level of gnosis, crystalline high frequency electromagnetic lightning bolts of inspiration.
We must prepare to receive this into our circuitry and not blow out, and also not lose our grounding in our heart center as triggers may bring up bring up old issues to be completed.

One of the most powerful Eclipses of our lives as this is a full upgrade of our physical experience! The Amethyst and Golden Ray Robes of light are here to offer us tools to take full advantage of this cosmic opportunity for a major graduation!

This self-paced course has two activations partnered with an introductory “code drop” video and guided exercises detailing the astrology of the Eclipse so that you can begin to work with these energies NOW in the days before the Eclipse happens, on the actual day it is happening and for the next 6 months as the soul dreams seeded here will continue to root, sprout and bloom into manifest reality.

The intro video highlights why Neptune, Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Pisces are so important and how they apply to our everyday life experiences. We break down the energetics of the incoming partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the North and South nodes of destiny to apply these upgrades in a tangible, practical way through our lives. Our soul is calling us and showing us amazing creations, will we listen to the inner nudge to the invitation of embracing the sacred Yes?

There is so much support here for us. Here are the helping hands present for this course.

First the Gold Ray Activation:
The Lyran Christed galactic beings present with Saint Joan of Arc and Archangel Ariel to ignite our courage with the Sacred Heart of the Lion, Regulus. The golden crystal solar crystalline diamond plasma ray of the heart of Regulus Andara being brings the softness of the Sophia Christ for us to then graduate ourselves with the Amethyst Ray.

The Golden Ray activation is a Lightbody, quantum upgrade for the glandular system to detox, supports the light body with these solar ray influxes and solar storms which are inundating us with light codes, crystalline plasma, and gamma-ray frequencies.

These massive influxes of Christed light trigger all of the death urge hormones, all of the trauma still hardwired within our neurology, limbic brain, and the Vagus nerve for survival, outside threats.

Solar flares can cause fear, anger, and lots of emotions, in general, to arise which taxes our glandular system.

It is very important at this time to begin to include a regiment or a protocol of energetic glandular cleansing as self-care on our life path. Due to us being emotional in nature (which are frequencies of energetic experience,) and needing to cleanse the glands which are the filters for how these vibrational energies in motion/e-motion experiences are broken down in our physical chemistry, affecting us at cellular level. Cleansing our glands periodically with light and certain food groups and other practices like these shared in this course is very supportive for increasing your light quotient safely, consistently, and with less discomfort or side effects of organ or gland overwhelm/toxicity. We all want the upgrades, and the light rays are showing us what to do to get it done safely with more fun.

Part of the amnesia of incarnation to safeguard us at first is the Forgetting, which is why the Amethyst Ray is here to remind us of our mission. We forgot that we already have wings with which to fly, and now as we free-fall into the peaking of the Shift it is time to unfurl our wings from the back of the heart.

To honor that we are already whole. To feel safe and secure, to trim away any old paradigm aspects, hobbies, expressions, professional roles, etc to fine-tune your soul mission service roles. Clarity focuses intention like a divine laser beam.

Second layer for this process is the beautiful Amethyst Ray and Violet holy fire, here to remind us of our sovereign, divine, pure power. That we are angelic emissaries here, lightbeings here engaged in the human experience to be co-creators as the Shift intensifies on our planet. Kwan Yin, Golden Dragon, and Golden Phoenix support us with these activations of the purple ray.

Purple royalty and gold blend in stages to purify and embody higher light quotient Christed frequencies for our consciousness and physicality.

This course is several layers of oracle transmissions received and put forth in a pre-recorded series of guided meditation quantum light activation, breathwork, and packed with lightcodes for you to experience as your energy says Yes, with visuals to support the visualization process and guided written prompts for cellular rewrite.

Please be sure to follow the protocol of Gold before Amethyst to support your physical body and receive the most benefit from this Eclipse portal.

