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Within the garden of each of our creations exists the patterns of our original design, the Tree of life, the Flower of life, the Fruit of life and the Seed of life.

Understanding the designs within the light of our creation as seen in Mother Nature.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Garden of Eden

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Garden of Eden


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The Garden of Eden. Returning to our true nature in our blueprint design as seen within the Tree of life, the Flower of life, the Fruit of life and the Seed of life. The key story of the Tree of life follows the law of ‘As above, so Below’, and contains all of these designs. Come and unite your light with the earth, grounding in your universal knowledge as we unlock consciousness using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim and the Sounds of Creation of the Avatars. Uniting Heaven and Earth.

Benefits of this Course

  • Understanding the design of your True Nature as reflected in Mother Nature
  • Why you can Trust the process of the evolution of consciousness, by understanding its design Alignment with your blueprint design, that you might remember your gifts
  • Connection of Self and Land Higher perspective of your life
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how consciousness comes into form
  • Self Empowering
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of self and our ability to heal
  • Inner peace and clarity

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Understanding the Landscapes of Mother Earth

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Understanding the Landscapes of Mother Earth


2 Payment Option Available

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Understanding the Landscapes of Mother Earth as our true nature, as we embody our light through all dimensions and timelines.

Uniting Heaven and Earth

Uniting our light with the earth means that our light and our body need to both be in the same blueprint design. This design can be seen materialised into form in mother nature.

Every chakra needs to be balanced into the cross in the circle, our astrological earth symbol, then we come into vertical alignment and can lock into the grids of golden light. We can embody all that we are from beyond this plane of existence, becoming creator beings of the light within this place in time and space.

Golden light materialises into gold. It is a conductor and has a reflective, protective nature. It is mother earth’s wealth.

The light of creation is available to all creator beings, the light of our creators heart has little characters in it, the nature spirits or elemental kingdom. We call this light the Holy Spirit, and we see it materialised into form in nature. The mighty Elohim bring this form into being under the guidance of the Devic kingdom and Elemental Kingdom.

The Avatars created this universe wherein these designs exist. We see these designs in the unconscious, the starry night sky. Embodying our Avatar consciousness is simply remembering ourselves at an expanded level of connection, beyond the blue skies of conscious awareness into the dark night of the unconscious where the light of the stars reflects our design. Trusting ourselves is trusting our design. This is consciousness is awakening to itself.

Balance and Orientation

If we look at the cross in the circle our astrological earth symbol it is about bringing the four elements into balance; where earth is the physical body, water is the emotional body, air is the mental body and fire is the spirit body. We call these four bodies the lower four bodies; it is the horizontal connection where all of the drama plays out in each of our mirrors. If the soul came to the planet to learn, how does it see itself except in the mirror, and so we magnetise an equal vibration, a resonation of that which needs to be reflected upon.

The centre of the cross in the circle is where balance and orientation occurs, it is the centre of our hearts. The four directions align us within the space/time continuum and orientate us in this lifetime, giving us our direction. This is also connected to the exact time and place that we landed here on earth in this lifetime, our position in relation to the stars, our universe.

The circle of light or tube of light that surrounds us we call our lightstream. As we become these multi-dimensional beings of the light, we are aligning the circles and cycles of time, we are aligning the timelines and dimensions within our lightstreams and remembering all that we are.

As the patterns line up and we become vertical receptors and transmitters of light, we are able to clear and align through all time and space, coming into presence within this now moment of knowing all that we are.

The Landscape of Mother Earth as the Landscapes of our Consciousness

We know the stillness of the desert, lives of devotion.

We know the busyness of the forest with its cacophony of sounds, the birdsong, the nature spirits and the creatures of the mirror, her canopy of green leaves, the green of our heart chakra, mother nature, our divine nature.

We know the wild emotions of the oceans with shifting tides and currents, and sometimes choppy waters when the wind is blowing, air, the mind is active.

We know the wisdom of the mountains, form at its most dense, solidifying over eons of time, the original designs materialised for we too have a wise sage in the cave of our hearts who holds our book of knowledge.

We know how to transform ourselves, we are the butterfly.

We know how to trust when we are in freefall, we are the waterfall connected to the flow of our lives, the river of life.

And we know how to balance and rebalance ourselves after a storm to the dawning of a new day where we have clarity and understanding of what we have been through and what we have learned from the experience.

We know these things because we have learned them from mother earth, our teacher.

As we stand upon her, she floats in a night sky where the light and the patterns of the stars are the design of our creation

The Desert

Natural deserts occur at the edge of the ocean and are lives of devotion. Seeking the stillness within through the sands of time.

Any desert that we see inland has been created through deserted conditions. These conditions include abandonment, neglect, abuse, interference and chemicals. We can experience this empty open space as these feelings.

If we look at the cross in the circle our astrological earth symbol, we need to bring each chakra into balance in terms of the elements or bodies so identifying where this desert is in your body is key, in order to restore balance. Fertile, abundant land has water and the elemental kingdom, the nature spirits.

