With Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Yoga Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner, and Intuitive Energy Healer
Jessica Maitri


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Yothera Method: “Transforming the lead of the past into the gold of the future.”

Yothera Method is a therapeutic modality that teaches individuals how to become the conscious creator of their life, by freeing and transforming unconscious programs of the mind, through a deeper connection to their intuition and embodied wisdom. This inner-alchemical journey guides individuals through the healing process of deconstructing their old stories, and re-writing their new story– the story of who they truly are.

Yothera Method includes all parts of a person–mind, body, and soul, for lasting transformation. Most therapists and helping professionals agree that in order to ignite lasting change, the methods of healing must be able to address the whole person. However, so many individuals who are seeking lasting change, are not able to receive the help they desire due to very few therapists understanding the multiple layers that need to be addressed in a holistic healing journey.

For Therapists: Yothera Method offers therapists and holistic practitioners a new approach to their work, that changes the whole perspective of what it means to seek therapy in the first place.

Traditional therapy teaches us to work with the mind alone– with little to no acknowledgment of the body, soul, or intuition of the individual. With such a narrow perspective, we are not truly being of best service to ourselves and those we work with. Therapists and practitioners who receive training and implement the Yothera Method in their work, feel more authentic to express their own unique talents and gifts with clients, as well as support their clients in doing the same in their own lives. Yothera Method supports you in implementing a more holistic approach in your profession, to decrease burnout and compassion fatigue, and increase joy, playfulness, and authenticity into your unique service in the world. Therapists who go through certification, find they are able to easily access their greatest gifts, and transform their business and work to support these new gifts and perspectives.

Yothera Method also provides a rooted and supportive community for professionals who go through certification and support one another as they transform their work in the world to reflect their most authentic service.

Yothera Method takes working with the mind to the next level, by helping individuals use the power of their unconscious for healing and transformation. Instead of simply understanding how the unconscious mind works, Yothera Method also teaches individuals how to use the unconscious through their own embodied experience, making them the conscious creator of their new story.

Using Intuition as a Therapeutic Tool Plus Insight Session

3-hour Webinar 

Streaming Now Available

Using Intuition as a Therapeutic Tool

In this 3-hour Webinar, students learn how to distinguish their own personal intuition, by using their senses, sensations in the body, and other forms of intuition through the unconscious mind manifested through the body. Students will learn the layers of the mind including the conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious according to psychologists such as Carl Jung.

Students will study and learn about somatic experiences linked to the unconscious mind, and how to strengthen their somatic therapy skills to deepen their personal intuition and the connection with their clients. Setting intentions, pre and post-session rituals, and tools to use to clear energy, body, and mind, to access deeper states of awareness during work with clients.

Using the senses as imagination and creativity, why it’s important in the therapy process, and ways to work with the unconscious mind. Students will be practicing specific methods for bringing this work into the work that they do in the world, as well as treatment methods that are therapeutic in assisting their own clients to access their own personal intuition as well.

What you will learn:

  • The layers of the Mind and different ways they process information
  • Discerning personal intuition vs. ego or fear
  • Therapeutic treatment methods for somatic experiences linked to the unconscious mind
  • Using the senses and body in therapeutic process
  • Therapeutic language to use when working with the unconscious mind
  • Pre and Post session rituals and tools to clear energy in the mind and body
  • Ways to assist clients to begin tapping into their own intuition

1 on 1 InSight Session

InSight Sessions provide you with direct access to your higher Self and Guides, through the guidance of Jess and her connection to multidimensional information that is specifically for you. These sessions increase your trust in self, your own inner knowing, and provide direction and insight into areas of your life that you’re guided to receive more information about.

Your Session Includes

1 virtual/recorded 75-minute InSight Session+

Includes introduction and gathering information, 45 minutes in your akashic records, and closing the session with integration and grounding tools to assist you in moving forward in life with this new information.

*Cancellation policy includes no refunds less than 72 hours before the scheduled session

*All sessions are virtual via zoom, and you will be sent a link to connect following your booking.

Value for both $400

Mastery Empowerment Course: Using Intuition as a Therapeutic Tool plus 1 on 1 Session

  • Streaming Now Available

What People Have To Say About Jessica

Jess Maitri is trailblazing the evolution of therapy. She recognizes the limitations that traditional mental health practices have, which are often disembodied and working on only one part of the person; AND she recognizes the limitation that yoga has in healing mental health. She has bridged the gap! She brings so much to her work including mental health therapy, embodied yoga practices, strong intuition, breath work, somatics and her compassionate heart. She treats her clients as a whole person. She is very gentle, loving and sensitive to her client’s needs and traumas. Just being in her presence is grounding and healing! She has helped me so much!

I have had 3 “In-Sight” readings with Jess, who is a highly gifted Intuitive/Clairvoyant. Her approach is authentic and almost tangible. She not only gets to the root of our issues/questions, but explains them with a truth that is known only by you. It is this special aspect to Jess’s readings that are so effective and so healing. I have listened to the 3 readings over and over and I receive something new each time that I do. I consider myself to be an intuitive person and her readings helped me to see what I already knew, but she was able to go deeper where I was simply too blocked to connect. Receiving the truth through her gift has helped me to reground and reconnect to myself and I am forever thankful for that. I have referred Jess to 3 other close friends and they were blown away by what she was able to see and heal. I highly recommend an “In-Sight” session with Jess!

Jesss group sessions are extremely insightful and healing. Through breathwork and other embodied practices such as free writing and group dialogue, the process has been transformational. I find Jess to be warm and professional, and open to adapting to meet your unique needs. I feel so lucky someone recommended her to me years ago.

About Jessica Maitri

Jessica Maitri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Yoga Therapist, Breathwork Practitioner, and Intuitive Energy Healer. She blends both eastern and western therapeutic approaches to embodied wellness. Her training in both western psychology and eastern embodiment practices inform her work with groups and individuals. Jessica is the creator of Yothera Method, a therapeutic modality used in both groups and individual work, that invites individuals deeply into the present moment, and meet life from a grounded and embodied perspective. She is deeply passionate about being part of the integrative medical model, creating a bridge between traditional mental health and holistic health. Jessica’s work invites participants to deepen their exploration of Self, dive deep into their body’s innate wisdom, and strengthen their trust in life and their own intuition.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Using Intuition as a Therapeutic Tool plus 1 on 1 Session

  • Streaming Now Available