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Mastery Empowerment Course: The InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies

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Please join us to download a whole new set of InterGalactic Frequencies called the Embodiment Frequencies.  These are a series of 6 new InterGalactic Frequencies which will be showcased in the next Level 5 training this August occurring at Mt. Shasta.  This will be the first public setting in which these frequencies will be used.  The InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies are meant to take the high voltage and hight level energies that lighworkers are downloading into their seven subtle bodies and integrate this in a balanced and complete manner.  There are 6 Embodiment Frequencies which correspond to the seven subtle bodies.  These frequencies include the physical, etheric, astral (emotional and mental), causal, spiritual, and divine InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies.

There will be three meetings in this Mastery Empowerment Class which will correspond with working with two of the InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies in a deep manner.  Each session will include an hour energy session where we work deeply with the frequencies. There will also be 30-60 minutes of instruction and discussion on how to better embody the high frequency energies and consciousness that people are experiencing now on the spiritual path of service and acceleration.  A brief description of each session is below.

1) Session One-InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies for the Physical and Etheric Vehicles.  Here we bring down the frequencies we are working with so that they can stay and integrate fully into our physical and etheric body.  This also allows for healing of physical ascension symptoms as well as leading a balanced, healthy, and happy life.   We will also discuss a model called the Physics of the Etheric which discusses how the spiritual world, consciousness, and forms manifest into the physical world.

2) Session Two-InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies for the Astral (Emotional and Mental) and Causal Vehicles.  Here we clear away any emotional and mental patterns blocking ascension and acceleration on our spiritual path.  We also imprint positive patterns that allow for awakened emotional and mental health.  We also balance and clear deep karmic patterns which are getting activated by bringing through higher frequency light and energies at a greater level.

3) Session Three-InterGalactic Embodiment Frequencies for the Spiritual and Divine Vehicles. This last session will integrate all seven subtle body vehicles so that we feel complete and whole while working at an increased vibrational level.  We specifically will be helping our spiritual body and its information at a soul level become fully conscious and integrated into our life path.  Also, we will work with realizing and integrating non-dual experiences of divine union and cosmic consciousness.  These high vibrational and unified states can sometimes be unbalancing to our practical everyday life.  The InterGalactic Embodiment Frequency for the Divine Vehicle will assist in this integration.

Please enjoy these meetings as a chance to connect more deeply with the Divine, Our Higher Self, Our Spiritual Guides, and the InterGalactics.  We will also have a chance to discuss the role of the InterGalactics as spiritual guides and mentors in our lives and how they came to be discovered at Mt. Shasta.

This is an on-line training.  Everyone who registers will be part of the group energy field and receive the energy even if you cannot make the live sessions.  Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.