With Andromedan Visionary of Earthstar Sanctuary
Xi EarthStar


The Pleiadian Gateway is a stellar alignment that occurs twice a year at which time the Earth, Sun, and the Pleiades star cluster are in direct alignment. This has always been a very special time in Xi’s life, and this year our galactic team will be inviting you into our celebration, to harness the stellar energy of the gateway for personal, collective, and planetary healing and consciousness elevation.

The Pleiadians have been very involved in our planetary evolution for a long time. In this show Xi will share her organic experiences with the Pleiadian gateway, like discovering ancient timeline technology planted here by the Pleiadians a long time ago, facilitating mass ceremony by coincidence on these dates, and even giving birth to her miracle baby Cara.

This year she’s guided to facilitate this ceremony space for our planetary family over 4 days to maximize the blessings of the Pleiadian gateway. We’re focussing on the healing of sexuality because we see this as the most important hidden power, and devastating block to humanity’s evolution at this time. Without it, we’re powerless to create the world we envision. Restoring our Sovereign Creativity speaks for itself!

In our Pleiadian Gateway ceremonies, we’ll be diving deep into the various levels of sexual programming, distortion, and trauma most humans in our civilization have all been unfortunately exposed to. We’ll also bring in different frequencies, energies and medicines which directly release, heal and restore these sacred codes within.

If you enjoy this introduction course, you’re invited to join Xi Earthstar Healer in The Pleiadian Gateway Ceremony (recorded if you can’t join live).

The Pleiades Activation

Workshops and Ceremonies

The Pleiades Activation

4 days of workshops and ceremony with Xi EarthStar over the heliocentric earth-Sun-Pleiades Alignment window, focusing on the healing of personal, collective, and planetary sexual trauma and the reclamation of our Divine Creativity.

Value of Special Offer $222

This  ceremony experience with Xi occurs over the 4 days of the Pleiades gateway. We’ll be able to harness the amplified crystalline energy to access deeper levels of inner healing, and planetary gridwork through working with the gateway energies. This event includes 3 live workshops and 4 live ceremonies,
and is a collective prayer initiative towards true planetary peace and sovereignty.

Day 1: 

Stargate Opening Ceremony (4 pm MT)

Divinity, Sex, & Trauma Workshop (5 pm MT)
How are Sex, Divinity, and Trauma all relevant in the life of humanity on Earth, and how do these themes make or break our Mission as a Starseed? In this workshop, we take a deep dive into Draco-reptilian wars, galactic genetic experimentation, and the evil forces on Earth which have distorted our understanding of sexuality for their profit…

Day 2:

Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Workshop (4 pm MT)
This workshop is about all the different dimensions inside which sexual trauma thus creational level trauma exist. From astral abductions to past life spiritual wars, curses, and soul binds, to MK ultra frequency mind control, we address all levels of distortion

Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Ceremony (7 pm MT)
This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

Day 3:

Original Codes of Creation Workshop (4 pm MT)
This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

Original Codes of Creation Activation Ceremony (7 pm MT)
This oracle ceremony brings in the frequencies of the original codes of creation to imprint and restore the multidimensional light body to its original divine creation capabilities.

Day 4:

Timeline Lightweaving Ceremony (7 pm MT)
This oracle ceremony guides and directs our collective activated energy to the creation of higher timelines for all of humanity.

The Pleiades Activation


About Xi EarthStar

Xi EarthStar is the Andromedan visionary of Earthstar Sanctuary. Xi is a Gatekeeper, shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach, and self-healing guide. Xi’s starseeded soul spent recent lifetimes studying light-field genetics and creation mechanics, for these skills she was invited to craft Starseed DNA for many wanderers on Earth today. Xi fuses ancient Taoist teachings from her ancestors with galactic teachings of Creation Magic, offering a unique frequency of Earth-Star knowledge transmissions. Xi helps us access higher consciousness and psychic abilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty and move onto a Life of Purpose.

The Pleiades Activation