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Althea Provost

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Mastery Empowerment Course: The Goddess & Egyptian Temples

The Goddess & Egyptian Temples


Sunday, January 29th, 2023

12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET | 8pm GMT

Join Althea Provost for live interactive teachings as we explore new states of spatial awareness in times of great expansion and contraction.  In her upcoming online course, we will review a few Egyptian cult temples, and the architecture as a template for supporting conscious awareness.  A brief overview of the process of an initiate will be shared. While we are reviewing the ancient past, the relevancy of temples and goddesses are explored.  Shared emphasis is placed on now moment awakening and our interest in having a direct relationship with divine consciousness.

A live video one-hour conference call via Zoom is scheduled on Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 1 pm MST.  A recording will be made available to all participants within 48 hours.

In The Goddess & Egyptian Temples, Althea Provost will guide us in exploring unborn and emerging states of consciousness.  Through visual storytelling, we uncover ancient temples, discuss spatial awareness and explore the role of the living goddesses as templates for our own divine embodiment.



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What’s Included in this Online Course

  • 1-hr Live Zoom Class with Althea Provost
  • Exclusive video & audio content
  • Explore The Flower of Life & Egyptian Temples
  • Discover Egyptian Temples as metaphors for evolving States of Consciousness
  • Deepen your understanding of Spatial Consciousness.

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Special Offer: A Private 30-minute Session + The Goddess & Egyptian Temples Course

A Private 30-minute Session + The Goddess & Egyptian Temples Course


A private 30-minute session with Althea Provost, over Zoom or by phone, recording available.  Althea works on the energetic level to assist you in fine-tuning your energy, illuminate empowered choices, deepen your insight, and integrate your knowing.

What People Have To Say About Althea

Laser Like Focus

I immediately felt at ease with Althea as she guided my session with such grace and care. The energy work that she is doing is unlike anything I have experienced as it’s on another level. As we progressed through the session I would continue to feel lighter and lighter, yet more grounded and calm. It is through Althea’s intuitive guidance, laser like focus and larger than this world abilities that I am now easily able to tap into my own deeper knowing and understanding. She helped me to flip the switch (so to speak) and not only feel the difference between 5th-6th dimensional consciousness vs. the 3rd, but to release the denser energies that have held me down in the past (namely guilt and shame). What a profound gift I get to experience daily. Her work is that powerful. As you can tell, I highly recommend her.

Suzanne Pittman

Insightful and Empowering!

I highly recommend you connect with Althea! Her energy and joy infuse you with enthusiasm to keep on. Her suggestions and recommendations were insightful and empowering! She reminds you that who you are already knows and you can do this! You’ve got it! Go for it! Connect today!

LuAnne, Starseed

A Heart Opener

I had a session with Althea Provost in which I had direct contact with my Higher Self and with the other beings of light that surround me. What an eye-opener or should I say heart opener this was. I received clarity on many subjects as well as healing on various parts of my body. Althea was spot on where these bodily issues were and what solutions would be beneficial. Of course, she has the gift of being in direct contact with my own guidance who knows me inside and out. She also brought me into more direct contact with the Rays of Light of and which one I am most connected to. No surprise there, as Jesus has been MY Guy since childhood. Jesus and his Balancing Beam of Light. What an immense pleasure to feel His Love even more deeply than before. I did not think that was possible. I know that more insight will be forthcoming as I am more balanced and recalibrated into my new template. Thank you, Althea, for being the Vessel of Love that you are.

Mary Grace, California

About Althea Provost

Althea Provost was born with her spiritual gifts intact, a natural clairvoyant with a propensity for precognition, she knew her true home was in the stars.  Althea considers herself a soul traveler on an endless journey through consciousness; drawn in by a sense of wonder for the unknown. A perpetual student with a notepad in hand, she enjoys sharing knowledge gained from direct experience.

As an energetic teacher empowering starseeds, Althea meets you where you are and together, higher self to higher self, provides now moment guidance.  Her company, Thea’s Heart, provides global Starseed Adventures to sacred sites for initiation, activation, and to awaken next level of awareness.  Althea’s YouTube channel, InnerTV, shares conscious conversations with authors, teachers, and starseeds.

The Goddess & Egyptian Temples


A Private 30-minute Session + The Goddess & Egyptian Temples Course