What People Have To Say About Merissa

Just wanted to do a note of how wonderful Merissa is. I connected to her from a friend’s recommendation and so glad I took the leap of faith. I had a reading with her and she is amazing. Thru the last 30 years I occasionally have readings and by far she is top notch. She is enthusiastic and she oozes love energy. She walks her talk and it very gifted in so many ways. She made my heart sing and am so grateful for what she shared with me from spirit.”

Mary S, Wisconsin Soul empowerment session

Dearest Merissa, Tonight was absolutely amazing for me. It was such a powerful transmission. I feel such love and intensity of emotion. I am so grateful for all the angels, Archangels Archangel Michael, Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, and for all my ancestors for lovingly, giving me such sage advice, and guidance.
I dropped straight down to the depths of a meditation & found myself in zero point stillness shortly into the healing. I loved watching myself from the center of the faceted diamond looking out at a white sun in a heart shape just like your photo. The suns rays joined with the diamond rays with streaks of electric white flares. My teeth were in agony from minutes into the session! – All the roots were dealing with “Ancestral” healing! I feel so blessed and loved. I really appreciate being chosen to do my little part to hold the light. God bless you & your galaxies of light workers. I appreciate their help & working with my ancestors. with thanks and love

Juliet, France Ancestral lineage clearing session

In the course of working with Merissa I experienced euphoria that re-connected me to my Inner Self. Before I did not feel safe in my body, and I did not know I was dissociating from trauma patterning. It felt like a second lease on life. I felt more present and at ease with mindfulness, and I especially appreciated Merissa’s guided meditation that showed me a part of myself that was lying latent for years. I received the transmission of deeper Innerstanding on levels I haven’t felt in a long time. Not easy to find in traditional healers.

As a healer myself I felt her ability to sharpen new layers of my existing inner vision -reveals Iron Sharpens Iron, going deeper through sacred mirror. I cannot thank Merissa enough for her attentiveness in a time where I need healing the most. What I received from working with her: Bringing newfound presence & comfort to my body awareness, connection to my surroundings above & below, connecting to Earth’s Epicenter of Interconnected Rejuvenation. I AM able to concentrate and meditate easier as a result of her guided session.

What surprised me about Merissa is her ability to see far beyond surface topics and distortions we carry about love from family or trauma, to connect deeper into the TRUE LOVE from which ALL Love Began.

Power to the Healers, for their Chosen Goals speak for themselves with Blessings yet to Behold. Thank you!

Eric E. Quench Alive, Los Angeles Sacred masculine healing soul session

I came to Merissa for a reiki session and soul reading. I received my reiki attunement a while back and its been calling me the last few years to step it up to apply it in my life, so I felt guided to reach out to Merissa for support with this. A week later I am feeling the reiki even more as it continues to work through me and activates my next level of service. As an MFT I am preparing to offer more spiritual layers to my clients through reiki. Seeing Merissa has assisted me to connect with my own inner truth and wisdom so that what I know to be true for my next level of my career feels less scary and more exhilarating to share with others. I am starting to feel very centered and trust myself more to incorporate more of the higher realms into my professional practice. I went from confused and energetically drained from my profession to clear, grounded in my core and so excited. Merissa shared with me how to master the empathy so it no longer pulls from me but rejuvenates me from inside out. It feels amazing to be feeling the energy of my Self.

Cherrie P, Los Angeles Spiritual career soul session

When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor in the Oracle Training, I was looking for more real insights into why I felt like I did about certain things. I had many views and instincts and what I now accept are my gifts, but I kept them to myself and didn’t ever meet anyone I felt comfortable sharing that part of me with. Gradually by doing more and more oracle sessions the penny dropped and I realized what I was being offered. A portal into my own heart, but most importantly how I fit into the wider organism of humanity and the earth. During sessions I was able to ask about my own path, my own lifetimes, my own purpose as well as explore other themes I’d always wondered about, that are relevant to us all. In the course of working with Merissa over a year I feel more affirmed in my spiritual path, more confident to state my beliefs and insights, more in tune with my own psychic skills, more positive about my role in this world and what I can bring to it.  Merissa helped me voice my ‘anxieties’ and showed me how they are in fact my special powers and not something to run away from. Because Merissa lives her life in this way too, she is also an inspiration to me of what is possible. Now, instead of me accessing this part of myself every now and then, I access it almost every day, which is what I want my life to be…more of these authentic moments. I feel more empowered now to consider what else I can bring to the world and how I may be just one but I am capable of so so much, it is mind blowing.