As it is materialised into the earth body, we may experience it as physical pain.

The base chakra is your foundation and includes values and belief systems. The sacral chakra is trust, the inner child and creativity, your sexuality or life force where we create new life, new beginnings. It’s your ability to trust yourself, knowing that you can create the life your heart dreams of. It’s also Scorpio, transformation. The solar Plexus is empowerment/disempowerment/abuse of power/will power. Inner conflict and power struggles. The Heart – bringing balance to the masculine and feminine, centering and orientation yourself, the centre of the cross in the circle.

The Landscapes

These are the parts of ourselves that we need to reconnect to.

They are also positioned according to the directions, when brought into balance.

The Mountains – Wisdom from our original design, and through experience. The River – connection to the flow of your life, forward movement

The Forest – the garden of eden, restoring the elemental kingdom, bringing the holy spirit or light into the body

The Lake – an emotional body of wisdom, and if it’s in the mountains it will be higher wisdom The Ocean – connection to the universe, our soul purpose

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What People Have To Say

In our search for wholeness or wellbeing we very rarely come across a person who can truly help. Maraya is however, such a person, and I often think of her as a spiritual midwife of sorts. If you are fortunate enough to come across Maraya you have been given a gift, which if you open, will dramatically change your life.

Words do not do justice to the work that Maraya does but my experience with her has simply been profound. Her sessions are an experiential journey, where you are given a key to enter into the deepest recesses of your consciousness. You will find that what was once confusing becomes clear and what was once painful becomes a door; a door that she will gently hold open for you for the light to stream in.

Maraya is all at once, a gifted orator, alchemist, psychologist and seer and a kind human being who is simply motivated by her call to serve. We need more people like this. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word.

Karen Sutherland, Dubai

I feel so honoured to have met Maraya 7 years ago at a time in my life when I really needed clear guidance and healing from some heavy past trauma manifesting in brain cancer and AIDS, leaving heavy, dense imprints on my psyche and physical body. In the very first session I was blown away by the fascinating way in which she could see highly detailed images and visual stories with characters representing all the various parts within me asking to be seen, understood and healed. Everything that she saw, I felt physically and emotionally as deeply discernible sensations. By the end of the session i felt empowered with a much more in-depth awareness of my weaknesses and the tools and spiritual gifts I had in order to be able to diminish and ultimately dissolve them. Needless to see I have been back for many profoundly powerful sessions since then and Maraya has become not only a spiritual teacher and Earth Guide to me, but also a very dear friend. And she has helped me recognise and harness my own power and trust in my God given gifts to become a gifted healer myself. I unreservedly recommend working with Maraya to people wishing to gain greater clarity in their lives as to All That They Are, people wishing to dissolve and heal trauma from past physical, emotional or mental wounding, or anyone wanting to feel a deeper connection with Great Spirit and their own unique soul essence. She is the purest Divine channel I have witnessed in the 15 years that I have been on my Spiritual path. The Real Deal!! ; )


Daniel Read , September 19, 2021

I am truly grateful that Maraya has come across my journey. Her work as a bridge & interpreter for Spirit, my deep sub-conscious and Highest Self is unprecedented. So much insight and opportunity for change is given to one that embarks on her work. I highly recommend Maraya to all that seeks healing, more knowing of self and Self.

Zaan, Cape Town

My whole life has been a search for answers on how and why which seems to be hard to find by just looking, listening and employing rituals which nowadays are available in many forms on the internet in books and by therapists. I have learned a lot about myself by the help of the above mentioned sources but there was still so much confusion within me.

I have never come across anything as powerful as the work of Maraya it has helped me to get more inner peace and understanding of what and why l am here. It has helped me to grow in all areas of my life which seemed difficult and to recognise when repeating circumstances try to enter back into my consciousness, but most of all l have learned to stand still and listen to make connection with my heart and with nature and the universal energies which surrounds us. I have recommended Maraya to many of my own customers who are still thanking me for introducing them to such a powerful source. I would recommend Maraya and her work to anyone requiring help for inner growth stating that they are mentally healthy.

Helle Rosted, Belgium

About Maraya Forrest

I grew up in Wildest Africa, my father was a Game Ranger. My memories are Nature and the wild spirit of my own divine nature. Through deep process of my childhood trauma’s I have learned to know myself as a worthy being through realisation that there is no separation between myself and Mother Earth, her nature is my own.

Using the Codes of Creation of the Elohim I unlock distorted patterns and return the Blueprint design of Mother Earth uniting heaven and earth, reconnecting us to our divine nature.

Through the sounds of the Avatars I push the light threads into the original patterns and designs of the earths structure reconnecting our souls light into this plane of existence.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Garden of Eden


2 Payment Option Available

Mastery Empowerment Course: Understanding the Landscapes of Mother Earth


2 Payment Option Available

Mastery Empowerment Course Bundle

  • Get Both Courses for one low price!

2 Payment Option Available