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With Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute®
Debora Wayne

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Find and Release the Hidden Reasons for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Insomnia, and more!

Discover for yourself why tens of thousands in over 160 countries have reported the rapid, safe, easy elimination of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, BurnOut, Insomnia, Migraines, and other “mysterious” Chronic conditions….even when nothing else worked!

At the International Chronic Pain Institute™, we understand that it can be very frustrating and confusing to try and figure out why you have chronic ongoing pain and how to get rid of it, especially if you’ve consulted with medical doctors and nothing is showing up on medical tests, you’ve seen “alternative” healthcare practitioners, had Physical Therapy and tried endless “natural” health solutions, but nothing has helped you to stop the pain.

We realize that you probably feel stuck and like you’ve tried everything to figure this out.

It’s like laying out a million confusing puzzle pieces and not seeing how to put them back together properly.

In this upcoming course, Debora Wayne, founder of the International Chronic Pain Institute® will help you put your pain puzzle together and will share highly effective tools, tips, and techniques, including her world-renowned HighSpeed Energy Healing™ designed to remove the hidden root causes of dis-ease without drugs, supplements, endless physical therapy, or asking you to eliminate the foods you love!

Get UN-stuck and get your Energy and life moving forward on the right track to Pain Free Living so that you can feel more joy and freedom in your body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy this Special Offer

Experience for yourself why tens of thousands from all around the world have reported eliminating Chronic Physical Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Trauma, Battles with Binge-Eating, Insomnia, Migraines and MANY other “Mysterious” Chronic Symptoms and Conditions….even when nothing else worked!

The Day of HighSpeed Healing Immersion® is a One-Day, EXPERIENTIAL, Online Workshop LIVE with Debora Wayne, Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute®. This Audio Only Virtual Event can be accessed from any device and is designed to accelerate the releasing of your pain (pain of ALL types – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual and financial) and to help you get your Energy and Life back on Track.

You’ll have the opportunity to be with and learn from Debora for over 5 hours (LIVE) that day, ask your toughest questions, and receive her world-renowned HighSpeed Energy Healing™ sessions (twice in one single day!). Throughout the entire day, Debora will share her expert guidance, and offer tools and tips to help you Finally get UNstuck, stop struggling and move past the blind spots that may be blocking you from the joy, energy, love, freedom, and health that you seek.

Many people who had already tried everything to eliminate their pain, patterns, and symptoms have reported that attending The Day of HighSpeed Healing Immersion® changed the direction of their entire lives. Let’s add YOU to that list!

On the DOH ….

  • You’ll Discover the 3 EXACT THINGS you MUST DO if you want to live pain-free (applies to ANY type of pain, pattern, or problem – not just physical pain symptoms).
  •  Debora will Reveal the TOP 13 HIDDEN REASONS FOR ALL PAIN, patterns, and symptoms so you can finally stop searching and trying to figure out what’s wrong.
  • You’ll Be Guided by a true Expert who skillfully helps you to break through your Blind Spots and finally get UNstuck!
  • If you are ready for more ease, joy, and freedom, take this affordable first step forward.
  • The DOH® is PERFECT for anyone with a super busy life and is an IDEAL FIRST STEP if you are new to Debora’s work.
  • The DOH is also a GREAT “TUNE-UP” for those that have worked with Debora in the past. You will see, hear and feel things you weren’t able to access previously as you move to a new level of awareness and higher state of consciousness.
  • This is also the MOST affordable way to go deep with Debora all in a single day and has the potential to completely turn your health, energy, and life around in a new, positive direction!


  • THE DAY OF HighSpeed HEALING IMMERSION® – A 5+ hour LIVE Virtual LIVE Event with Debora ($1000 VALUE)
  • Two ( 2 ) Full HighSpeed Healing™ Sessions designed to help Rapidly Release Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, Insomnia, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, and many other Chronic Conditions and Patterns including Money, Relationship and Career Pain! ($1000 VALUE)
  • LIVE Q & A with Debora – GET UNSTUCK – Have the opportunity to ask your questions & work with Debora on the call receiving direct help
  • Bust Through Your Blindspots
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Stuck & Suppressed Emotions that lie at the root of almost ALL dis-ease, pain, and symptoms ( yes, even accidents, injuries & chronic conditions)
  • Fastest, Safest way to Release Trauma from your Past (ancestral, past-life, birth trauma, trauma from accidents/injuries/surgeries)
  • Re-program & Replace Old Cellular Memories that hold Past Trauma
  • Huge Benefits for YOU as Debora works with others in the Live Group
  • Get Your ENERGY and life back on the right track
  • NO pills, supplements, PT, or giving up all the foods you love

The Day of HighSpeed Healing Immersion® is NORMALLY $497
HALF OFF for NEO community – ONLY $247

Take a look at what the Day Of HighSpeed Healing ImmersionTM has in store for you…