I think Merissa is particularly good or skilled at listening, allowing, being patient, being raw and honest about feelings and the nitty gritty stuff and what’s in the shadows. She is an excellent encourager on the journey, a skilled guide who offers to come along for the ride and is not afraid of the bears or snakes we may meet along the way.

Something which surprised me or was unexpected is how quickly I went from hiding my inner world to feeling confident enough to live it. A matter of months, not years.

My main takeaway from this experience is everyone needs a Merissa in their life. Everyone has so many precious jewels inside of them, and everyone needs someone like Merissa with these oracle skills to really go deep so this life can be lived now to the full.

Whatever your question, whatever your fears, whatever your inklings about who you are and why you are here, book your oracle session with Merissa now and speak it all out. You will get so so much in return.”

Jennie H, Arizona Oracle mentorship training

I discovered Merissa in a session on the New Earth One network, which was very inspiring and so I bought 3 sessions with her. We met on Zoom and talked for 90 minutes each time. Very interesting conversations where I learnt a lot, and where I could talk about the changes I was living through in my life. Main issues were the ascension process and my growing to move into being an online “teacher” (in lack of a better word).

Merissa and I met once every 6 weeks and so there was time for processes to develop and it felt great to just tell Merissa what had happened since last call, and receive such loving, sensitive, deep and funny feedback, with input from a wide range of fields from astrology and shamanism, yoga, different spiritual practices… I wrote 7-8 pages of notes during each conversation, and when we hung up, each time I felt both very elevated and like my soul had had some kind of spring cleaning! Mindblown, yet in some kind of meditative state at the same time. A pleasant feeling.

It is hard to find the right words for the experience. The conversations felt very uplifting to me emotionally and mentally, I think she has somehow tuned into layers of my consciousness beyond my awareness. And helped strengthen my individuation proces.

I am very grateful to myself for having chosen to invest in this support for myself. Merissa has my highest recommendation and I will reach out to her again, and will be keeping an eye on what exciting things she gets up to online!

Lene K. , Denmark Soul empowerment session

I worked with Merissa for a 6 week Ayurveda for ascension series to connect with my body, support natural detox and activate my lightbody through self care. Merissa is a gifted and experienced clinical Ayurvedic specialist and she combines this with her soul reading/ intuitive gifts for a powerful offering. I learned so much from our sessions together. She has a warm, funny, gentle and powerful teaching style. She shares her wealth of information succinctly with lightness and ease. Although I had previous knowledge of Ayurveda, Merissa explained the doshas and other principles in a new and engaging way. I had some lightbulb moments around balancing my Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Merissa provided easy meal adjustments, tips and recipes. She shared these ideas with me when I let her know I had a crunchy food addiction. It is all about balance. She shared wonderful information for supporting the nervous system, digestion and ideas about daily self care practices. I am happy she passed on the benefits of tongue scraping with me. I love doing it now. She even has a sweet ebook on sacred self care practices. The sessions were easy to do on zoom and you can even have a laugh about sending pictures of your tongue over the phone so she can do an analysis! I recommend Merissa to anyone looking for Ayurveda, aka for multidimensional mind, body & spirit support for the ascension process.

Brita H. , San Jose Ayurveda sessions

About Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo is a mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower here to support humanity during the Shifts into the Golden Age. Her true joy is the discovery of ancient wisdom to heal, integrate and expand personally which she then shares with the world to support the full restoration of our Divine DNA. She has studied many ancient traditions from East to West, Occult and so forth to consolidate ascension technology into simple systems for personal alchemy to share with you all.

She is part of the Holy order of the Marys, she is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Holy Womb Chakra facilitator, a member of the Fellowship of Isis and a Sophia Christ minister.

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