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Maraya Forrest

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Consciousness Groupwork Course


17th of September 2022
24th of September 2022

9am PT | 10am MT | 11am CT | 12pm ET | 4pm GMT
2 days | 14 hours |

Each day will be divided in four blocks with breaks in between:

Day 1 Day 2
Module 1 – 2 hours

Module 2 – 2 hours

Module 3 – 2 hours

Discussion – 1 hour

Module 4 – 2 hours

Module 5 – 2 hours

Module 6 – 2 hours

Discussion – 1 hour

Consciousness Groupwork Course


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This course is designed to explain the theory of consciousness as well as to bring each part into experience. I will explain the theory and then apply it using the Codes Creation of the Elohim and Sounds of Creation of the Avatars.

The course consists of six modules over two days, the group will do three modules per day, two hours spent on each module. First, the theory will be explained and then the group will proceed through a personal experience, followed by discussion. At completion of each day there will be a further optional hour available for those that wish further discussion, analysis of their experiences and deeper understanding.

Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim, I unlock and align the timelines and dimensions. I create the opportunity to align and clear patterns that no longer serve one as well as access and return ones own unique gifts. The sounds of Creation of the Avatars, the creators of this universe, will be used to deepen the connection of the groups individual light streams into the designs of the earths original structure.

The timelines and dimensions are my mastery.

The light of Creation is available to all creator beings. The light of our Earths Creator has the elemental kingdom in it. This light has ‘characters’ or nature spirits in it that become form through the elements of earth, water, air and fire.  We call this light the Holy Spirit.

The sounds from the Avatars who are the Creators of this Universe, are used to push the light threads into the original patterns of the earths creation, uniting our souls light with our divine nature, Mother Earth.

The evolution of life on earth as a unified co-creator

1. Introduction
i. What is consciousness and the nature of multi-dimensional reality
ii Key stories as clues to understanding consciousness
iii. Timelines
iv. Archetypes/characters or characteristics

2. The Dimensions
i. The founding four and importance of the fourth (includes understanding the practical application of the first 9)
ii. Trusting the Feeling Body
iii. The Lotus Flower, Om Mani Padme Hum
iv. Integration and Transcendence

3. How Consciousness comes into form
i. The Elohim as the Creators of the Divine Blueprint, Mother Nature
ii. The codes of Creation
iii. The Garden of Eden
iv. Mother Mary/Earth and the Christ-aligned/crystalline body

4. Free Will – Will Power, Self Empowerment/Abuse of Power, Disempowerment
i. Returning to sovereign beings of the light
ii. The laws of this Universe and working with the Lords of Karma
iii. The King/Queen, The Kingdom, The Castle, The Courtroom, The lands, The Warriors
iv. DNA/Jacobs ladder and the stairway to heaven

5. Transcendence from the Lower Four Bodies
i. Earth Water Air and Fire /Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual
ii. Transcendence into vertical alignment, Ether
iii. Uniting Heaven and Earth
iv. Accessing the Golden Grids of light, the Golden Age of Light

6. Birthing New Aspects of Consciousness
i. The returning to Purity and Innocence. Trust
ii. Nushka bag – bag of precious possessions, hearts dreaming
iii. Light encodings and activations of the New Earth patterns

What People Have To Say

In our search for wholeness or wellbeing we very rarely come across a person who can truly help. Maraya is however, such a person, and I often think of her as a spiritual midwife of sorts. If you are fortunate enough to come across Maraya you have been given a gift, which if you open, will dramatically change your life.

Words do not do justice to the work that Maraya does but my experience with her has simply been profound. Her sessions are an experiential journey, where you are given a key to enter into the deepest recesses of your consciousness. You will find that what was once confusing becomes clear and what was once painful becomes a door; a door that she will gently hold open for you for the light to stream in.

Maraya is all at once, a gifted orator, alchemist, psychologist and seer and a kind human being who is simply motivated by her call to serve. We need more people like this. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word.

Karen Sutherland, Dubai

I feel so honoured to have met Maraya 7 years ago at a time in my life when I really needed clear guidance and healing from some heavy past trauma manifesting in brain cancer and AIDS, leaving heavy, dense imprints on my psyche and physical body. In the very first session I was blown away by the fascinating way in which she could see highly detailed images and visual stories with characters representing all the various parts within me asking to be seen, understood and healed. Everything that she saw, I felt physically and emotionally as deeply discernible sensations. By the end of the session i felt empowered with a much more in-depth awareness of my weaknesses and the tools and spiritual gifts I had in order to be able to diminish and ultimately dissolve them. Needless to see I have been back for many profoundly powerful sessions since then and Maraya has become not only a spiritual teacher and Earth Guide to me, but also a very dear friend. And she has helped me recognise and harness my own power and trust in my God given gifts to become a gifted healer myself. I unreservedly recommend working with Maraya to people wishing to gain greater clarity in their lives as to All That They Are, people wishing to dissolve and heal trauma from past physical, emotional or mental wounding, or anyone wanting to feel a deeper connection with Great Spirit and their own unique soul essence. She is the purest Divine channel I have witnessed in the 15 years that I have been on my Spiritual path. The Real Deal!! ; )


Daniel Read , September 19, 2021

I am truly grateful that Maraya has come across my journey. Her work as a bridge & interpreter for Spirit, my deep sub-conscious and Highest Self is unprecedented. So much insight and opportunity for change is given to one that embarks on her work. I highly recommend Maraya to all that seeks healing, more knowing of self and Self.

Zaan, Cape Town

My whole life has been a search for answers on how and why which seems to be hard to find by just looking, listening and employing rituals which nowadays are available in many forms on the internet in books and by therapists. I have learned a lot about myself by the help of the above mentioned sources but there was still so much confusion within me.

I have never come across anything as powerful as the work of Maraya it has helped me to get more inner peace and understanding of what and why l am here. It has helped me to grow in all areas of my life which seemed difficult and to recognise when repeating circumstances try to enter back into my consciousness, but most of all l have learned to stand still and listen to make connection with my heart and with nature and the universal energies which surrounds us. I have recommended Maraya to many of my own customers who are still thanking me for introducing them to such a powerful source. I would recommend Maraya and her work to anyone requiring help for inner growth stating that they are mentally healthy.

Helle Rosted, Belgium

About Maraya Forrest

I grew up in Wildest Africa, my father was a Game Ranger. My memories are Nature and the wild spirit of my own divine nature. Through deep process of my childhood trauma’s I have learned to know myself as a worthy being through realisation that there is no separation between myself and Mother Earth, her nature is my own.

Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim I unlock distorted patterns and return the Blueprint design of Mother Earth uniting heaven and earth, reconnecting us to our divine nature.

Through the sounds of the Avatars I push the light threads into the original patterns and designs of the earths structure reconnecting our souls light into this plane of existence.

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