  • At 10 AM Pacific, you’ll connect via phone or internet. You will have DIRECT ACCESS to Debora.
  • Discover the 3 EXACT STEPS YOU MUST TAKE if you want to Get Your Energy & Life Back on Track, Get UN-Stuck and Learn to Live Pain-FREE.
  • Debora will reveal to you the TOP 3 HIDDEN REASONS that lie at the root of all pain and suffering… She’s discovered these after working with tens of thousands of men and women in 150 countries and recovering from her own personal “health hell” over 30 years ago.
  • EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF how a little-known scientific discovery has the potential to rapidly find and release the hidden root cause of your pain more rapidly than any other available methods.
  • You will experience the first of TWO full sessions of Debora’s leading-edge method known as HighSpeed HealingTM ($1000 VALUE!)(Debora will describe this in detail before we begin – just know for now that you don’t have to do anything to prepare and that it’s been been shown in a science lab to provide 6 times the pain DECREASE and energy INCREASE when compared to other healing methods. Past clients and participants have reported complete elimination of Chronic pain, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue, Trauma, Battles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, Insomnia, Immune Weakness, Seizures, Spinal issues, and MANY other chronic conditions… and even when nothing else they tried had worked).
  • You’ll be guided to discover the hidden reasons for your particular type of pain, and how to release the real root cause, so your body, mind, emotions, and energy can finally come back into balance.
  • LIVE Q & A: There will be opportunities to ask Debora your toughest questions where you feel stuck, blocked, hopeless, or confused. She will work with as many people as time permits in the morning and afternoon and you’ll benefit from everyone on the call. We’ll wrap up at approximately 12:30 Pacific Time (sometimes we run over).
  • You’ll have a break to allow everything you experience to sink in and deeply integrate. You’ll receive an assignment to contemplate and complete during the break so that your healing continues and new awareness will surface for you. (It’s highly recommended, if at all possible, that you take the entire day off and declare this a Special Day of Self-Care just for you. A time for new awareness, a time to slow down, and most important… a time to finally heal.)
  • We’ll come back together at 5PM pacific time for a second call. This is NOT a repeat of the morning session.There is a cumulative effect as you go further and deeper together. There will be more Q & A with Debora’s years of experience to help you get UNstuck, and another full session of Biofield Healing Immersion®.
  • Debora will take more volunteers through their challenges and areas of pain and she’ll help you to finally get answers, experience relief, and feel hopeful that you, too can really heal. You’ll have another opportunity to have your questions answered and work 1 on 1 with Debora before the day wraps up at 7:30 pm Pacific Time.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live call! You’ll receive a recording of the ENTIRE DAY (both sessions morning AND evening) and you’ll have 5 full days of unlimited access to listen again and again AND receive HighSpeed Healing® Sessions. Register anyway even if you cannot attend live since the recordings are just as powerful! Some people actually prefer the recorded version!

What People Have To Say About Debora

“Before my first experience with Biofield Healing, I was having several seizures a week. I started having a seizure just before the Biofield Healing session began on the call, and then the seizure stopped! I haven’t had another seizure in almost 2 years! I then attended The Pain Free Living Program®. I had tried to attend college twice before and had to drop out because of severe anxiety problems. I am happy to say that I just finished my first semester of college with great grades thanks to Debora’s program! Biofield Healing has truly changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful!”

Laurie W, Anderson CA
As a scientist, bioenergy is not an easily approachable topic. To delve into the spiritual realm of healing, one needs a guide with uncommon ability to speak both science and spirit. For me, that guide is Debora. Her intelligence and ability to communicate logically as well as intuitively is a necessary bridge for me; not all healers have this. Debora is also an amazing teacher- she leaves no one behind. You’ll leave with great inspiration and insight.
Neuroscientist, Ph.D Psychology
I had struggled with binge eating for years. The more I restricted and tried to control, the more I binged. I knew that there was a place just as there was when I was a kid where I didn’t have to restrict anything. I could just eat when I’m hungry and eat what I want and stay calm and thin! Debora helped me get that back. In the Pain Free Living Program I was able to challenge my limiting self beliefs and with the Biofield Healing Sessions something lifted week after week! As I was going into my final week’s session, I suddenly realized that it had been WEEKS since I had last binged. I couldn’t even remember when that was! It feels so good to no longer be afraid of food but instead eat well, eat in moderation, and enjoy it! I hope that everyone can find this peace with food and not be afraid of food. Thanks Deobra!
F.M., St. Paul, MN

The Day of HighSpeed Healing Immersion®

  • Normally $497

About Debora Wayne

DEBORA WAYNE is the Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute®.
She is a world-renowned energy healer whose leading-edge, non-drug method, known as HighSpeed Healing™, has helped tens of thousands around the world to rapidly release Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia and other “mysterious” chronic conditions.

A highly sought-after speaker, and #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? Debora has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 35 + years of practicing and teaching Meditation, is a nationally recognized Glass Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and leads the Only Practitioner Training worldwide in her proprietary method known as HighSpeedHealing™.

The Day of HighSpeed Healing Immersion®

  • Normally $497
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